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  1. alrighty then!! lets get down to buisness people!! sheesh....we need results here....quit draggin your arses!!
  2. Yes, keywords you used were "at some point in time"......not currently though....thats why if you check CBI website all coins are labeled as uncirculated, because they arent official legal tender anymore....they were for short period of time in 2004, then retracted..... from north carolina?? just curious.....GO PANTHERS!!! ya dig?!?!
  3. The best thing for Iraq to do is show that they are stable....period....showing stability is the most important thing to think of when investors are involved...not so much of the value of their currency....just take for example Vietnam....they posted the highest growth percentage and their currency is worth less then the dinar....but seeing as how their economy is more stable then iraq, people are investing heavily in building up the country....not so the case yet with iraq....they are sitting up like a house of cards...flimsy at best....when they can show stability companies would be more apt to invest and dump money into their economy even if their currency isent at par with the US dollar....i think right now showing stability is the most important thing they can do....once they stop all the bickering within the govt and finally get things situated we should see things turn around for the better....people are aware of the possibilites of iraqs economy, but you cant count on that when they cant even take care of themselves......just my humble opinion....thought id share my thoughts with the dinar world lol....
  4. yes and they would be putting out the smaller denom bills at the same time....we just have to be patient....only time will tell!!! but we will def know when this will be all over the place! GO RV!!!
  5. Its because they are not of legal tender!!! They are not being used because they serve no purpose! what they are getting are previous older releases of those coins which were givin out a short period of time in 2004 then stopped because they realized they were worthless and are still to this day!
  6. None of these coins are of legal tender right now.....until the CBI releases them out again it makes no difference that your able to get them....the CBI let them out in 2004 and then retracted them all realizing they are useless to have out especially in the market place because they have no purchasing power....when we see the release of these along with the other smaller denomination coins and bills from the CBI then we will be much closer to what we all have been waiting for but as of now they are not part of the Iraqi currency....
  7. thats exactly how it looks to me....or at least one way to get a ton of their currency out of circulation because they know a huge amount of it held by us small investors will be exchanged right back in WHEN they revalue....making it easier to "destroy" the larger bills if thats what they plan on doing with them...but either way it would be getting them out of circulation which is what they are trying to accomplish with the introduction of the smaller denominations....if they devalue the worth of the 000 bills then what is going to push people to exchange them or turn them in?? least to me i wouldnt give a ****...haha they would be worthless anywayz so whats the point in going through the hassle of exchanging them?
  8. good post...never really realized that....if thats the case then it would make even more sense for them to RV and NOT to would just mean more money they have to fork over to pay debts off....and yea its in their best interest and our countries best interest to revalue their currency...more money in their pockets....more money in our pockets....more money put back into our economy....stimulating it better then mr Obamas plan haha...who knows how many new buisnesses could pop up with individuals making bank on this revalue....more new small buisness = less unemployed ya dig??!
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