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  1. Of course!!! By God I think you have figured it out!!! (Facepalm)
  2. You mean western union isn't the key to the RV thay we have been waiting for? It doesn't make it internationally accepted? WTH?
  3. SamDinarToday, 12:17 AM This is a copu of the Origianl post by Kap " There is information floating around that tomorrow (Monday) significant news will be announced regarding certain dinar dealers. I feel this is worth posting today so our members are aware and will make time to check these forums to read it when its posted. It appears that significant change is coming. Many may welcome the news, others may be very saddened or upset. I am sure this thread will receive many comments once the information is posted. ...Stay tuned." A person cracked at him with this "If you got to go to the trouble of posting this type a statement why not post the rumor. Why put out something like this that creates anxiety" Kap replied "/..., there is no intent to create anxiety. No intention to tease or to mislead. It is posted because at (SITE) we believe in honesty and truth and factual information. In others words, transparency. I felt it was best to let people know that something significant is about to happen regarding dinar dealers. I did not feel comfortable waiting and saying nothing." Whoever posted this must be an idiot, kaperoni is not a guru and does not go around telling lies or making predictions like alot of clowns on the internet do. lol....apparently he has only been listening to Kap for a few days....poor fella
  4. The currency.....not the exchange rate.... Show me exchange rate....not currency.... They can control the currency and not have the authority to set the exchange rate. Two different things.....come on dontlop....keep it coming...your getting closer and closer
  5. I'm not actually.....your not proving anything but that the govt is in control of their CURRENCY Which we already knew that princess....they ha e to approve a new currency. Keep looking Watson your getting warmer....hoping you will find that evidence stating the govt of Iraq sets the exchange rate and not the CBI....
  6. Where does it say the govt sets the exchange rate and not the CBI? This is why I told you that you need to take some English classes. That says they control monetary policy, and the actual currency, hence the need for approval for deleting the zeros because the plan involves issuing a new currency. Says nothing about the exchange rate... Keep trying princess....and yes, thanks I am very smart....I sold my dinar lol. You still have yours?
  7. I believe him more then you....prove him wrong tough guy....
  8. Which dealers? And why wouldn't they buy it back?
  9. I have made attempts in case your scatter brain didn't follow....only one answer that I got. Why don't you help out and prove this theory wrong? Instead of whining, complaining, and babbling about non existent revaluations, and how you know better then the written CBI laws....
  10. Why? Because I don't hide from it? Because reality doesn't bother me? Go back to school and take dontlop with you!
  11. Condescending attitude only shows that you are truthfully scared to know or think about the truth. It's ok can put your head back in the sand.
  12. Do you understand the concept of asking a question? It's normally because you don't know the answer....hence the point of this thread....get it?
  13. Maybe you should go back and read umbertino ' s post so you don't look anymore ignorant then what you do already Did you ask all these places if they would exchange you should Iraq RD? No you didnt....stick to your rumors and keep buying dinar. That's the only thing your good at....
  14. That was the purpose of the thread....was to ask dealers etc if they will exchange in the event of a RD...RD=LOP by the way.... Dealers will of course pump that you can exchange your dinar in a RV... No one asks about a RD...and we have one member who is having trouble selling back his dinar right now to dealers, banks, and airport exchanges... My point is being made...
  15. You ask him that, and he goes off on a tangent talking about his imaginary RV lol....scatter brained haha....can't stick to one topic at a time.
  16. In the event of a RD? Where does it say that?
  17. DB should be here any minute to post that the dinar is grossly undervalued lol
  18. I'm blind, show me where it says the govt sets the exchange rate. You saw it right? Otherwise you wouldn't have made the comment you did. Show me...can't find eye sight is horrible Who sets the monetary policy?
  19. The CBI law is still valid....and its the only piece that shows the CBI creates, comes up with, decides, the monetary policy and the exchange rate policy. It decides what monetary policy They are going to use and they implement. It decides what exchange rate policy they are going to use and at what rate to implement at. Show me where the govt makes up the exchange rate and you will be forgiven.....Show me....Show me...Stop the babbling and post the information that backs your claim. The CBI law is still the law....don't kid yourself.... They are forming a committee to set regulations to help keep the value stable. They are setting regulations....they are not setting the exchange rate....keep trying princess...your getting warm, but no cookie Hey dontlop, who chooses the monetary policy?
  20. really? Wow....that's interesting. where does it say the govt of Iraq sets the exchange rate?
  21. since I'm so blind, please point me to where it says the govt of Iraq sets the exchange rate.
  22. Still nothing proving your point.....The CBI still sets exchange rate for all intensive purposes. Just because they talked about forming a committee to keep the dinar a value from dropping doesn't mean that the govt sets the exchange rate lol.....your fighting a losing battle...
  23. still failed....try again....
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