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Found 170 results

  1. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 15 August 2018

    Happy Wednesday all! Is it Groundhog Day? It certainly seems like it, especially after the following: We're still waiting on election results. That's a bummer for everyone waiting on some groundbreaking news, but for most of us... we understand the process, and because we're nearing the end of this chapter, it's not too hard to be patient (for just a LITTLE bit longer!). It's almost mind-boggling to look at the situation and try to understand how it can take them so long to count up a couple of ballots, but that's the way it is. Here's an article that is interesting: As @Pitcher mentioned, it's an Iranian source. Which might mean everything, or nothing. Either way, we're still waiting for the official end of the elections, and until that's done... we are in limbo. One other thing of interest that was posted by @Synopsis is this: I don't put a lot of weight on the CBI auctions, but in this case... it's certainly interesting! Also interesting is this: Why would Iraq be investing in US Treasuries? That's a good question, and I think the answer is obvious - both the US and Iraq are going forward in a positive direction, so it's a smart play. We are on the smart side of that play, and here's the best part: I don't have to beat that drum - Iraq is doing it for me. GO RVVVVVVVV!!!! That's it for the weekly - I'm working on a couple things for the VIP members (if you're involved in the dual citizenship program, you'll have an email from me later this afternoon!), so I'm going to get back to that and wish you all a happy Wednesday. "Compliance ratio" sounds like a made-up term... the CBI doesn't need to answer to anyone. When they are ready to raise their "BUY" rate, that is what they do. End of story. I don't participate in kneeling games, pre or post season. Your disgust is shared here! Hey eburt, I understand your frustration. For the record, I do believe that we are in the final stretch. It may seem like they have been kicking the can down the road, but when you stop to examine all the details, it really makes sense. If they had Revalued their currency in 2013, or 14, it would have been a disaster! They didn't have the infrastructure, the stability, or anything else they needed to make it a success. Today, we're in a different boat. NOW it is possible, and before it was not. We're looking at about a 30 day cycle right now, IMO. THIS is the reason I'm so excited right now! You are 100% correct - the HCL (OIL AND GAS!) can be implemented at any time! ANY TIME! I need a flippin seat belt on my office chair when I start talking about this - THIS - exact subject!!! (Where is the "biting my fingers" emoji?!?!?!) Sanctions of this kind always have effects. I don't see any major negative impacts, though. That's my November is the far outside, but it is possible. GO PACK GO!
  2. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 1 August 2018

    Morning all! We have a pretty simple update for this morning - we're at the tail end of the "counting" of the recent election results. Abadi is still leading in a proactive manner, but there is no way to predict how things will shake out over the coming days. Will there be any surprise appointments? If so, who? Perhaps more interestingly... will a new leader start off with a bang? Introducing a new rate would certainly be a way to win a LOT of friends... who is really going to complain about something like that, if it's done swiftly? If you're interested in the juiciest details... I'd suggest starting with this article: We certainly have a lot of potential in the coming days! I'm hanging on to my hat for sure. Here are the weekly Q's from some members: That's a good idea, I can do that! Use coupon code "newGOI" for 26% off any VIP package. No real reason for 26%, other than we've never done that amount before... but new GOI definitely has a place here! Also, VIPs - stand by for an update this weekend. We have some "behind the scenes" projects coming up. Use the discount here: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/1-vip-membership-packages/ Ok, you are right - that was a bit rambling! But you made some good references there. Saudi Arabia has a major influence, but they don't control global shipping routes unilaterally. Any pushback, from ANYwhere, that hinders Iraq and their business (OIL), is probably good for us because it encourages Iraq to move forward on their issues (HCL, GOI, everything). On that note, we can see that a potential negative factor can easily lead to a positive result. HODLers of dinar and Iran... there's another interesting aspect! One topic that came through our crypto section recently was regarding Iran being forced to use cryptocurrency due to the sanctions on them. Without expressing any support for Iran here, it's notable that any and all adoption and usage of cryptos is positive for the general growth of crypto in general. (Yes, I know! This is a "dinar" forum. It's also a crypto forum. Deal with it ) The website says you're a newbie because of your postcount, not your join date! I understand your disappointment in the lack of news recently... the fact of the matter is Iraq has accomplished 98% of what they need to do, and we are at the point where any day could be the day! That sounds like a good thing to me! Cheers Synopsis! Thanks for the feedback and the compliments, we all appreciate your posts as well! The general way of doing business in Iraq does require an official Gazette publication for some things to be finalized, but we know that if the CBI says tomorrow that they are exchanging at a new rate... that's the day it becomes official, and we won't be waiting for a newspaper to hit the doorsteps. I hate to simply dismiss something as seemingly important as a this... but in this case, Iraq is in charge of their own wallet and they will act on an RV when they are ready, not when the IMF gives approval or they get a "better than B-" rating from Fitch. And of course, as long as you're eligible... get in the Powerball pool!
  3. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 8 August 2018

