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  1. Well, we could turn this thread into questions about Rhode Island!  B)


    Why is the state of Rhode Island...  not an island?!!!  :shrug:

    I thought the same thing when I saw R I. I started spewing inappropriate Hank Evans quotes from Me, Myself and Irene.

  2. Winnebago???   Geez or Sheeeeezzzzzz, how old are you or how out of date am I.  Winnebago???  I thought they went out of business years ago.  Unless you're talking about moving into your old Winnie for a place to live.  If that be the case, that's a real bummer.  Been there, done that, back to doing that and in a way I kinda like it.  Bizarre circumstances, but I do kinda like it.  I may be retired, but the wife has ten more years.  That's the best part of this plan.  hahaha  Jokes on her.  hahahaha

    Hahaha! Good for you! I am old. And actually will be following your lead this summer. Retirement for me but my bride ha 7 mores years to work. Heh-heh-heh.
  3. It would not be good for the Iraqi populace if this dude comes back. On the other hand, all evidence to the contrary during his reign, what would our opinions be if he did and pulled a Hussein and declared the value of the Dinar at 1:1? I'm not advocating it and his prior actions suggest no reason he would, just playing devil's advocate and asking for thoughts and opinions.

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  4. Every currency is currently losing value to the USD. And as the USD continues to rise in value it is somewhat detrimental to the U.S. economy when looking at interest rates, inflation, and trade. This is one of the ongoing difficulties when every currency is a fiat currency. That is why this is all speculation. I hope we are all able to realize our dreams and investment. My larger fear is not so much losing a few bucks on dinar speculation but what happens to the U.S. economy when reality finally has to set in and the piper be paid for poor economic management.

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  5. ***///


    Dagnabbit, GPCarter ! Ya rainin' on our little hope parade up in here !   :mellow:


    But we do appreciate ya droppin' in to put us back on the rails.  :)


    Can we open the bar anyway...?   :P


    Good ta see ya, GP:tiphat:

    What????? You mean the bar closes?????? Why I never. Lol.

  6. ***///


    We all know that, man..... :confused2:  Don't harsh our mellow here, dude... B)  B) 


    ...  we love bashing the goorus .... it's a release, therapy to help us unwind while we wait....


    Here, have some of this  :cigar:


    Now relax and have some fun !


    It's all groovy, bro... :wave:  :P

    Great advice. You gals just put in my head Simon & Garfunkel........ "Slow down you move too fast. You got to make the morning last. Just kick in down the cobblestone. Lookin in for fun and FEELING GURUVEE!"

  7. My blessed Mother worked at a bank starting as a teller in 1963 and retiring in 1985 as a vice president of the bank. A real trailblazer for a woman in a male dominated profession back in the 60s. I asked her about her interpretation of this rumor and she is of the opinion it has to do with free steak knives or toaster. Finally, I have a bank story.

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  8. I see this good.   I see it as he says, a transition to the new policy.  I would think it would have to go up first and then when they get confidence in the dinar; (with what ever mechanisms the use to produce that)  then the dinar with gain value and either they will see that it is worthy and RV it at the right time, or float it as it appears to be doing now but managed.   I am far from a economist and it's just my lousy opinion, but it sure feels right and I work on premonition majority of the time.  That's why my opinion is worth less than 2 cents.   I just throw it out there and all you wonderful critical thinkers who are great with math and banking take it and make calculations.  I love you smart people!!

    I read it as speculators on the dollar.  Buying dollars is not as it was and there is confidence (demand) for the dollar and shut it down to return to the previous.  (which I think are auctions if it fails to rise in value with the new mechanisms)  See this quote:


    llustrates the relationship in an interview with Alsumaria News for, "This rise is due to speculators in the dollar and some groups that were subsist on the bank auction before," he said, adding that "the bank expected for such a rise in the dollar, which is unjustified and unreasonable and real at the same time ".


    Keywords and pointed out that, "This rise is considered normal when you move from one stage to another or from one mechanism to a new mechanism to sell the currency."

    Just again, my opinion and I ain't no economist but I see this as what they expected.  They need for the Iraqi people to have confidence in their dinar and that is the transition I think we are going threw before they can make a move on the rate.  Make sure it's stable first and the mechanisms are working.[/size]

    I hadn't thought of in terms of USD speculation but you're probably right. +1. As with any commodity, gold, silver, currency, it is all speculation and subject to market fluctuations.

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