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Found 1 result

  1. [Adam Montana] good morning everyone! We have quite a few questions today, and the situation is VIBRANT to say the least... so let's get right into it! [Adam Montana] Here's the latest... Chapter 7 is overshadowing everything, so let me get to that in a moment [Adam Montana] we are STILL seeing great news articles on the HCL, so that is going forward at a pace we have never been fortunate enough to see up till now. This alone would be awesome, but we have even more to be excited about.... Chapter 7 [Adam Montana] Now, there are conflicting reports (as always). The great thing about it is that no matter which way you look at it, the reports are GOOD! Some of the articles are saying that Chapter 7 is a done deal and the UN is just meeting tomorrow to make it official, and the other reports [Adam Montana] (the majority of what I've read) [Adam Montana] state that tomorrow the UN votes to remove Iraq from Chapter 7. I personally see NO reason they should not get out, and in fact Baghdad has already prepared a fireworks celebration. [Adam Montana] Now, if this isn't a great way to go into Ramadan then I don't know what is!!! [Adam Montana] looking at the UN calendar, I see that tomorrow AM (possibly around 7PM Baghdad time) Iraq/Kuwait is on the agenda. And one more thing that makes me feel a little tingly... [Adam Montana] on the 28th of June, the UN has noted "Iraq compensation fund report due". There is an awful lot going on with Iraq right now, so WOOOT!!! Let's bring on some rate changes! [Adam Montana] Now, I sent an email this morning - you can see that here: [Adam Montana] And VIPs, I am sending you a separate email as soon as this chat is posted, and there will be another VIP-only update as early as Friday morning following the results of this UN vote/announcement/etc [Adam Montana] without further ado, Saint - please begin. A special "thank you" as always to the staff - TEAM - here at DV, you all make this place run like a greased monkey! [Saint] Annika Adam, with the talks of chapter 7 being resolved on Thursday, will there be another chat or will the VIPs be sent notification regarding this? I've seen articles posted on the Hcl coming to agreement as well, it has been said that these two stones will drop around the same time, any confirmation from your inside folks on the validity of these matters? I mean the currency can't be forever, I have a tingle in my goods that this may be our year. [Adam Montana] You bet! I have several emails and texts prepared to go out in the event of an RV, and I also plan on doing a special VIP post as early as Friday morning. [Adam Montana] next please! [Saint] Northern Lights I am trying to stay calm - but I feel like we are going to finally see the end of this ride. When this finally does RV (which I totally believe it will), I am worried about the difficulty of doing the exchange. I am a VIP, so I know you will be giving us information on this when its time, but can you just briefly explain what you think of how this whole process will go. Will there just be select locations? Will we be asked to "send in" the dinar for validation? Just worried that when it does happen there will be sort of BS run-around with the exchanges. [Adam Montana] Good question NL - first things first, anyone with any questions on the process should get this free guide: [Adam Montana] But to sum it up very shortly - when the Dinar is being traded globaly, many banks will start taking it and you would be best advised to go to a branch that has a De La Rue machine on site to verify the notes. I will be sending all VIP members lists of these banks, and also the rate at which they are willing to exchange for us and also the discounts we will get as part of our VIP group... but even if you are not a VIP, you should be able to find a bank that will exchange for you without "sending it off" for verification if you do your homework and find the banks that have the machines [Adam Montana] next please! [Saint] pattyangel Adam, you have over 32,000 members and a bit over 3,000 members have been online at one time. My question is, with all the great news coming out. Will your system be able to handle the load of more than 3,000 members being online at one time? Do you have a backup, to the backup the backup? Not questioning your ability in your system, just a very honest legit concern. A lot is riding on this investment, and I would like to know if we will be able to get in touch one way or another. [Adam Montana] You bet We have a reserve backup server system that is actually able to accomodate over 30,000 online visitors at one time. In addition, the emails and texts sent to VIP members are done from a completely separate system, so no "DDOS attacks" or anything else will affect those notifications. [Adam Montana] next please! [Saint] shydude Adam, I had a great day today with family and friends with a little alcohol involved. I would say this is a perfect day for me, and I consider that I will have more days like this after the RV/RI. So I may be extra bold today with the alcohol in my system, but with what I am expressing is 100% what I feel. I trust you in that you will let me know when there is anything of value that I need to know on the Iraq Dinar. I do not need you to answer a dag um thing today in the wed chat. I want you to take the day off with your blood relatives (family) and have a day of silence for your recent loss. Your true DV family would expect nothing more from you if they truly trust you on this investment. Take the week off. I too truly look forward to your Wed chats, But I am not selfish; and truly