    Happppppy Wednesday all! The goons in charge over in Iraq are still grinding through the last stages of the elections. For me, this is the worst part of doing updates... when there's nothing to report! I could make a long post about nothing, but instead I'm going to link to what I posted in last week's update: Here is the best news I can share: Nothing seems out of place in the process. News is consistent and "as expected". And the best of the best... this is temporary. That's right - there is an end in sight. Here's what we're looking at, pulled from a couple articles posted earlier... That's annoying to read, but if we've learned anything from Iraq... we've learned patience. Is this a popular vote vs. electoral college type of conversation yet? It certainly could be! We all know by now that none of the fluff published by the Iraqi media is meant to be taken literally and none of it is carved in stone. All we can truly know about this situation is that there will be an end result, and they aren't going to give us a specific date that we can count on. No big deal. I agree with this one completely - the formation of this government IS "particularly important", for Iraq to continue moving forward. I believe they are going to get it right this time, and the future looks bright for them. ... and according to the horse's mouth, none of this means anything We will know soon enough how it's all shaken out. Patience, my friends. That's all we can do, just be patient. With that said, I'm personally going to take a deep breath... relax for a minute, and get to the weekly Q's. ... .... ... apparently I'm not the only one feeling this! It's coming, friends! Check out my comments from last week and also the week before. "Lop"... that's actually a word I haven't ran across in a while! I don't see any significant chance of a lop. My opinion and my expectation is that at a point in the near future, we are going to realize a gain on the dinar. Whether it's a 💥 RV or just a floating increase, I'm very confident that gains will be had! Regarding the election results, the problem is in the technical details... regardless of who took the most votes, the entire thing is open to interpretation, subterfuge, and even flat out rigging. I think this guy is on the committee... And of course, don't forget the Weekly Lotto Pool! That's it for now... not forever, but definitely for now!
  4. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 18 July 2018

    Happy Wednesday everyone! Dinar first - We’re still in the same situation as late last week (did you notice I did a drive-by follow-up to my analysis here?) - Abadi is moving forward “as-if” the elections were over, and that’s a good thing. Its NOT a good thing for those of you that want an RV by Friday, because it’s pretty apparent that we’re a couple short weeks away from an official announcement of the next complete GOI. All things hinge on GOI right now… wrap that up, then we have a clear path to HCL, and then, dare I say “suddenly”? The news can be overwhelming, so just take a minute to read a couple articles here: That should get you caught up. This 2 week timeline ties in very nicely with another topic that is very close to my interests… cryptocurrency! Crypto is certainly getting fun again. BTC is up about 10% over the last 24 hours following a barrage of positive news in/around the cryptosphere. I personally don’t spend a lot of time “day trading” pretty much anything, but I do have a solid network of people that have been making an absolute killing over the years just buying the dips and selling for profit… and they are barely able to formulate full sentences with all the excitement bubbling out of them right now! If you ever needed yet another reason to get in our VIP group here, crypto news and discussion is definitely on the list now and is poised to move MUCH higher in all of our newsfeeds. This is something you really do NOT want to wait until it’s “too late” to get involved with… hop over to the crypto section in VIP now and get involved! Here’s the link to our Crypto Section: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/forum/61-cryptocurrencies-blockchain-bitcoin-etc/ Here’s one in specific that is VERY interesting: And here’s the link to join VIP (if you’re not a member already): http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/1-vip-membership-packages/ Here's the weekly Qs: Another day, another riot... I don't think it's significant in the big picture. Concerning, at least in a humanitarian sense? Of course. But revaluing a world currency is an event of incredible magnitude that makes those riots look like a small brush fire with no chance of doing more than taking out an old barn. No news is good news, at least sometimes... we're on the right track! I wouldn't call that a lop - it was a devaluation. Their currency, and their "stock" in the world, simply lost value. A revalue upwards will simply recapture that value. Not all of it. But a significant amount. And that's why we are here. My finger is on the button!!!!! $68 is still higher than the $50 they were at, and that price is well within what Iraq needs to be well oiled and smooth running. Mid $70 ppb prices do not bother me at all! I don't think so. I think they are going to keep taking these freebie loans as long and as much as possible, especially pre-RV. Post-RV, their "eligibility" will be different, but it will not affect their repayment obligations. I call that "smart business". ======================= That's it for now my friends... stay grounded, stay positive, and GO RVVVVVV!!!!
  5. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Happy Wednesday everyone! Today's update is going to be delayed a bit - I just had a couple of interesting items cross my desk that I need to research. I'll edit this post and add below a little later. Hope you're all enjoying the summer! ------------------- // UPDATE BELOW // ----------------------- First, the bad news - I leads on some JUICY HCL news, but I'm not able to verify 100%, so... that will stay in my back pocket for a bit. The good news - I have been able to verify SOME of what I was looking into, and without going too deep - it's related to a post that Yota just put up for us. Here's one piece I found to be very relevant: Here's where my thought process is going, and I am getting more confident in this on a daily basis. Iraq is stillll going over election results from what seems to be ages ago... this is no different than most other election years, except this time there seems to be a LOT less drama, accusations, etc. Sure, there is still a bit of finger pointing... but this is NOTHING like what we've seen in the past. One example that stands out very brightly is the first Maliki vs Abadi race. There was basically kicking and screaming about those results! But at the end of the day, it all cleared up and we were left with Abadi for a few years. IMO that was a great thing! Now... it is being announced that we're maybe a couple weeks from a true resolution and seating of both sides, and despite what would have historically been a time of extreme uncertainty, that's not what I'm seeing and hearing. Quite the opposite, in fact. Given that lack of turmoil, coupled with the above quoted sentences, that gives me confidence that the Kurdish side is going to emerge as very confident in their position, the GOI in general is going to be moving in short order, and some of these HCL rumors I'm hearing are going to be surfacing. That means we're getting close to a real window of opportunity! Stay grounded, because the next couple weeks might just surprise a lot of us. VIP members, I hope you've been patient with cryptos... there was a major run / manipulation on the entire cryptosphere earlier in the year that led to the decline in pricing to where it is now. But with crypto hanging on, and continuing to advance, there's still a GREAT chance that "to the moon" is still on the table! Check out this clip I posted earlier today: We only had a couple weekly Q's. Here they are: No, it did not. HCL at this time - it's completely political. Everything I discussed above is directly related to the delay on the HCL, and that's coming to an end quickly. TG is still around, I think I just beat her to it a couple weeks in a row --------- ---------- ----------- That's it for now friends... Stay tuned, there will be more! I'm excited to see this chapter conclude and see some HCL news in the coming weeks. Can't be far off now!
  6. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana 4 July 2018

