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  1. Apparently you can't even has a picture graph for illiterate people such as yourself and you couldn't even understand that... There is no help for you if you were unable to comprehend the information in the link. It proves that you, like most other times, are wrong about the misinformation you are spreading.... The Kurds were given the same value for their swiss as they had been using it. Can anyone help that tired old horse dontknow drink the water? I led him to it but he is having a real difficult time digesting the facts. Poor feller....
  2. You didn't read the link I provided....The chart is there I'll post it again for you....
  3. Even when he is proven wrong with charts showing the value of the Swiss before the exchange, from the UN and central bank of Iraq he will still continue to claim it was a RV lol....guess it's can't fix stupid
  4. I know it's gonna be hard swiss, but your gonna have to learn to let go of fantasy and accept reality....There was no zero starting held its value and the CPA acknowledged it and gave them that value in return. You are dismissed!!!
  5. Go find another make believe revaluation to babble about so we can debunk you's been fun!!! You are once again WRONG....thanks for misleading the masses with your swiss cheese nonsense. If you were smart, you would have ffigured it out ages ago but I guess you can't help the ignorant if they don't want the help....
  6. Bam! Case closed are officially debunked.... (as if people didn't know already) hahaha how does it feel to be put in your place once again?
  7. Hahaha he can't even stick to one currency.....mixing the Kuwait dinar and the Swiss together even though they are in no way related. ...true desperation.... What's the matter dontknow? Getting upset cause your swiss cheese rv dream is crumbling all around you? Hahaha Hey dontknow, where are all the millionaire kurds at?
  8. Can you post the link so we can put the nail in the coffin on this so we don't have to hear dontknows babbling about the non existant RV?
  9. So this happened then right? In order for your revaluation to exist, the above would of taken place, you admitted earlier in the thread that it didnt, and then tried to switch it to the Kuwait dinar proving your statements are false.... Where are all the millionaire kurds? Everyone of them should be stinking rich....
  10. So the Kurds became millionaires and we're able to buy 150 times more stuff then they could the day before right?
  11. You already admitted you were wrong....history dictates you are wrong....The "official" exchange rate dictates you are wrong because there was no official exchange many more wrongs till it makes what dontknow says right? Lol...Unfortunately it doesn't work like that swiss....and your the only one on these forums that doesn't understand this stuff. Your dismissed...
  12. So now your saying the central bank of Iraq set the exchange rate for the Swiss dinar when history shows it was the CPA who set it? Did you call them already and demand the history books be changed because dontknow has the real scoop? Lol....clown
  13. Hahaha that's all you got? Calling someone a liar who shoots holes through all your ridiculous claims? Being a huge hypocrite doesn't change the fact that you are wrong, it only makes you look pitiful...
  14. I missed that game!'s hard to catch all the preseason because of regional blackouts depending on where you live. I Def won't miss my boys today though lol....let's go panthers! You admitted you were wrong earlier about the Swiss dinar, and now your backtracking again and saying now that it did revalue again? Lol.... There was no official exchange rate by the CBI....The CPA set it...that's not a central bank, therefore no official exchange rate. Do we also need to go over again about how the Kurds got no more money in return during the exchange then what they had prior? You even admitted that unconsciously in your babbling. So let's break it down change in exchange rate (were simply offered an exchange for a different currency) and they didn't receive any more money (in value) then what they had basically your saying that if the value of a currency stays the same, then its a gigantic revaluation? ?? Hahaha your still a clown....guess I can say that the USD I hold revalued by 1000 percent last night cause today its the same and I can't buy any more goods and services then I could yesterday.... Are you beginning to see how ridiculous and ignorant you sound when you babble?
  15. If that's your argument your case is dismissed....which you even proved lol Again there was never any "official" exchange rate set by the was the CPA, again making your point wrong and irrelevant... Another swing and a miss!! You wanna say your were actually talking about the Kuwait dinar now? Hahaha
  16. You debunked yourself about the Swiss and your still babbling? Lol....give it a rest. You can't go back now and any remaining credibility you had on the topic just went out the window... You are about the equivalent of a TV repair man trying to tell a brain surgeon how to perform his operations....clown....that's all you are now. Your just like all the dinar get proven wrong about one thing you say but then we are supposed to believe your remaining statements on the same subject? Haha fat chance burned yourself....The rest of what you say is now deemed irrelevant.
  17. Lol wait a minute, so you just unconsciously admitted that it didn't happen like that with the Swiss dinar and the kurds, and switched it to a different situation all together with another currency just debunked yourself about the Swiss dinar. How does that feel? should probably stop while you're ahead!
  18. The CPA set it....not a bank....therefore, unofficial....just like most of your banter...belongs in the dumpster. Let me ask you this, we're the Kurds also suddenly able to purchase 150 times more stuff then before? We're the Kurds suddenly rich beyond belief? I mean if their currency was worth absolute zero then they couldn't buy anything at all right? Lol....dang those guys survived years without having to buy anything at all huh? Lol... Still a clown...
  19. keep forgetting one thing swiss, the central bank of Iraq didn't set the 150 to 1 was set by the technically what you are calling an "official" new exchange rate, isn't at all cause it wasn't set by any central bank lol.... Your a clown....Stop trying to change history...
  20. Dontknow you can stop with the make believe swiss cheese......we get it, you haven't the slightest idea of what happened with the Swiss dinar. But your gonna bring other members down to your intelligence level and that's just not fair to them. Keep your misguided history to yourself.
  21. Ewing it's no use. Dontknow has the ability to change history. The Swiss dinar revalued and the Kurds became millionaires overnight!
  22. She is great! Growing up a bit faster then I'd like lol....thanks for asking!!
  23. Sometimes a little research and comprehension skills is all you need to know that it can't happen...One link will not answer it all
  24. Now wait a minute Mr don't have the authority to be calling anyone a liar and saying they are full of bs when you live in a glass house.....tone it down.
  25. You will have to excuse the copy and paste king....He rarely understands what he copies and pastes before doing so....
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