want you to not do this chat this week. I can wait till next time you are comfortable in resuming your self induced need to give us an emotional fix with your wisdom. I will keep this short and ask those of you that that [saint] like to be critical on spelling and grammar errors to please correct my post and teach me a few things for Grammars sake. Have at Me people and leave Adam alone for the week. [Saint] P.S. I am still have a beautiful day - icing on the cake with this rant. [Adam Montana] hahaha! shydude, thanks for the nice post... I appreciate your efforts and I will indeed make sure I take some family time soon. But today, I'll give the members here a good chunk of my day [Adam Montana] next please! [Saint] jon29 Hi Adam, Possum says RV before the end of June, do you have any intel to share? Thanks in advance! [Adam Montana] My intuition and intel pale in comparison to the great Possum. I in his presence. [Adam Montana] next please! [Saint] Candy01 Hello Adam, I just read that even after Iraq (hopefully)! gets out of Chapter 7 the end of this week, that it still could take WEEKS or MONTHS for the RV! Do you agree with this? Thanks Much!! [Adam Montana] 100%. It could be over before I am done with this chat, or it could take another quarter century. There is no guarantee whatsoever with this thing. Don't hate me for being honest [Adam Montana] next please! [Saint] mariejose My main concern or question is exchanging . Will there be a need to bring certain type of documents to the bank? How about a list of participating banks in each state. I think the closer we get to the big event the more stress I'm gonna feel. i just want a trouble free echange. [Adam Montana] the only "documents" (and the OSI members know what I mean!) that you need to take into the bank to cash in is the legitimate dinars. That's it. No bill of sale, no receipt, nothing. Well, you'll probably need ID. Or an attorney that's representing you if you happen to be doing things a little different... but again, that's not what most people will be doing. MOST people will simply need to have authentic notes, cash them in, pay your taxes, and be glad you had the opportunity [Adam Montana] next please! [Saint] millionaire in training Hi Adam, I was wondering whats gonna happen to this site once the Dinar RV's. Are you going to leave it open so people could still interact or will you be shutting it down? [Adam Montana] MIT, great question. First - the site will stay. This community is huge and I greatly value the freindships that I have made and I know others feel the same way... so I have no plans of shutting down the public site. [Adam Montana] Second, our VIP group will be migrating to a different format, where the focus is not so much on preparing for the RV - but instead the focus will be on managing our affairs after the RV. Thanks for the question! [Adam Montana] next please! [Saint] arborboss Adam, this week has really made me happy. Are you as excited as I am? [Adam Montana] Darn skippy! [Adam Montana] next please! [Saint] Flamtap First off, I would truly like to thank you Adam for all that you have done to make this roller coster ride as bearable as possible. I think without your anchor I would have drifted off to Fruit Looped Land......with that now said, here are my questions...... I know that there is alot of speculation as to what the rate would be (and like socks I have my own). However once iraq decides to RV and given that it is a managed float (I am not saying it will be, it's just a question people, lol) what is to stop or prevent them from just letting it ride from the current rate and just letting the rat race drive it up? Or in your most humble opinion would there be too much risk involved for them keeping it that low? I honestly don't believe it will happen this way but the thought did occur to me. So, I'd thought I'd ask get your take on it. Thank you once again in advance and see you on the, hopefully, Golden side of the RV. [Adam Montana] Thanks for the question my friend - I think you answered your own question, but the bottom line is that they may indeed put the rate on a "natural" incline and let it do it's own thing. Either way, I believe it is going up so I am happy [Adam Montana] next please! [Saint] comeondinar Greetings Adam, awhile back you gave notice that things were shaping up nicely and you maybe cutting off VIP subscriptions as you thought we were 'close' to an RV. What has stopped you from feeling the same way at this stage? Many thanks and look forward to the good rate you have set up for us!! [Adam Montana] There is a strong chance... and I've never said this before... there is a STRONG chance that I will be closing VIP tomorrow afternoon. [Adam Montana] That was it? [Adam Montana] I'm so excited right now I just wanted to keep going! Ok, I understand. Guess I'll have to go do some actual work instead of chatting. You all have a great day, and with any luck... next week's chat will be MUCH different! [Adam Montana] Saint, thank you for posting the questions - you are greatly appreciated! [kcw] Adam Montana I don't want a next weeks chat mister [Adam Montana] thank you all [Adam Montana] kcw as long as it's a "POST" RV chat I will be happy to do one! [Adam Montana] whether you like it or not :_ [Adam Montana] [Adam Montana] kcw I have no intentions of going anywhere near a desert... but we can certainly do the chat on a dolphin [Adam Montana] dang right! My dolphin will have a drink holder attached [Adam Montana] ok I actually have to do some work today... just in case I don't get to retire tomorrow [Adam Montana] have a great day everyone!
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