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Fight the Farm & Food Stamp Bill


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By now you've gotten more than a few emails about the Farm and Food Stamp Bill. Thanks to conservatives like you, Congress hasn't passed this near-trillion dollar boondoggle yet; and, with continued pressure we may keep this behemoth on the run.

Unfortunately, with Congress home for the month of August, misleading myths about the Farm and Food Stamp Bill are popping up everywhere.

>> Cut through the Washington Establishment's spin by reading our Q&A on the Farm Bill.

Among other things, they're saying it "saves" money (only true if you believe Washington's accounting gimmicks) and contains helpful reforms (adding new programs and subsidies doesn't reform anything). As you spread the word about the need to defeat this bill, you'll need responses to these myths and other big-government arguments.

>> Use our Q&A to help stop the Farm & Food Stamp Bill.

Be sure to use the comments section of the post on our site to report any conversations you have about the Farm and Food Stamp Bill, and let us know if there are other specious arguments we need to respond to.

Thanks for all you do to advance conservative policy,


Russ Vought

Political Director

Heritage Action for America

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