    Happy 4th everyone! I’ll just throw out a little note to all my fellow pyrotechnithusiasts out there - watch the digits! If you can still count 10 at the end of the show, you done good Work is steady across the pond in that big sandpit, which is all I’m asking for right now. Abadi continues to move forward as if there wasn’t even another party and there weren’t elections recently. I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed someone so smoothly ignoring the outcries from what has historically been a very disruptive opposition in these times. It’s actually refreshing to see! Many of you have followed my weekly posts for a long time, and you all know I’ve been a supporter of Abadi since before he was first elected to his position. His demeanor and work ethic at this time, in spite of what could easily be an excuse to let things slide… the man is once again proving he’s business minded and goal oriented. In spite of that, I think we’re still on the uphill slope of this thing, at least for the next week or so. There may not be an “official” announcement of an election “winner”, or there may be multiple “announcements” that end up being meaningless and Abadi just carries on doing his job… if we don’t see anything negative in the next 3-7 days, I think we’re looking at some HCL news within the next couple weeks, and that will get this train back on track. CHOOO CHOOOO!!!!! Looking forward to some exciting times in the VERY near future, my friends! All it’s going to take is a little nudging and we’re off. Since I’m expecting these weekly updates to get a lot more exciting, here’s the link to post anything you want me to address next week: I’m flying internationally right now and probably going to lose my internet shortly, so I’ll get this posted and catch up with you all later! The weekly DV lotto pool is a big one - don’t miss out on your share! http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/256755-dv-lottery-fireworks-game-73-74-2018 That’s it for now, everyone - stay safe and GOOO RVVVVVVVV!!!!! - Adam
  7. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 20 June 2018

    Gooooood morning DV! I don’t know about you, but that seemed like the longest Ramadan ever! While I didn’t make a big deal out of it, I have been pretty keen on the news throughout the last few weeks. Ramadan + Elections is never an easy situation to analyze, and this year is proving no different. It’s pretty much impossible to determine exactly how this year will turn out, but over the next couple days I expect to see more definitive answers. Once that’s done, we’re on to the next phases. Since we’re in that limbo state for a couple days, I won’t speculate much about the course of things… the good news is we should only have a couple of days to wait for this to develop and give us a better picture to the future. Hat tip to @yota691 for bringing the relevant news, sometimes even before the Iraqi news sites themselves get it! Here’s a good place to see the latest: (If the link above doesn't take you directly to the 4th page of that thread, just skip ahead.) The bottom line right now is that Iraq is hashing out the elections, determining a victor, and we'll be moving forward shortly. With that said, I fully expect things to start ramping back up for us in Dinar Land, so the weekly Q&A sessions will resume. There’s only a few for this week, but be sure to get any further thoughts and inquiries into the next one here: This week’s Q’s: The immediate need is the election results... Iraq needs a captain for their ship. This should be done in short order, and then we're back on the hunt for HCL. I don't think so. I think passing the HCL will prompt another OPEC meeting, but OPEC related matters are going to continue "business as usual" until Iraq actually makes a move on the HCL. With any luck, and the way things are going, I'm hoping to see that happen soon. And I'll welcome the "emergency OPEC meeting" with open arms! Good morning Kristi! You pose a difficult question to answer in entirety, but one thing certainly jumps out at me - I bolded it above. Compliance/entry into Article 8 does not magically influence the world to resume trading IQD in the same manner as we do other currencies you can find at any old exchange desk... all the way down to the mexican peso! Thinking about it this way can be a bit of a distraction, so I try not to put a ton of emphasis or importance on "Article 8". The IQD will become "internationally recognized" once Iraq itself puts their faith into it - and that will be symbolized/shown with an RV. When the CBI changes the rate, nobody will care about Article 8. (Yes, that rhymed! Chant it. ) Good morning Hawaii50hawk, I don't spend a lot of time on Warka - I figure once the value of the dinar goes up, Warka will be forced to make some changes, and we will know then. Until then, Warka is just a sidenote on this journey. I think you'd get a dozen answers if you asked a dozen Iraqis! ================ I'll be here if you need me, but that's it for now. Let's hang tight till these ballots are counted, and as always, GOOO RRRRVVVVVVVV!!!!!
  8. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 13 June 2018

    Morning all! Ramadan is less than 2 days from being over. That means we're less than 2 days away from OUR little vacation being over as well, and I'm personally excited to see how things go! I'm not anticipating an immediate RV, but rather a steady progression of news related to the recent elections, followed by more OIL related news, then HCL, and THEN we will be in the "zone". This may take another month to get stars aligned, or it may be a mad rush... either way, I'm getting busy here at the office in preparation for whatever is coming. GOOO RRRVVVVVVVV!!!! Oil news is steady right now. GOI news is stable. For all intents and purposes, Abadi is moving forward in a pretty strong leadership fashion - I like it! And of course, there's always the weekly DV lotto pool! You can't win if you don't play. I'm saving some other stuff for Post-Ramadan, depending on how the news goes you may hear from me in a couple days. Don't be surprised. Have a great day, everyone!
  9. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 6 June 2018

