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  1. Well good to hear from you. Hope the big changes work out great. I moved from Washington to Tennessee so I guess we're State neighbors now.

    It's been an interesting thread today. move east and I moved back out west to the desert!

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  2. Do you really think that the CBI would intentionally tell us, anyways no one predicted that he would come back when he was first terminated either, so that leads me to believe that everything that has happened in the last 3 months was somehow planned.

    Most countries do give advance notice if they are changing the currency Cy in order to educate the citizens. Why wouldn't they let people know?

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  3. Its a bunch of unrelated jibberish. Who cares. Here's the bottom line. What was Liyba's M2 then and now. Was it 90 Trillion dinar? Once you print them, you own them in terms of liability. Now if iraq wants to start destroying trillions of dinar by burning them and not reprinting more, they can reduce the M2 through reduction of the M0, but just take a moment and think how many trillions of dinar would need to be destroyed to get the M2 down to around one trillion. Supertanks full of dinars. 90 Trillion dinar is mindboggling.

    You should know by now the copy and paste king just likes to paste information as to appear knowledgeable, and just says anything random.below it as if it proves his point lol

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  4. You obviously have no clue what so ever ewingm totally clueless - why don't we discuss what happened when the german Deutschmark was given value after being exchanged with the reictmark and the effect it had on goods and services! I fancy wiping the floor with your complete ignorance

    If the currency increases in value that makes goods and services cheaper it means you can buy more- God you lopsters are desperate to pull the wool over people's eyes

    Just because shoes are worth 4000 dinars one day if the value of the currency goes up the price of the shoes is adjusted - that's why we have a dollarisation in Iraq at the moment

    4000 dinars may buy you one pair of shoes to throw, then after currency reform the same 4000 dinar note will buy you 4000 shoes to throw - the price of the shoes will be adjusted however because they have prices in dollars they will have a guide

    If the dinar is suddenly made 1-1

    There are two sets of prices in Iraq and that's a fact a dollar price and a dinar price

    You still don't know the difference between a RD and and a RV when looking at it....The german currency was redenominated. There was no profit to be made on that transaction. It was a wash...

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  5. I think everyone is over-complicating things...

    As long as the Paris Club is managing repayment for unforgiven debt, it is unlikely that Iraq would be allowed to inflate the debt away by arbitrarily increasing the value of funds used to repay the debt.

    Otherwise, Iraq could print a single note, declare it to be valued the balance of Paris Club debt and inflate the debt to zero. Same for the Kuwait repayment debt.

    Hey Dalite! Nice to see you still around!

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  6. i completely agree smoking is extreamly bad for you and I'm glad I have lasted 6 weeks without. I'm on a tablet called champix has some nasty side effects but boy does it make you hate smoking. If I try to smoke I will puke up - that's how good the tablets are to take away the addiction

    i will get you it when all four currencies revalue!

    Then I guess I'm on my own getting the X6M.....

    Champix? Is that covered by health insurance? What kind of side affects?

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  7. Keep,

    Whats the deal with a Alt Brkt seal costing $2300 to replace..................whats ya gotta do? Gut the engine compartment?

    If your talking on a V8 it's because of the labor....The gasket is only a few bucks lol. What car is this on?

    If your talking on a V8 it's because of the labor....The gasket is only a few bucks lol. What car is this on?

    Didn't you buy that 3 series? Yours just has the oil filter housing gasket that is common leak behind alternator, but would be no where close to that cost so I assume this isent on yours lol

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  8. No a lopster pushes lopping on everyone

    I have no confidence in the cbi articles that talk about deleting the zeros any more than I believe the gurus like tony TNT or that type

    I simply have been over these things ewingm is saying and know he's grasping at straws trying to prove something he can't prove

    Like I said it's fun

    I've already explained my analysis

    This was misunderstood from the beginning

    The Swiss dinar was revalued and when they were discussing it someone misunderstood what they were talking about and leaked out a bs story

    They were only discussing the revaluation of the demonetized then remonetized swiss dinar before the currency exchange in 2003

    The story was passed around and changed so much we ended up right here

    At this point it's rediculous to me but still a serious matter to others never cease to amaze! The entertainment value of your creative nonsense is what keeps me coming back. It's true what they say, laughter is the best medicine!!

