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Frank26 CC. June 04, 2012

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Frank’s CC Notes 6.4.12

Frank prays to start the call.

Maliki was busy cleaning a little more the GOI this past week. Do you think that those he was cleaning up sat around waiting to be cleaned? No. Maliki was very successful.

Looking for the National Conference?? What if it is happening right under I noses? There has been a hint of it; that it might be going on right now.

We have rights to be a part of the international community now! …says the CBI. They have the right to be pegged to the US dollar. What does that mean?

If we walked down the street and you were tired. And I said jump on my back for a piggy back ride. That would make it easy for you wouldn’t it. The IQD is now in position to be carried by the USD. Will the dollar like this? Yes. What does the IQD represent? Will oil production increase the value of the IQD? Who is carrying who??? Hmm?

The IQD will strengthen and support the USD.Shabibi also claims they also have sovereign bonds. This was given as part of the Paris Club agreement. International! HUGE!

Shabibi is the only one to pay attention to; ignore the GOI’s antics. Watch what they do and not what they say.

SA paying Parliament members to vote against Maliki for no confidence.

Iraq establishes banking platforms with other countries; this is humongous.

June 7 - IMF

June 15 - Chapter 7 ???????

June 30/July 1 – tariffs

SA doesn’t want a Shiite led Iraq government. But there is no replacement for Maliki.

We send Biden to Iraq to calm down the no confidence vote against Maliki. There is no no-confidence against Maliki. So, why send him over then?

National Conference is going on right now in Team's opinin.

Maliki has some watermelon as he sits the secretary general discussing constitutional disputes. Disputes have no ground for support. Maliki is ironing out these disputes.

These accusations are childish and don’t amount to anything.

Talibani is working hard on border issues and tariffs. Not the Maliki no-confidence nonsense.

Team thinks these are the final two steps that need to be in sync. It is important on June 30th; tariffs being enacted.

Delta’s reportNo confidence against Maliki – not all news is true. Some true, most is not.

1) 2 weeks ago about the constitution the process in order to remove Maliki if that is what they want to do.

Need two processes. Need a letter to the President. Parliament needs to meet to vote. Then 163 votes needed

2) How many seats the Iraqi list has in Parliament. 91 seats. White list is 45 seats. So list is not even 50 seats for the Iraqi List. Supposedly they sent documentation with 173 votes. Signatures were forged. Being investigated. Not going to happen. 45 signatures will be prosecuted by their Supreme Court when all said and done.

Don’t listen to the GOI says Delta.

Iraqi list is trying but they have nothing to take confidence from Maliki.

Sovereign bonds are most expensive? How can that be says Delta. How can they sell those under Chapter 7?? Economically they are not bound by Chapter 7.

Saudi Arabia is causing A LOT of the issues with Iraq. Not Iran so much. SA is a big snake in the Middle East. Frank doesn’t think it will add up to much, this bribing from SA. Riots in the streets want to keep Maliki.

Frank says we are progressing. GOI almost fully cleaned and back in sync soon.

The people like Maliki.

This has all been some kind of propaganda and delays for some reason. Next week or two will find out signatures were forged and taken to Supreme Court.

Don’t fall for the GOI antics.

Pay attention to the CBI!Maliki’s position is growing and strengthening for the next few years.

IMF on the 7th. Very important meeting in Frank’s opinion. Final steps, says Frank. Normally they go to the IMF but now the IMF is going to the CBI/GOI.

15th we might see Chapter 7 lifted.

30th Tariffs and borders – Talibani and Maliki working these files

Tariffs 30 – 50% - we saw article to affirm this over the weekend.

Next two to three weeks will be very telling to our investment.

Sell dollar from banks to the citizens is very big news.

Delta says looking like last steps being taken care of. This month looking very solid for us.

Very important month – June.

Stay positive says delta. Stay away from the politics and the GOI says Delta.

Frank says they are running out of time!

Watch to see if they move tariffs.

Next Sunday moving CC. Frank thinks they may announce on a Sunday. Moving Monday calls to Sunday next two months at 6pm EST

Delta jumps off the call.

Frank hopes everyone is calmed down now from past few days regarding GOI nonsense.

Tomorrow will be the bible study 7:30. Then SCs analysis of articles at 8:30.

Wednesday – camera will be on. Frank will show us everything. Investment night – Teresa – card that blocks radiation on phone and notebook

Post 366 – food – what to avoid

New post from Ken Kitchen on annuities coming this week and half of the Texas meeting recording in KTFA Premium.

Cashing in news from Frank. In Toledo Ohio. One of the major banks of the NE is located HQ in Toledo. Frank’s team is working with this bank on phone with them.

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Today is June 17th, and I've seen nothing indicating Ch. 7 has been lifted. Nothing on the Erbil agreement either. This is looking more and more like a 2013 and beyond possibility.

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