    Afternoon all! This one will be short as well... not as short as last week, but short nonetheless! We are a mere week away from the end of Ramadan, and judging by the current events, this may be the most explosive (I probably shouldn't use that word, but oh well) "end of Ramadan" we've ever seen. Things are happening. None of it really matters until they push the button, but we all know that any news is better than no news. I don't think I've ever seen a Ramadan as busy as this one, in terms of newsworthy events. One item that I will expand on is the Elections - there is a lot of confusion about the Prime Minister seat. Did Abadi retain power, or not? I could get into my personal opinion, but that will change over the next week, so there's no point in belaboring it. Instead, just take a look at this page: If there was ONE thing I'd say to keep an eye on right now, that is probably it. Until that's settled, I don't see any progress happening with HCL or really anything else, so - we will watch. That's it for now. Have a great day and hang in there!
  10. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 30 May 2018

    Afternoon all! It's still Ramadan. The end.
  11. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    Morning all! A lot of members here have commented on my absence lately. I’ve kept my fingers on the pulse of this all, so don’t worry! It’s amazing what kind of havoc 2’ of snow in April with freezing rain mixed in can do! I’ll just say my physical life was absolutely bonkers for a couple weeks due to the recent blizzard, and it kept me offline quite a bit. Thankfully THAT is over and spring weather is FINALLY here for real! Nothing compares to the feeling of lightness that comes over you when the perennials finally start poking through the frost and the first robins land in your yard… not that you southerners would understand that! Anyway, moving onto Iraq - I don’t see anything happening in the next two weeks. Parliament is basically shut down until after elections (May 12), so if I were you - I’d take a break from Dinar news for the next couple weeks. Just don’t shut your phone off! There’s always a chance that a secret meeting or something like that will take place and surprise us. That’s what I’d do if I was you. Unfortunately for me, I am NOT you so I’ll be taking advantage of the next couple weeks to go over Post RV planning and make sure everything is tip-top. There will be no update next week (May 2) unless something changes with Parliament in the meantime. Here’s the weekly Q’s: =========== Edit: ============ We had a MAJOR security upgrade on the forums this morning and it set me back a couple hours. I'll get to the weekly Q's a little later. As with any upgrade, there are bound to be small issues here and there... please report them here or via the support system if you find any.
  12. Hey everyone! My apologies for the late post... yesterday completely got away from me and today isn't doing much better Just wanted to let you know I didn't abandon you! I'll be back on later, but probably not till late. Talk to you then.
  13. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    Hey DV! Forewarning... I don't usually get this deep in the weekly updates. Proceed with caution. What an interesting morning... Early this A.M. the news was all about Trump and missiles, and that caught my attention. Then they talked about Paul Ryan not running again. I knew that almost a year ago, so IMO this is a non-issue, yet it's a "major announcement" . The next story was about Mark Zuckerberg . A couple hours later, and even right now, there is barely a peep about the Middle East. I'm watching an interview with Speaker Ryan talking about nothing specific and nothing really "major" for sure. In a minute, the channel is going to switch back to Zuckerberg... Are people really more concerned about how Facebook operates than they are about missiles? Yes. Yes, they are. And Zuckerberg is more fascinating than missiles to Syria. Here comes the tinfoil hat: If there has ever been a bigger distraction, a bigger display of what manipulates the public opinion, I may have missed it. All of you who know me, or followed me for a while, you all know I stay away from the tinfoil hat arena. But the news this morning has me shaking my head and wondering, seriously, WHAT EXACTLY is this current distraction about? Because it is DEFINITELY a distraction that we are witnessing! When you signed up for Facebook, you agreed that your information is their property. Everything you post, share, say... they have legal rights to it. There is no need for a fake "congressional hearing" on this topic. The whole thing is a farce. Facebook isn't a matter for congress, yet our "newsfeed" is smothered by it. This is either the most ingenious business move ever in the history of business, or it's a calculated distraction. President Trump sending missiles to Syria... THAT is worth talking about. That has a direct impact (pun intended) on our interests, which lie in the Middle East. Maybe the coming financial shift will be the Dinar, or maybe the Dinar will be a small sidenote in the story that's developing. None of us knows for sure how this will play out, but I'm positive that the Dinar is going to go UP, and that's why I'm still here. You sre probably here for the same reason. The bottom line for IQD is this - nothing is going to happen while there's a serious chance of complete mayhem in the Middle East, so the Syria deal is important. I don't think this is going to last a LONG time, but we're definitely on "hold" for the next week due to the story that the media isn't currently covering... and that may end up being a great thing for us. We'll see how it plays out. I'll answer the weekly Q's later in this thread, but I wanted to get these thoughts out to you all before the day got away from me.
  14. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    Afternoon, all! No RV at this minute. This weekly update is brought to you by.... mother nature! Apparently she's drunk and forgot it was Spring, and us midwesterners were visited by a silly gift from above that consisted of 6-12 inches of fluffy white happiness Anyway, I have a ton of snow to deal with right now, and I'm behind schedule. I only have about 70% of my weekly update done, and it wouldn't be fair to publish an unfinished version - so I'll hop in here later tonight or in the morning to conclude. Since I'm delaying the chat, I'll be sure to address not only the questions in the "Weekly Question" thread, but also anything posted here.
  15. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 28 March 2018

