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You Might Be A Dinarian If You...

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A funny thread of postings at another Dinar website (With a few corrections.)

You might be a Dinarian if you…

If you are actually excited to hear that President Obama is going to be on television and actually turn it on and watch it (because he might say something about the Dinar)… You might be a Dinarian!

If you know more about the Iraqi Government than you do your own…. You might be a Dinarian!

You might be a Dinarian if…. you watch Iraqi news broadcasts in the hopes that you can pick out a word you can actually understand!!

When you try to figure out how to break the ice with Donald Trump at the country club.

If you find yourself explaining Forex and CBI to your teenager…

If you look at your monthly home bills in RV terms… "What" they want $300,000.00 for a water bill?"… You might be a Dinarian!!

If you've recently had to be escorted out of a bank because a teller told you buying Dinar was supporting terrorism…

If you had to increase the amount of minutes on your cell plan because “Conference Calls” put you over your limit… You might be a Dinarian!

You say the word "reserve" in general conversation and have to stop and take a breathe

If you can look at your boss and smile as he chews your butt out.. You might be a Dinarian!

If you begin over 50% of your sentences with: "After the RV, I'm going to…"

If the first thing your spouse asks you every morning "Are we Rich yet?" and your reply is nope not today, maybe tomorrow!

If the first thing your kids say after picking them up from school is "Anything happen in Iraq today?"…

When you can remember 1170 or .00085 but you cant remember your wifes birthday you just might be a Dinairan

If you have DT or DB listed as a contact on your cell phone!

If you can't wait to tell all the people who have felt sorry for you because they believed you were caught up in the Dinar scam . . . “Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now.”

If you check the CBI site more then your own bank account site you might be a Dinarian

If you've heard "It's done" so many times that you are worried you may not believe it when it actually IS DONE, you might be a Dinarian

If you hold off on buying the single-ply Walmart brand toilet paper because in a few days you might be able to afford the three-ply Charmin…you might be a Dinarian!!

When you put off badly needed maintenance on your vehicle because you just know that you'll be cashing in any day and you're going to be getting a new one anyway so why waste the money

If your browser home page is set to netdania world charts?

You might be a Dinarian if you watch the news and with every story you ask yourself "How is this going to affect the RV?"

When a tornado warning is issued and the first thing you think of is "WHERE ARE MY DINAR!"

If you keep saying that you are going to stay away from your computer this weekend, and manage for all of 2 hours…

When you name three stray cats you took in "Okie", "Dokie" & "Nuff Said".

If your safety deposit box key is now regarded as jewelry…. You might be a Dinarian!!

When you have your letter of resignation ready to print… only the dates need adjusting!<br clear="all">

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