    Hot damn I step away from the tank for just a few hours and we got full scale thermal nuclear war! Look gentleman and ladies, and yes I am one of your newest members here at DV however I have been here for a long long time. If your invested, so am I. Certainly I see the need to vent periodically and DL you are well more versed than I. Caz and Shabs y'all are off the chart! Ewingm your are a dinar baiter just like the wild west....OK Coral just waiting for a gunfight, then we have Keepm and Rockfl9 laying in wait like precision snipers just waiting to pick us dinar believers off ! Keepm when did you fall off that fence ? Did you hit your head ? I know that you are well versed, I don't understand why your not working for NASA. Just my perception, I would like to learn a lot more, hell my wife says I live in the past, but at least I know where I come from and I know where I'm going. These are biblical times when good is bad and bad is good, no wonder our children are so f..... up! I seek the truth no matter how bad it hurts and I want y'all to do the same. If you don't want in the tank anymore just say so. Thanks DV

    Came down off the fence after a couple years being spent really dissecting all the information the masses were meant to believe as to why this speculation would happen just as we all hoped. It's not about being negative about it all, it's just coming to terms with the reality of the situation. It happens with all dinarians after a certain amount of time....different for each person...

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  9. Your implying the United states never had a gold backed dollar and they were always floating its currency or your implying it's impossible for iraq to do the same thing

    You need to realize that everything is the way it is because of changes in monetary systems

    But you boast that iraq can't change they always have to abide in what you say

    Your nobody

    Your the guy who promised the rv was done in 2010 and asked people to trust you

    What do you know ?

    How to insult people

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Actually I'm not implying anything....assuming gets you no where. Taking things for what they are right now which in effect is why you sound clueless saying what you did.

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  10. Well as usual Ewingm you're putting the cart before the horse, that is not what a country boy does because he knows better. I personally don't give a hoot who is going to pay me. If I was Iraq I would make the IQD redeemable in-country , set up the Iraqy Airways with a non-stop round trip flights to accommodate all of these dinarians that you are so worried about. Hell I'd charge everyone coming and going, have the money changers at the airports, bring them in, spin them around and make mucho dinaro off everyone. Or how about this, since you are admitting to a full scale RV possibility in Iraq, they could require that the oil companies abroad be in charge of scooping up and delivering the IQD back to Iraq. There is nothing that greed can't accomplish. Just a thought....certainly not an opinion !

    You would fork out all this money to fly people around the world to Iraq, to deplete the reserves you have backing the value of your currency?

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  11. All that means is that's the amount of goods and services can be bought with the iraqi dinar

    You want to dismiss the external debt factor as if there is no such thing to concider

    Iraq can have a hundred quadrillion dinar locally in iraq and in the cbi vaults

    It doesn't mean they have a hundred quadrillion debt

    It just means they have a hundred quadrillion dinar

    I have a thousand dollars credit line does that mean I'm in debt a thousand dollars

    If I spend two thousand my credit is shot

    Heck if I only spent 1000 my credit would be shut down

    If my service on that 1000 dollars is 25 dollars in interest a month and I make 1000 dollars a month am I broke ?

    People love to buy debt as long as there's an ability to pay

    Iraq right now is showing they have the ability to pay a hundred billion dollars a year

    So how much debt can iraq service with that ?

    Countrys live on debt

    Your worried about something you don't know anything about

    I got a check book right now

    I can write my own debt

    Just think what a country with trillions of dollars worth of natural resources can do

    Just because your limited to a small variety of goods and services to buy in iraq doesn't mean their currency is no good

    You should of thought about that before you exchanged your dollars for dinar

    There's a fee you pay to exchange them it goes both ways

    So if you don't like what you did YA just take the loss and exchange them back

    No one besides you ewingm is saying they will not exchange them back

    People are holding on to their dinars in hope the value of them go up

    Who are you ewingm to say it won't

    You don't know what iraq will produce in the future

    Maybe they will invent something better that the current Internet or a better way to use gasoline

    They could be one a new source of goods and services and the dinar might be in demand

    You don't know what iraqi scientists are working on

    Or what every inventor in iraq is working on

    You cannot predict the future of a new private sector that has just been released from a dictator

    You need to learn about the ways of the world and look past your nose

    If your so sure they might have a chance then why did you sell out? Your a talking contradiction....

