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  1. Of course dear....backtrack away....don't want to get called out at all for your nonsense. If I were you I would be trying to do that already have a mess of your credibility to deal with. Especially with your made up revaluations and all....
  2. Hahaha you don't believe anything out of there except when you started posting about deletion of the zeros was just a rumor and when the cbi says they are buying gold to pull in the 35 trillion right? Lol...your a were pushing the hell out of both of those articles yet you are gonna sit here and say you don't believe anything from them....
  3. You do the same damn thing lol....hypocrite...
  4. The basis of investing is assuming? Lol wth? Your not serious are you? Besides that, did you even under stand what was being talked about? It was about him assuming someone is the same person lol
  5. You know what they say about assuming? Lol
  6. Well looks like 10 others besides you are just as gullible lol
  7. No his banker in the know thay told him it would revalue last summer in the 3 dollar range lol
  8. You will still be saying that in 2018 lol
  9. Don't even waste your time....they completely changed currency....freezing the exchange rate of the old and had a fixed ratio for exchange. Weak excuses for your arguments..... If your excuse is that Germany is a prime example of what will happen in Iraq, you don't stand to make a dime lol
  10. And this is exactly what I mean. Do your self a favor and actually take the time to learn what they did with their currency. They redenominated and the new currency had a higher value....The old stayed the same. It was a non profit situation. Stop listening to the gurus and taking their word for things. If Iraq does the same thing with their currency, you will not make a dime. In fact you will lose a little due to exchange fees if your even able to exchange in the first place. Not talking down to you so don't take it the wrong way, you should just educate yourself a little better.
  11. You don't even know the proper history of Iraq but you think you have the room to talk about people with little minds? Everything I have seen you say has been a guru fabrication. But you supposedly know what's really going on around us? Interesting......
  12. If you didn't sell back your dinar you didn't make any profit yet.....
  13. Not dumb....just above your pay grade to comprehend. ...let's see...The Lira went to about 1.8 or so to the dollar....If you had only one 20 million lira note, that's about 11 million dollars if it was truly a revaluation. ....yea....didn't happen... thanks for playing!!
  14. If Turkey revalued, the citizens would have been made billionares....Their highest denomination bill was 20 million some math... No revaluation....think a little bit...might help you out....
  15. Lol I'm listening to the central bank of Turkey....they redenominated....end of story...same thing Iraq is mentioning.
  16. Broke? Lol who? You? Not this guy haha You have been posting that same garbage on many different threads as if it's the real deal answer and standing behind it. So don't back down now from keep posting misleading info so either stop, or stand behind it! Now that your getting put in your place about it, your trying to dodge the bullet... Was the Turkish lira a revaluation or redenomination? Why do you think you know better then the central bank? You dont....your posts are about as ignorant as it gets and just showing that you just want to argue to can't change history.... If the lira was a revaluation like you claim, the citizens would all be the wealthiest people on the planet lol....Turkey would be the wealthiest country on the planet but guess what? They arent....they redenominated and no one made any money off it. They got the same amount of money in return.... Stop misleading people....If your gonna share info, come's tiring having to correct more then half the bs you post and claim...
  17. Your misleading with the information you are simply copying and pasting so you should expect to get called out on it. If you were correct, you wouldn't have this issue.... Still waiting for your explanation on why the citizens of Turkey aren't billionaires after their supposed revaluation, and why the central bank of Turkey says they redenominated, but you say they performed a revaluation. Are you smarter then a central bank?
  18. Tell me how people made money off the Turkish lira when it changed since it was a revaluation.....The citizens over there must be billionaires according to your logic. Tell me....Stop copy and pasting junk with no credibility, especially when I gave you think link from the central bank of turkey. So are you gonna tell me you know better then a central bank of a country? Lol.... This isent even debatable....Stop trying to change history. ...
  19. The central bank of Turkey says it was a redenomination even....are you saying they have it wrong? That you know better then a central bank? just come out swinging at air all the time now and have no clue 2 hat your saying... Does it feel good to make yourself look completely incompetent to even grasp what you have vested in?
  20. So the Turkish lira revalued? Stop dodging the questions. Let's hear it Mr expert! If your gonna call the Turkish lira a revaluation, then how did people make millions? I mean it went from 1.8 million or so lira per USD to 1.8 lira per dollar. So your saying it was a revaluation, then the people of Turkey are billionaires..... Please explain how you could have made money off the Turkish lira, and why everyone else in the financial world including the govt of Turkey themselves, call it a redenomination. The class is eager to hear your teachings......
  21. So the Turkish lira revalued? Hahaha tell me then how anyone could have made money off thay since it was such a HUGE revaluation.
  22. And so now the frozen funds are gonna be put away in the CBI reserves so you can be rich when Iraq needs money to build up their infrastructure? Lol...priceless
  23. Your gonna have to do better then posting links from a site that anyone can change as they please was a simply just like to argue about things that cannot be changed. You can't change history....I've told you this many times.... Try a better link...
  24. Was turkey a redenomination or revaluation? This is one of the EASIEST questions you have ever had to answer and your dodging it like a fat kid dodges a diet....
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