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  1. I simply asked you a question....was what happened in Turkey a revaluation, or was it a redenomination?
  2. Question oh gracious one.....what do you call what happened with the Turki sh Lira?
  3. So says Mr copy and paste.... In case your having a hard time reading conversation, many disagreements are shared with other members and there is no attacking....but hey your the boss!! Lol
  4. Well I at least try to lead them to the water lol
  5. Lol that's your best rebuttal? Little hypocritical aren't ya? Cause you take what your iraqiya TV tells you as can't pick and's either all or nothing
  6. That's not what the CBI has explained to the world. They wouldn't be calling it a redenomination.....nor state they are removing 3 zeros from the currency itself. Nor would that reduce the money supply from trillions to billions.... And in case you were not aware waterman, the IMF nor the world bank control or set any countries currencies value. You should go to their websites and check out the purpose of those organizations and what they do.
  7. Well I wish you the best of luck....and hope you at least don't lose any of it!
  8. Whoa....bud you invested 30k???Can't tell you what to do with your money but take a serious look at this as you do have a high possibility of losing that all. At least try to limit your exposure by quite a bit.....I really would hate to hear you lose all of that. I k ow we don't agree on a lot but thay doesn't mean I don't care about what could happen to you!!
  9. Now don't get upset cause people are calling you out on your crap
  10. Lol....The reasons given in this thread for why they wouldn't lop are quite entertaining. Dontlop you have no room to talk to someone else about making things up least he is coherent in his thoughts
  11. So I have seen you mention specific amounts of dinar outside it's borders, can I ask how you came up with that? Did you get that number from somewhere or is it just a guess on how much is outside Iraq?
  12. Lol....goods and we go again with dontlops if Iraq has soon much to offer our
  13. With Iraq being one of the most corrupt countries, the possibility of inside jobs passing through counterfeit currency is very real. But if you replace all the bills currently out with the new notes, you drastically reduce any chances of their being counterfeit NEW notes being passed through.
  14. Or they still plan on lopping and getting these new bills out to replace the old ones is a way to decrease the chances of counterfeit bills making its way back into the hands of the CBI which is a concern they have expressed many times....
  15. He is just gonna dodge, deflect and turn things around on you when asking that question cause he has no answer. Prepare to be talked down to and accused of having 67 other screen names lol
  16. I know it's hard to accept that you might have been taken advantage of but why deny the reality of the situation? It's a long shot....very long shot that you will make anything. You cry that lopsters take everything out of the news as fact and yet your sitting g here doing the same thing lol... Your a giant hypocrite. ...they haven't done anything yet so yes all signs point to it. It's taken them years to try and agree on timeframe to lop, how long you think it will take for gold to be exchanged for 35 trillion dinar? Haha get real....
  17. There isn't 80 trillion printed.....There is over 35 trillion in physical currency issued by the CBI that is a liability for them. The currency issued, is and has been audited by not only the CBI, but by third party outside agencies according to international accounting standards.You should also be aware, that it was never said the war would pay for itself. That is a lie by the gurus. What was said specifically by the bush administration is that the reconstructions costs would be paid for by Iraq through their own resources. Aka oil revenues aka the DFI fund. The premise of these countries getting paid back for the war through trillions of revalued dinar is a tactic used to solidify this speculation. All signs do point to a lop....not saying it's inevitable, but most likely outcome if they do anything at all....
  18. OK again so you don't know. I'm glad your gonna take time to learn
  19. Lol...except Iraq is just the opposite right now of what 6 our just copying and pasting. So you don't really know, all you do is find something that looks right and copy and paste it lol
  20. Not that it's really related to the thread but IMPORTS IMPORTS IMPORTS Here is a question for you DB....I'm gonna let you find the answer.... What kind of currency (high or low valued) is advantageous for developing countries and economies such as Iraq?
  21. Are you under the impression that deleting the zeros is the revaluation you are waiting for?
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