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Sara Johnson

Security forces surround opposition satellite broadcaster

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Security forces surround opposition satellite broadcaster

Tuesday, April 19th 2011 3:54 PM

Sulaimaniyah, April 19 (AKnews) – Director of an opposition group’s satellite

broadcaster Payam TV said Tuesday that security forces had surrounded their

station disseminating fear among staff.

Payam TV which is the mouthpiece for Kurdistan Islamic Groups (KIG) has been

critical of the government and has been on the front of the protesters of

Sulaimaniyah since the protests reputed in the city on Feb. 17

On February 20, a satellite broadcaster which had been airing for three days

covering the protests in Sulaimaniyah was set on fire by some 50 gunmen.

Faruq Abdulla, Payam TV director told AKnews that two groups of security forces

from the city’s Anti-terror agency and Asayish (Kurdish intelligence police)

have surrounded his station.

“There were about 12 cars with dark windscreens carrying security forces

dressed in black known as anti-terror forces” Abdullah said.

“But they left afterwards to be replaced by Asayish forces who were stationed

about 200 meters away surrounding our station” said Abdullah before adding that

“people of Sulaimaniyah have formed a human shield around the station”

Abdullah said the people voluntarily defended the station without being called

on. “They showed the good attitude on their own free will”

Sulaimaniyah security forces director Hasan Nuri said he had nothing to say when

contacted by AKnews for a comment.

Several media outlets have come under attack by unidentified gunmen in Kurdistan

since the protests in February.

So far, dozens of journalists have been attacked, subjected to violence or

arrested by security forces in the city for covering the protests.

Reported by Idris Abubakir


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