    Your losing your mind ewingm

    Your just here because your family tossed you to the curb for irritating them

    It's the way of the world and fiat currency ewingm

    Not dontlops way

    You still haven't learned about the difference between a market driven currency like the USD which is backed by its goods and services available, and a pegged currency which is backed by the central banks reserves? Come on now....what have you been doing all this time?

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  12. You are in dire need of some serious psychological therapy. That's just my opinion. I don't want anyone to think I'm lying.

    Don't worry, dontknow has a lot of built up frustration now that he realizes he was wrong about so many things and your an easy target cause your down here in the are his therapist, he just doesn't know it yet

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  13. If I recall, Dontlop, back in the summer, you thought ISIS was a rag tag group that had only a couple thousand fighters and drove around in old pickup trucks. Funny how things change isn't it? For a rag tag bunch of camel jockies they sure have the world talking and worrying about them. In my opinion this evil entity will hold up any currency revalue for quite awhile. Plus Abadi says iraq is bankrupt, if you can believe him. It just doesn't look promising for the CBI to RV their currency right now, in my opinion, especially in light of falling oil prices which have the potential in my OPINION (not fact) to further iraq's economic woes.

    Seeing as how Iraqs revenue is based almost all on oil, it's not really an opinion your stating....

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  14. Good To See You Keeps... Hope you had a lovely day with your/our (Okay My :) ) little princess.

    Love Ya Man...You brought me around to what this might be.

    Thank You For All You Have Contributed Here For All That Time... Sorry It Turned So Nasty On You.

    I do not appreciate the disrespect that you endured for speaking your truth.

    I Do Very Much Appreciate You Keepums... Just Thought You Should Know That.

    Thanks maggie! Good to see you as well....I'm still around...just mostly lurking and reading...

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  15. I think a third of the worlds oil has been missing from international markets for 30 years. I have on good authority Iraq holds 500 years worth of oil

    A third of the worlds oil has been missing from the worlds economy

    The worlds economy would not exist without oil

    Iraq has A good chance of revaluing - because third of the worlds oil has been missing therefore a third of the worlds economy has been missing

    This requires thinking outside the box

    When Iraq is back on the international stage a third of the worlds economy comes back

    What's the total number of money that exists in the world apart from Iraq ?

    Do you even know who has the largest reserves in the world that isn't being touched? I'll give you a's not in the middle east....

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  16. The IQD is undervalued and thats a fact Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And keep on quoting your (boring) forbes article ewingm LOL how is your family; let them know they can join my gang on FB

    I forgot to add this ewingm _ the dinar is not just undervalued but actually grossley undervalued-me thinks your the foolish one!

    If the dinar was so undervalued, they would raise the value to match it's worth since they are having such an issue with the faith behind the dinar...but they havent, so what does that tell you genius?

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  17. Dontlop :)

    I don't see any point of debating it. I understand what LOP means. They take out three zeros from the currency and we will be making whatever rate x the amount of our investment then you delete the zeros, that's how much you make.

    For instance if I have a million dinar and they take out three zeros. My one million dinar will become one thousand dinar x the exchange rate say 3.22, so I get 3,222 dollars minus my initial investment of 1000 dollars. I will get 2,222 profit in 5 years of my invested time.

    It's been stated that if they delete the zeros, the new exchange rate will be at 86 cents. So even if you are able to exchange your dinar back to USD, you end up just losing money

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  18. Keep,

    Back in the day.....................that was a unit repair mans dream-lol. These dang cars are made so much more efficient these days that engine/trans replacement are few & far between (unless by neglect). Now the manufacturers are expanding service intervals making it more difficult for service depts. Warranty work is what we depend on and that's even regressed over the years. Advise................think about management. Future Serv Depts(that now employ 20 techs) will have 2-3 master techs(salary) , a shop foreman(salary), and a lot of hourly techs for the simple services. The writing is on the wall. As always good luck to ya

    I've got A lot of job security with them. The engines are getting g efficient t but ours are very high maintenance lol. I could see some manufacturers going the route you speak, but it wouldn't work with us lol. Warranty work is still going strong and it helps that they offer the 4yr 50k when you buy and then you can get warranty after that up to 100k!

    If you need work come on over haha!

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