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Found 9 results

  1. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the prices we consumers pay. About two years ago if I remember correctly prices were at like $1250 per million. The official rate has gone up but prices have dropped to around $1020 or $1030. Kind of strange that value goes up and prices go down. Now, with seemingly no good or bad news about the Dinar I now see DinarTrade is back to $980 per million from about $1040 and I can't remember where I saw it but one dealer was even at $950 per million. What's with prices being so low.
  2. Hey guys, I know there's been a lot of discussion about the Guru sites and pumper websites. I know Dinar Recaps has been catching a lot of flack lately on here. I've spoken to a couple of these site owners in the past and learned something very interesting. I know alot of dinar people put so much stock in the opinions of site owners but having spoken to a few most of these guys are just affiliate marketers and don't really have any special info or knowledge on currency or finance. Basically they did a search on google keyword tool found dinar is a high paying keyword with very little competition and decided to start a website about it. Had they found that RC remote control cars or cough medicine was high paying words they would have chosen those. Just want to point out that just because the guy who runs another site or **************** or whatever site says something it doesn't mean they are experts on currency it simply means they understand SEO and affiliate marketing and decided to start a website. Don't put too much stock in their personal opinions.
  3. Hey, just thought this may be of interest to some of you. Just got an email from Amazon saying a Dinar Kindle book I might like is Free for the next 3 days. I actually already read this as most of the DInar Books are Free with Prime Accounts but this seems to be Free to anyone for the next couple days. I read it a few weeks back, not pumping at all but not really negative either. Pretty good read only thing its not that easyy to read cuz its written like an interview which is kinda a pain to read but none the less some good info though most I already knew.
  4. I guess it was only a matter of time but looks like 2 dinar dealers are now accepting bitcoins currencytradeinternational and buyiraqidinarhere. figured it was only a matter of time with all the hype about them these days. i had posted the other day i was looking to liquidate some of my dinar to buy bitcoins. i wonder if these dealers will buy dinar and pay out in bitcoins but i doubt it. probably gonna check though.
  5. Check out this Craigslist listing, old saddam notes and the seller "gurantees" they will be worth 100x the $8 they were worth at one time lol. This is the most outragous Dinar ad I've ever seen CLbaltimoreall for sale / wantedcollectibles - by owner Reply [?] flag [?] : miscategorized prohibited spam best of Posted: 2013-10-29, 5:00PM EDT IRAQ, Saddam 10,000 dinar rare & collectable (Baltimore, DC, VA, PA, NY) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Hi, I have 250 of these notes in UN condition. These make great investment with high resell value. they were equal to $8.00 when they were in circulation but no that they are out of circulation they are worth much more and I can gurantee you that in 20 years they will be worth 100 times that. The notes that were in circulation in Iran in Shah time before revolution, they are selling for 100 to 500 times higher than their face value and these iraqi dinars will not be any different. I am selling these note for $12.00 a piece feel free to contact me with any questions. Get them while they last. Location: Baltimore, DC, VA, PA, NY it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Posting ID: 4159591039 Posted: 2013-10-29, 5:00PM EDT email to a friend Avoid scams, deal locally! Do NOT wire funds (Western Union, Moneygram). Beware cashier checks, money orders, shipping, non-local buyers/sellers. More info FORMAT: mobile standard © 2013 craigslist help terms privacy safety feedback about cl jobs
  6. Okay so I thought this was interesting. I was looking at Dinar on ebay and this particular ebay in his listing states... ATTENTION: In the event of the RV (revaluation) of the Iraqi dinar and prior to the sale item concluding or prior to order being shipped, the seller retains the right to issue a FULL REFUND in lieu of shipping the product. I thought this was kind of interesting seeing as how in a different ebay thread someone was concerned about this very thing happening. Now this is really nothing unique to ebay as many dealer have in their terms and conditions or terms of service they reserve the right to cancel any order at any time, however thought it was interesting an ebayer states right in his listing if it rv's evne if you paid he's gonna refund your money and keep your order for himself. Now of course this is against ebay rules and against ebay terms of service. If someone were to buy, and it rv'd and they complained there's really nothing the buyer or ebay can do about it, ebay can't force the seller to send their item or sell the item to them but none the less it is against ebay terms of service to have conditions like this. I guess if someone reported the listing ebay would take it down but after the fact if it were to rv really nothing ebay can do to make the seller sell it to you. Just wanted to point this out to anyone buying on ebay. I still buy on ebay but this is something to consider...
  7. Hey guys, I know people are always inquiring about who's paying the most for Dinar. I found a consolidated list of most dealers and their buy in prices. Just wanted to share as maybe it will save some time from looking around. I'm not really surprised to see that Sterling is paying the most though it says they have restrictions not sure if that means they only buy from those who tbought from them or somethign like that. Maybe someoen on here has sold and knows what those restrictions are. Prices listed below or you can view the list in its entirety HERE DinarTrade.Com Uncirculated $840 Circulated $800 DealOrBuyDinar.Com Uncirculated $815 Circulated $710 BuyIraqiDinarHere.Com Uncirculated $820 Circulated $780 Gidassociates.Com $850 ***RESTRICTIONS APPLY SterlingCurrencyGroup.Com Uncirculated $860 Circulated $840 ***Restrictions Apply SafeDinar.Com $790 - $840 ***Restrictions Apply CheapestIraqiDinar.Com Uncirculated $840 Circulated $820 DinarGate.Com $776-$796 ***RESTRICTIONS APPLY EDinarFinanacial.Net NOT LISTED DinarInc.Com NOT LISTED TampaDinar.Com NOT LISTED DinarVenture NOT LISTED WeSellDinar.Com NOT LISTED IraqiDinars.Com NOT LISTED
  8. Okay so someone else made an interesting thread talking about people who are positive about the DInar and pumpers as well as people who are pessimistic or negative about the Dinar. I was just wondering. I can understand someone saying a pumper has an alterior motive ie if they are a dealer say hey it's gonna revalue tomorrow maybe it will stir up some business and get people buying dinar again. What possible agenda could someone being negative about the Dinar have? I have seen other people say pessimistic things and even said pessimistic things myself and heard people say things like you want to get rich but nobody else to get rich. I can't see any reason for someone to try to convince someone else not to buy dinar besides them thinking its not a smart thing to do. NObody has anything to gain by someoen else not buying Dinar. Always thought this was interesting and wondered why people think anyone who says anything negative has anything to gain by telling someone not to buy or by being pessimistic. On the other hand I can see a motive behind a pumper.
  9. The Iraqi Dinar is going to revalue tomorrow June 2, 2013 at 4:00PM Iraqi time. Why? Because I think so. How did I confimr it? I just did. I would recommend everyone run out, clear out your 401k accounts, checking accounts, sell everything you own and buy more Dinar. No intel, no inside information, this is based on nothing. I just think so.
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