    Good morning everyone! It’s been a very interesting week, if you ask me! And the coming days should also be interesting. Last week I talked about the upcoming Parliament meeting where we might see the HCL addressed. Check out that update here if you missed it: That Parliament meeting I discussed is set for TOMORROW, Thursday 29th of March. Fingers crossed this might be your LAST chance to get in VIP. Don’t say you weren’t warned! Here’s the link to get in: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/1-vip-membership-packages/ There is actually a LOT of HCL related news going on right now - too much to even list it all here! We also have the end of Q1 at the end of this month, and we’re in a 15 day window on the Budget. Take a look at this post and the couple following it: SERIOUSLY, FOLKS! This is getting gooooooood VIPs, I posted a thread in the VIP section that's definitely worth reading. If you missed it, please go here: That's it for now, I think the news is really speaking for itself. I'll give you one last encouragement to join us in VIP if you're not already there! Here's the weekly Q's: Keep in mind that the exact opposite happened to every Iraqi in the past - imagine if you woke up one day and every dollar you had was suddenly only worth a penny. How would it affect the economy and your life? With that in mind, we can actually replace "ReValue" with "ReStore", as in Restore the Value to where it was before they lost it due to it being a manipulatable fiat currency. The value of a "dollar" or a "dinar" is an arbitrary thing that has no basis in hard numbers. It's worth exactly what they say it's worth. Yes, there will be a "transition" period, and the price of items on the shelf will change drastically in a very short amount of time. Milk will go from 2000 dinar to 2 dinar, etc etc. AHHHHHH!!!! Don't remind me!!!!! I'm sorry, I don't have the answer to that question right now. I'm sure it will be discussed in the News section (if it's not already). It has not been passed yet, but YES we are on the verge. Very well said. I'm not a rider on the GCR train. =============================== Talk to you soon, everyone! I've got a ton of work to do today.... just in case. - Adam
  16. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    Good afternoon all! Headlines everywhere are talking about that coward in Austin – I won’t mention his name, and it annoys me to no end that every media outlet and website around is rushing to publish his name, giving him credit and recognition. People like that should simply be labeled what they are: cowards. “Coward bomber in Austin dead. Thanks to everyone involved in putting an end to Coward’s sick agenda.” End of story. No fame, no recognition, just shame. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and communities affected. Dinar – OMG the RATE! Google has shown a higher than expected rate multiple times in the last couple weeks. IS THERE SOMETHING GOING ON HERE?! To be blunt – I don’t know for sure. I have contacts that can reach into the GOI and CBI to get answers, and none of them are admitting anything right now. The one place I do NOT have contacts, go figure, is the Google itself. I never even thought I should worry about cultivating anything there, but now I’m rethinking that logic! I’d love to go straight to the horse’s mouth and ask what’s causing these deviations in their shown exchange rate. I will say one thing for certain, however. NONE of the published rates, whether they are on XE, Google, Coinmill, or anywhere else… NONE of them matter until Iraq itself (via the CBI) announces that they are exchanging with foreign countries. Here comes some speculation: The CBI will announce this perhaps a day, maybe 6 hours ahead of the opening bell… but WHICH opening bell? My guess is the one closest to their time zone, with the largest trading capacity in the world – London. Keep in mind that London is 3 hours behind Baghdad, which means 9AM in Baghdad is 6AM in London. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make this too complicated… but the question comes up a LOT: “When will we know?” We have to take into account all major players in the FOREX market. Here are the top 6, in the order of their trading volume and the time it is in each location at 9AM Baghdad time: 1. London – GMT (6AM) 2. NYC – GMT -5 (1AM) 3. Tokyo – GMT +9 (3PM) 4. Singapore – GMT +8 (2PM) 5. Zurich – GMT +2 (8AM) 6. Hong Kong – GMT +8 (2PM) This puts us in the U.S. in a bit of a pickle, and it’s one I’ve discussed with several CEOs that know the finer details. “What happens if the RV is announced at 9AM Baghdad time, but our banks don’t open for another 8 hours? Will that cause a problem for us?” In a word: “No”. It has been explained to me by multiple sources that banking hours are not federally mandated to be “9-5”, and in fact even if a State declares an “emergency situation” that would normally close most banks, our banks in the United States can choose to stay open or not. This also means they can operate 24 hours per day if they choose, or declare a “special situation” and grind through the night on "unusual business hours" to take advantage of a situation like this. We are not the only ones who are anticipating a profit in this venture… the banks are, too. So we can reasonably expect that if we get that call, whether it’s at 1AM or 3PM, we’re going to be looking at a timely process that enables us to cash in, the banks to profit, and business to happen. Back to the rate showing up in different places at different rates… does Google know something we don’t? It’s certainly possible, but there’s probably no way to know for sure. Another important point… there will be no RV without HCL. The timing of this Google rate thing is extremely suspect when you factor in this: They are specifically mentioning HCL being addressed on the 29th – 8 days from now. That’s precisely the kind of window I’d be expecting to allow the major banks and trade centers time to prepare for a massive influx of a new currency! If you're not in VIP when this happens... sucks to be you! And if you ARE in VIP, but didn't go Platinum yet... think about this. Order Platinum right now and you'll have your Certificate by the end of the week. If we have an RV in 8 days, will you really care about the couple bucks you spent? Or will you be more thrilled that you have your Certificate in hand and don't have to wait even a second to use it? Join me in VIP, or convert to Platinum, here: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/1-vip-membership-packages/ If you're an OSI member, your Platinum upgrade is 50% off. See here: See you in VIP! Here's the weekly Q's: I gave my best speculation up above. Fingers crossed, we are almost there! HCL. All HCL. Only HCL. Everything else is trivial. Let's see something happen on the 29th! I'm not sure exactly what you're referencing, sorry. Hey bud, If you submitted your info correctly in the time frame that was allotted, then it was sent to you. If there was any problems, you would have received a ticket in the support system. I can't personally verify that, but I don't believe any Iraqi banks are active at this time. That could change in the next 5 minutes though. ================== That's it for now... I'm off to the VIP section to read up on the latest crypto news and share some more information in there. VIPs, expect that post a little later today or in the morning.
  17. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 14 March 2018

