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Dinars published (E-mail) accredited to the Rasheed Bank to receive an advance (100) salary

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Dinars published (E-mail) accredited to the Rasheed Bank to receive an advance (100) salary



BAGHDAD / JD / .. decided Rasheed Bank adoption of e-mail receipt Muammlat loans and advances personal.

said General Manager Rasheed Bank Kazem fistula statement singled out by the agency (JD) that the bank had new instructions concerning granting employees and citizens of housing loans and advances personal

and added that the bank decided to launch predecessor the 100 salary and personal advances five million and loan housing for citizens of 30 million dinars, indicating that the launch will be in accordance with mechanisms and new instructions set bank within his plan for the current year 2013, based on e-mail

and added fistula that the instructions to grant these loans and advances personal is that the receipt transactions desiring These loans and advances personal e-mail of your loans Division ( and the Division of personal advances ( by government departments and provide support to ownership of the property or land (support 25), on behalf of the employee with the completion of student loan process collateral property for the benefit of the bank that does not exceed the period between the date of purchase of the house and registered in the name of student loan and the date of receipt book his candidacy from the department for six months.

continued fistula that FAQ also provides that payment of the loan amount 15 years no (180) months instead of 25 years with cancel bring safeguards concerning sponsor guarantor and bill while demand and insurance.

said fistula that these actions were the result not many of the beneficiaries of bringing drug and reluctance process pay monthly installments. Regarding the use of e-mail is to reduce the corruption that has done some owners weak souls of commentators extorting beneficiaries of these loans.

and retarded from bringing property from borrowers former confirmed fistula that the bank select just one year to employees who Astelmo loans the 100 salary to bring a property as collateral in case this is not the bank will increase the interest rate to 10% instead of 8%. pointing that the bank is the best applicants previous loans 100 salary cancellation or converted to personal advances amounting to five million dinars. / c. i /

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