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Turkey accuses Iran, Iraq, Syria of supporting PKK

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Turkey accuses Iran, Iraq, Syria of supporting PKK

Details Published Date Written By Rawaa Category: Kurdistan Hits: 19


Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin announced in a statement to the state broadcaster TRT Monday, November 26, that Iran, Iraq, Syria and Armenia are supporting Kurdistan Workers Party.

Sahin said “these countries doesn’t formally recognize the PKK or publicly providing support for it, these countries are using PKK issue as a bargaining card regarding the disagreed issues such as Turkey’s position from Syria’s crisis”.

Sahin’s statement came in a remarkable timing, just a few hours after the visit of Iranian Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani to Istanbul, where he met Prime Minister Rajab Tayyip Erdogan, Larijani said that the relations with Turkey are tensioned because of Syria’s crisis.

Sahin’s statement is considered as the first official statement made by the Turkish Interior Minister accusing Iran of supporting PKK.

Bulent Arinc Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey was the first one to open the case of Iran’s support for PKK, when he said two months ago that PKK fighters are entering the country from the Iranian borders instead of the Iraqi borders.

PUKmedia 27-11-2012 12:04:42,-iraq,-syria-of-supporting-pkk

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