    Hey everyone! We had a security related upgrade to the site this morning, so there may have been a little downtime and there might be some glitches in the normal site operation. Everything seems fine to me, but please submit a support request if you have any issues. Dinar is so on the verge of making a breakthrough. I don’t even know what to say right now! Yes, this could be another false flag… but it might be our time. You’re either in VIP or you’re not. Here’s the link: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/1-vip-membership-packages/ Many of us are about to receive an incredible amount of wealth, via dinar or crypto, and a major detail that comes along with wealth is taxation. (Yeah, I just skipped ahead 4 or 5 chapters... keep up!) Several years of my recent life have been devoted to finding the best and most affordable options for tax AVOIDANCE, read that again... AVOIDANCE, not EVASION. And one of the best options for us liberated open minded people is simply a dual citizenship. After a couple years of hard work and due diligence, I'm finally satisfied with the system I have been fortunate to create, and that will be announced to VIP members in the next couple days. Conversation will continue in VIP. See you there
  18. Morning everyone! Update is mostly done, but I'll have to finish it up this afternoon. Hang tight!
  19. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 28 Feb 2018

    Hey everyone! Sorry I missed the weekly update yesterday. I simply couldn't get to it, and today isn't looking much better! I'll pop in later tonight or possibly tomorrow if I can. I haven't forgot about you! Just ridiculously busy on some other business ventures. Thanks for understanding - I'll talk to you all as soon as possible.
  20. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 7 February 2018

    Hey everyone, good afternoon! My dinar update is going to be quick. I'm just getting back from a very encouraging round of meetings with some banking partners where I was able to touch on both dinar and crypto related matters. Things are good! More on that in the VIP section later this week. My thoughts on the current dinar situation flowed very well with the questions that were posted, so let's just jump into that part! That's a very good point, and it's exactly what I believe is really holding up the process at this point. The good news for us, of course, is that they can throw all the tantrums they want... eventually we will get to a point where the budget is settled, their share of the revenue will be established, and it will be very apparent to all that it is in everyone's best interest to move forward with the HCL and then of course a revision of the exchange rate. I don't see it dragging out another 10 years. It might not happen "tomorrow" or even "this week", but the conclusion is inevitable. Hang in there, everyone. See my answer above. In summary... HODL your Dinar! There's no reason to fear anything is going wrong, but we'll have to be patient. I completely disagree. You say we are "NO closer"??!! I'm not sure what you are basing that on, but I completely disagree. 1. Yes. Regarding their business model with the auctions, they will continue to make money on them after a revaluation of the currency. I see no reason to be pessimistic about it. 2. I don't think we are wasting our time at all, but if the wait is getting to you... shove your dinars in a drawer and ignore it. I'll send you an email when it's time to do something with it. Such is life in the middle east... always has been, always will be. The price really doesn't change that much. Small fluctuations in auction prices are to be expected, based on the season, politics, volume, etc. The only change we are REALLY concerned with is going to be a major shift in the exchange rate. Hang in there! Thanks for the acknowledgement and kind words. I'll continue to do this as long as it takes. Traveling to warmer climates Cheers buddy! The VIP section has been wild lately! He's still around for the same reason Hillary is... too connected to be charged for the crimes they should be charged with, operating in a corrupt system, manipulating the situation for their own benefit... but I don't see him (or her) causing us any further problems. They are just annoying talking points at this time. Fair to middlin' or better, if you ask me. The possibility of an "in country" RV is certainly there, but IMO they would be stepping on a LOT of the wrong toes if they did that, and ultimately it would prove unsuccessful for them, so I don't see it as a serious threat. Iraq really needs the support of the global financial markets and political figures in order to have a successful RV. They have done a lot to garner that support and gain that confidence, and an in-country RV would immediately diminish their outside support... I just don't see it happening. ================= In crypto news, HOLY MOLY it's been an interesting month already! I could write a complete novel on how that's going, but I'll just summarize... if you haven't put any time or money into researching and investing into the most explosive and ACTIVE thing to ever happen in our lifetimes, it's not too late. Get in VIP, head to the crypto section, and join in with us. Or you can just wave at us when we drive past in our lambos sometime down the road. It's up to you.
  21. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 February 2018

