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  1. I does not matter to me what you think of Meds personality..The guy is usually spot on with his interpratation of articles. He has his own niche just like SWFguy.(who I respect). I used to be on his site when I was a newbie and got hammered for MY ignorance just once. But im thick skinned and kept researching and reading articles. I think some folks could benefit from taking the blinders off and take most of the info from here and there and other site with alittle more acceptance because there could be a LITTLE truth in some of the BS they post...You NEVER not tying my rope to one wagon on this ride!!

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  2. i dont think the big oil companies are all to eager to have a MASSIVE OIL FIELD unleashed into the MARKET.... It would SLASH their Profits considerably,,,,,just food for if the American peolple had a President that would profit share like the erbil agreement .that would be awesome :D

  3. Malikis prime minister position was given to him in exchange for the erbil agreement.....he claims they these 19 points are being implemented but we all know this is lip service and hes trying to save his own arse.....we also know he has been a "get nothing done PM"...and the rest of the blocs are fed up with his leadership.....or lack of.....I say throw him out and start over. throw his kid out too.....GO rv go tariffs go hcl go 140 go Kurds go Iraq go Shabibi... :)

  4. oh yeah ...oakie is mister mysterious isnt he....anyone can claim they know high up Gov. officials or former white house (employees)....he implies they are so high up blah blah blah..well he wants us to assume his contacts are from the Bush Admin. (thats my take) so that could mean Bush Cheney or whoever and the fact he is (according to him) in the oil industry gives him the inside track if you will. But still he has NEVER been right or even close....I feel for the lemmings who follow him without a second thought .......Iguess it has something to do with the "dumbing down of America"....hang in there people...wait for iraq to settle this thing for us. :)

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