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  1. Listen Folks, this was a positive meeting! No bad things were said. Iraq wants out of Ch. 7, and the UN is stating that much progress has been made. Troop withdrawal in the next few weeks, HCL in front of parliment, security minister seated before troops leave. Can you not see how everything is falling into place perfectly. I'm excited. And if you listen closely to the Iraq representative speaking through his broken english, I think he mentions something about partying in Vegas with DV members when they are released from Ch.7 B)

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  2. I don't know, steveflex7, what I heard him say was more of the defense ministers, no finalization of Kuwait differences, and no HCL...

    But you must realize, the biggest element keeping Iraq in ch. 7 is their relationship with Kuwait, and the UN representative clearly stated that many issues have been resolved, and they have dissolved many outstanding issues. I am sure minor issues still remain, but I don't believe its anything to keep them in ch. 7 any longer. Progress between Iraq and Kuwait has been made, and that is the key. This was just my take on it.

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  3. You obviously have no idea what your talking about with the currency auction. if you did 5 minutes of research you would find that the currency in circulation continues to expand despite the auctions, and you have to look at the cash side of the auction to see how much dinar was bought back. i suggest looking at doc31 previous postings. he explains the auctions in lamens terms. do not believe everything you hear. because you havent found the facts about how the.auctions work or the entire cycle of the monetary policy. good luck to you.

    No sir, good luck to you haha B)

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