    Morning all! Dinar is getting interesting again, isn’t it? It’s about time! Major news is pretty simple - no HCL yet, but it’s gaining a lot of outside support in a quick way. Notably, the price of Crude has stabilized to around the same price it was back in early 2014. This is exactly what the recent OPEC agreement was intended to do, and the fact that it’s succeeding is VERY encouraging. Reports that it should get back up into the $80 range are everywhere. I’m taking their timelines with a grain of salt… for example, Goldman Sachs predicted back in May of 2017 that it would hit $80 “within 6 months”. Obviously THAT didn’t happen, and they just released another report stating the same thing, with another 6 month timeline. If Goldman keeps doing this, they might want to consider hiring a Dinar “expert” to call the future of the price, but I digress ! The important part here is that oil IS stable, and it IS going up, in a mostly predictable fashion. This is what Iraq needs to really move on the HCL. In hindsight, it’s easy to see that Iraq wouldn’t be in a hurry to push the HCL back in early 2016, when prices were at $40ish and uncertain. I’ll admit that even though I wasn’t exactly bullish on IQD at that time, I certainly didn’t see the situation as clearly as the PTB in Iraq probably did. Things are much different today, with the current OPEC agreement and the very comfortable oil charts. On a different subject, I saw a news clip about a confrontation in Iraq yesterday. It surprised me, because we’ve really seen almost NOTHING along those lines in the last year… major violence in Iraq has been almost non-existent lately when compared to 2013,14,15... yet the “reporter” described Iraq as being a "war zone in complete chaos". I couldn’t help but think this “reporter” must have googled Iraq and went back a half decade to get the basis for their report, because as we all know here, Iraq certainly is not the same place it was 5 years ago! It makes one wonder… is Iraq finally to a point where they are “flying under the radar” for the most part, and therefore in a perfect place to surprise the world with something big? That could certainly be the case. Bring it on! They might catch the rest of the world by surprise, but not us. Also promising is reports that some dealers are showing a shortage of IQD notes for sale. This could be a strong indicator that the available supply is drying up, or it could mean that demand from investors like us is getting lower, but that ties right back into my previous paragraph. Good for us, either way! In crypto news, BTC is back above 10k and holding very strong. In fact, at one point when I checked the charts yesterday, there was only an 8% difference between the 24 hour high/low bids. That’s something I haven’t seen since before the last “crash”. VIP members, check out this post: Pretty solid stuff there. If you're not in VIP yet... Fix that here: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/1-vip-membership-packages/ And now, the weekly Q's: Yours was one of the requests in support that had some issues with sending in the correct "receive" address, if I recall correctly. You and about 4 other people are still in queue due to those complications... I worked diligently on sending out the crypto for about a week, and then it got put on the back burner. I haven't forgot about you! It will get handled soon. Regarding the support "category" (forum area) of this site, I personally don't visit it. I only respond to posts in the VIP section or to actual support tickets that my staff assign to me. Yours is assigned to me, but it's on low priority right now. I'll get to it ASAP - thank you for your patience. I've reached out to a couple contacts - I'll update when I have a good grasp on it. I don't see how every note could possibly be recorded. The names of purchasers and the amounts - yes. But the individual serial numbers... I don't know of any existing technology that would be affordable for dealers to utilize in that fashion, nor of any requirements for dinar dealers to keep records that detailed. ================= That's it for now... everyone have a great day! - Adam
  22. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 14 February 2018

    Morning all, Happy Hallmark Holiday to all you suckers buying flowers to make up for your mistakes throughout the year! (Just kidding, we all know flowers are for love, not forgiveness ) Ok, I'll stop while I'm ahead if it's not too late. The Iraqi Dinar situation has been pretty interesting lately... in fact, the longer things stay "quiet", the more attention I'm paying to it. Think back a couple years. Do you remember when news was fast and furious, with developments happening on almost a daily basis? There was tons of talk about how "close" and "soon" we were to an RV. And to be extremely blunt about it - I don't disagree that we *could* have been on the brink of an RV at any of those moments. The release of every new URGENT article was indeed a signal that things were about to POP. Now, we're looking at weeks or months between "major" events, and some might see that as discouraging. I disagree. The big picture is very encouraging. The situation in Iraq is very much like many other things in history, where it took time to lay a solid foundation before a major change. I challenge ANYONE to argue that Iraq has not made an incredible amount of headway in the last 7-10 years. ISIS - ISIS who? Almost non-existent in the news these days. Iraq the "war zone"? Not anymore. Iraq used to be a primitive medieval dinosaur in the technology department, which is an extremely important part of their advancement into the world banking system. That's no longer an issue. Could their infrastructure be a little better? Of course, but it's infinitely improved compared to 10 years ago, and fully capable of interacting with all the major world exchanges. My list goes on, but I detest and abhor long lists that can be replaced with short lists, so here's a better one: 1. I like the current situation. 2. Iraq is in a position to move, and soon. 3. That's the end of the list. My favorite news items of the week are these: Sounds like HCL news to me! Keep 'er movin'! Very closely related to HCL - start with this post and read the next couple posts: Obvious hat tip to @yota691 for continuing to bring the news! We have solid footing on the HCL in the coming weeks or months, and it doesn't get (much) better than that. Summary? HCL incoming! It's not going to happen tomorrow, but it's coming. I'm HODLing my IQD and also my faith. In Crypto news, which is obviously a passionate subject for me and many others (especially in the VIP section), I mentioned a few weeks ago that I saw resistance at around $8500. The last week has shown strong proof of that, and as of this morning it's over $9300. Now may or may not be a good time to buy, but it certainly looks like the Bulls are back! We have a topic going on in the VIP section right now regarding the latest: We're discussing everything from upcoming profit opportunities to tax strategies and more. If you save yourself from one IRS penalty, or get early info on just ONE good ICO opportunity, your VIP fees are MORE than paid for! What are you waiting for? Join the big kids and get involved - the water is fine! Join VIP here: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/1-vip-membership-packages/ Here are the weekly Q's: Scale of 1-10: 5. I love the news, but the timeline still calls for patience. Math: Without pulling out my trusty abacus, I'd say you're pretty spot on. Not too shabby, and there's more of that to come. Bonus Question: Peanuts. Thanks for the smile my friend! Have a great day and I'll see you in the VIP section, where we continue to enjoy good company and great conversation, in addition to the other benefits. I believe it will happen either way. Maliki - that's an interesting topic right now. I think he's backed off of the "old Maliki" style considerably, and Abadi is no fool. He's certainly wise to the posturing and politics. They say there's no such thing as an "honest politician", and even though I am a cheerleader for Abadi, the adage applies to him as well. I truly believe that Maliki has created enough past bad-will that he will never truly find himself in a position of power again, and Abadi can play the game well enough to ensure that stays true. If anything, Maliki's new approach will encourage positive progress for the country as a whole. Abadi should remain in his position, and any kind of peaceful and reasonable discourse between the parties will move us closer to an RV. Conclusion: As much as I loathe these words... I don't see Maliki as a hindrance to a ReValuation any more. In fact, he may be helping in a roundabout way. (I know that last statement may be hard to stomach, but once again... big picture time.) ========================= That's it for the weekly, unless something major pops up. Of course I'll be here to announce or decipher or comment on the news, and I'll see you all in the VIP section. GO RVVVVVVVV, and HODL!!!!! - Adam
  23. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 31 JANUARY 2018

