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  1. Guess you don't know mockery when you see it
  2. What's the matter? You can try and dish out but if anyone gives it back you whine and cry. Calling people a lopster is no different then me calling you by your nickname. You really have lost it....please put the alcohol down ronin.... I have never once said the US will redeem dinar for goods and services from Iraq....anyone with a brain can tell those are words not from my mouth, but yet from one thay makes up trillion percent revaluations to try and prove a non existent point lol...
  3. Maybe taking out the anger at himself on others for being taken advantage of and arguing every fact is all he has left to hold on to, to keep the dream alive?
  4. No that's from your mouth princess....that Iraq doesn't have to back the currency we turn in, that it can just be redeemed for goods and services remember? Lol....your so silly
  5. Yea no worries.....Iraq can just revalue and instead of paying out, the US will just redeem all the money for goods and services from Iraq since they play such a vital role in our economy....
  6. Foreign investment is not about banking on a countries currencies value skyrocketing's comical you think that because there is foreign investors pouring into the country that it's because they know or think the dinar is gonna jump in value. It's because there is not a huge market for mostly anything....get in on the ground floor and increase your chances of becoming a monopoly in a growing economy. And FYI in case you weren't aware, redenominating your currency is a sign of stability which is VERY important for investors. You really shouldn't compare what the US gets away with vs a third world country who is at the top of the list of most corrupt countries. Iraq is under much more scrutiny because of that. Their money supply numbers and audits are followed by international standards and they have outside global accounting agencies/companies that perform audits. If you think that they are gonna all lie purposely to confuse you as a speculator, I have some beach front property in Denver that I would LOVE to sell you.....
  7. Then keep your jibber jabber in the rumor section where it belongs.....btw, if you were bright enough you would have understood what I was asking links for. It's ok though....I don't expect for you to be able to pick up on much after having read a lot of what you claim....
  8. Oh ok so you did realize that what you said was completely incompetent least you noticed it....
  9. Ohhhh ok so they can revalue now? What can they support sir economic major?
  10. Hey where did you run off too? As soon as you got questioned you disappeared. ....did you get your report ready to share or did you realize what you said made absolutely no sense? Lol
  11. I get on you cause you spew so much bs.... If you knew what you were talking about, there wouldn't be much to argue about....
  12. Not everything....just the nonsense you let dribble out onto your keyboard
  13. Yet Iraqs physical money supply keeps growing.....yea keep holding!
  14. Judging by your posts, it's not much of a secret at all
  15. Yea well eventually when you educate yourself thoroughly, you grow wise to the situation at hand....what happened with you?
  16. You complain about what's brought up, but don't do anything to get answers. ...just keep on assuming....see how far it gets you
  17. Not assuming anything that's why I said to ask princess.....intelligence does not assume, they find out.... Is this another question your just afraid to know the answer to? It's common sense that if you know something is gonna make you rich that's in your possesion, your not gonna sell it to people. Your gonna hoard it all for's called human nature
  18. Do you know the answer? Your indicating research will provide the answer so why not share with the class?
  19. Here is an idea.....why don't YOU write some emails asking them if there is an RV pending why they aren't hoarding the dinar for themselves.
  20. I share similar thoughts....The reason I started this post was because a previous "lopster" shared emails he wrote from multiple dealers and he asked them specifically if they would buy back the dinar If Iraq redenominate and changes the currency. All the ones he wrote all danced around the question and really wouldn't answer it. If you ask them will they buy back in the event of a revaluation they all will undoubtedly guarantee buy back. Quite odd if you ask me. So I wanted to see if we as a group would get the same answers in return just to kind of verify the same result if much for thay I guess....seems some members were not up to the challenge of possibly receiving those same answers.... And btw....I am actually quite good at selling lol....used to sell my own work at a previous shop back in NC....I can be quite persuasive!
  21. Nice to see you still around! I do agree this post got lengthy for no apparent reason. No one really bothered to really check on my original proposal, instead just attacked with assumptions and put downs....oh well. You might have missed where umbertino was actually trying to unload some of his dinar and the dealer he contacted UK dinar (part of dinar trade), the airport exchange site and I believe his bank, all refused to buy it back from him at this point in time and nothing has happened yet in either direction which does raise a few red flags in my mind. Anyhow.....hope your doing well....good luck to you!
  22. You can be the kitty cat princess!!
  23. tough guy....sarcastic arse maybe....have no problem calling it like it is....internet/phone/personally doesn't make a diff.... You feel better now? Lol....maybe you can tell me how things are progressing for your RV?
  24. Hey princess!!!! How's the RV treating ya?
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