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A leading in a state of law, confirms the Kurds support the nomination of Al-Maliki

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A leading in a state of law, confirms the Kurds support the nomination of Al-Maliki info.gif By: admin

On Tuesday, 26-10-2010 01: 23 PM

Baghdad press-Baghdad

Leader confirmed in a coalition of the rule of law that the coalition of Kurdish Blocs expressed full support to the National Alliance candidate, nouri Al-Maliki, after the two sides reached an agreement on a large number of the demands of the Kurds.

Kamal Al Saidi, the deputy said that " the next few days will witness the beginning to initiate the formation of the government in the parliament will be meeting in the middle of next week." Adding that " coalition of the rule of law is that its leader nouri Al-Maliki would be the party's candidate for prime minister." Al-Saadi Said that "national coalition reached an agreement on the form of government and management of the security file and the issue of accountability and justice and the issue of والصحوات and the elimination of والمخبر secret the law on combating terrorism," he said. Indicating that " an agreement has been reached that Peshmerga forces follow the central government, financing by the government."

However, the leader of the National Alliance that " there are a few points are still pending and discussed with the Kurdish coalition will not be made public only after the completion of the talks." He said " the full support of his coalition of Kurds."

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