    Morning All! Not sure if anyone noticed, but this has been a great week for Dinar. I know, the price didn't move. We're not at our "Post RV" destination right now, and that's a bummer for some people. But let's get real... back to the basics. Did you see anything BAD about IQD this week? I didn't think so. How many weeks in a row is it possible that I can say that? More importantly... how many weeks in a row can that be said without something breaking?!! We're close. It's only a matter of time, a practice in patience, and some sweet sweet victory soon. I don't have much else to say this morning, at least on the IQD side. It's going to happen, and no amount of analyzation or hypothesizing on my part will change it. So I'm going to hang tight on the Dinar side of things, and get back to what's really important to me right now: the VIP side of this site. If you're in it, you know what's going on in there. If you're not, feel free to complain in the comments below. Have a great day everyone!
  24. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 24 January 2018

    Good morning everyone! Today's chat will be posted this evening - in the meantime, feel free to comment below with any questions. I will update this post later. ================================== *SPACE RESERVED FOR AFTERNOON/EVENING UPDATE* BOY HOWDY today has been a doozie! All good stuff though, so no complaints from me Some good questions below, which I'll get to in a moment. For now, this update is going to be BRIEF, and I'm not talking about underwear! Dinar is in a good spot. ALL of the points I hit in my last 3 updates (just click tag symbol "adam montana weekly" on this post) are still moving forward, and FINALLY I get to say something I rarely get to say: Not only are the things I mentioned in my last 3 weekly updates moving forward... they are moving forward with NO snags that I can see. ZERO. NONE. There's a VERY good chance that we're going to scoot on into February with solid ground under us, we should see a successful re-election of my man Abadi, and HCL simply can't be avoided forever. At SOME POINT they are going to be ready to pull the trigger on this damn thing, and the "perfect scenario" is so close we can almost TOUCH it. Hang in there, friends! We made it this far, there's no reason to jump ship now. Before I move onto the questions posted today, I have to mention cryptos... Our crypto section is STILL on fire! Even with a slight decline in the markets, our members in the VIP section are still finding ways to profit. Most of us are still UP in profits, even though the market recently took a scary turn. (Did you detect fear in my update last week, when the market was "crashing"? I sure hope not, because that was not the case! I said I was off to buy more, and that's exactly what I did!) If you're already in VIP, hop into the crypto section and join us. If you're not in VIP... hmm... what's wrong with you? You don't like money? You don't enjoy intelligent conversation? Maybe you have a fear of success? STOP THAT! Get in with us! We're having a blast, educating ourselves, making our future better, and it's AWESOME! See you in there. Here are the Questions posted: How does a person turn down sweet kisses?!?! I give your 💓 a 10/10. GO RV and cryptos TO THE MOON! CBI has it listed at 1185, and none of my people are telling me it's "moving" as far as any exchanges are concerned. The "movement" I'm watching is political for the most part. And that movement is just the result of patience, hard work, and progress. It's a good thing. I'll just take a hug ABSOLUTELY positive. That's a lot of what I was referring to in my statements above. Election dates... actually, ANY event in Iraq... they tend to be confusing and subject to change. It seems to change from week to week more or less. It appears that the election process will start in February, but the actual vote will not happen till May. All the more reason to get in VIP and start making money on cryptos. "CryptoCoaster"!!! That's perfect That's it for this weekly update. I'm off to the VIP section. SEE YOU THERE! - Adam
  25. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 17 January 2018

    Good morning all! What a week so far, hey?! First, the Dinar. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that we don't expect Iraq to give us a warning that they will raise the value of their currency. This is just something we expect to see happen, based on their progress with Government, Banking, Stability, and Political situations. (I feel like an acronym could be pulled out of that, but I'll leave it alone for now! ) Since we don't expect them to give us a "heads up", it should be easy to understand that a major change in the value of the IQD would happen when the world is distracted... like, by a bloodbath in one of the hottest topics on the planet right now? In case you live under a rock, I'll explain - the cryptosphere is currently in meltdown mode. "Huge losses", "Major crash", "The End Of It All"! That's what the media is screaming right now... and nobody is even paying attention to Iraq. I'll remind you that Iraq has a major share of one of the WORLD's most valuable resources. They aren't heavy into technology, but they are advanced enough that major international banking can be turned on with the flip of a switch. Over the last year, we've seen key institutions and organizations mention that Iraq is welcome to join the big boys... if they want. We've waited for them to do so, and IMO the key to this all is still the HCL. Could this media-crypto-frenzy be a perfect time to slip some action in while heads are turned? We will see. Speaking of cryptos - OMG BUBBLE! IT'S OVER! AHHHHHHHH! A couple months ago, $10,000 per Bitcoin was amazing. Now, it's "the end"? Hopefully you're already in the VIP section, and if so - you probably already saw our discussion of the current situation. Hint: It's certainly a lot different than what you might be seeing on CNN: I know the markets can be confusing, so here's a simple image that explains what I think is happening, and what to expect: Based on that clear information, it should be no surprise that I'm going to wrap up this weekly update and get on the exchanges to buy some more. One of my new favorite exchanges is Binance - check them out here. (I'm serious - I'm buying more crypto today. Call me crazy, or whatever you want. #HODL #tothemoon) Quick update on last month's VIP crypto update: MOST transactions have been completed. For those of you that submitted your info late or with missing information, I'm still working through those tickets. That's it for here - I'll be in the VIP section if you need me. Carpe Diem, and GO RVVVVVV!!!!

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