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  1. solidlogic

    Sade - Smooth Operator

    Amazing Artist, and still going strong today.
  2. solidlogic

    Columbine Student's father 12 years later

    Again LAIC, how do I have a "bad attitude"?? because I am a non believer?? Lol! Come out??? yeah "coming out" works so well with fundamentalists. Sorry to burst your bubble LAIC, but i am neither of these people. I know it's crazy thinking there being more than 2 non christians here. I don't blame you, I am starting to think that myself. Good day to you sir and bless.
  3. solidlogic

    Interesting Church Sign!

  4. solidlogic

    Canadian Scientists cure cancer!

    No money in the cure, only in the comeback. Unfortunate, but great science.
  5. solidlogic

    Columbine Student's father 12 years later

    I'll keep you guessing. I know how anything anti christian is evil so I guess any opposing opinion is considered a "bad attitude". Someone stated we need god to save the country, I thought otherwise and you cast stones. "Ohhhh noooo, not an opposing opinion, people might actually start thinking and discussing," god forbid, no pun intended. You don't like my opinion and I don't like yours, but you shouldn't be the only one that has the right to express it. bless you too hypocrite, ahh, fundie, uhhh I mean learning. Well said friend, let's agree to disagree It isn't?? I don't know about that my friend, the numbers say otherwise. Ok, but if god supposedly knows what choice you will make prior to you making it, then what is the point in punishing. Seems rather cruel and pointless. Plus,,, how is it even logical for an individual born in the amazon to choose jesus with absolutely no frame of reference?? Did prayer give you your limb back?? i love the passive aggressive and subtle condescending subtext PA, as if I need to be "saved" If you truly are compassionate and I think you are, then thank you, but you might want to show some of your friends who are negging me to heaven whats up. I humbly disagree PA.
  6. solidlogic

    Columbine Student's father 12 years later

    So why is it god's will to restore every other deficiency seen in faith healing?? Is god bias towards amputees? just curious.....If god's will is to restore mankind to perfection under righteous heavenly government then why is god creating more atheists and muslims and less christians in the world?? Just sayin, seems counter productive.
  7. solidlogic

    Columbine Student's father 12 years later

    Thanks PA, I appreciate the gesture, but I don't think prayer really works. Just ask any amputee.
  8. solidlogic

    Chris Rock Attacks Over Tea Party Question

    I hear you, and this is just one example of what they won't allow on their site.
  9. solidlogic

    The left again trying to silence Rush

    hmmmm, well I never implied you were religious or a Klan member, I guess that implies something about your comprehension skills though. Mongo's a big boy, I don't think he needs daddy's protection.
  10. solidlogic

    Chris Rock Attacks Over Tea Party Question

    LOL! I don't even get why the reporter would need to ask that question. All he needs to do is watch footage of the Tea Party to know they are made up of a lot of racists.
  11. solidlogic

    Freedom of Speech?

    What's funny is, this is why Obama will win again next election.
  12. solidlogic

    The left again trying to silence Rush

    LOL! Yeah, not until I accept jesus and become a Rush fan will I ever have a "good rep" on DV. I wear my neg's like a badge of logic. So have you and mongo been together long?? I love the way you stand up for your man.
  13. solidlogic

    The left again trying to silence Rush

    Lol! I'm flattered you recognize. Good doggie : )
  14. solidlogic

    The left again trying to silence Rush

    Naw, you have to be able to read posts, thats why they love Rush so much. No intelligence is required.
  15. solidlogic


    Well I can't speak for you or anyone else, but I was aware I wanted to live at 18, I was aware of that at 5. I did make a life changing decision, I chose not to sign up to be a hired killer for corporate interests. Every soldier I have ever talked with including friends have no idea why they are there. They simply follow their orders and kill who they are told or feel like killing. I know a soldier that was so used to killing that when his tour ended he chose to go back because he enjoyed killing. This was also soldier who admitted he didn't know why they were there. Stop making stuff up, Obamas words "No faith justifies these murderous and craven acts; no just and loving God looks upon them with favor," One of Obama's quotes condemning the fort hood shooting. Stop twisting the truth just because Obama condemns murder equally. I think 5 minutes in Afghanistan might make me wacko.

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