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  1. I love how people keep saying that there needs to be stability in the region in order for the RV to take place, or stability in the global and economic markets. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS STABILITY! If you think that we are waiting for a stable global environment to happen before the RV happens, then you are not really in tune to all that is happening. The RV might bring stability to the global economic crisis for a little bit, but I can assure you that it will be a short lived B12 shot, and things will again slip into a mess. Stability isn't the problem and it never has been. The RV will happen in God's timing and not a second sooner.

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  2. I MUST SAY YOU ARE RIGHT KEEP THEY ARE NOT GOING TO LET US CASH IN with the big bills ................they are buying time to let the statute expire JUST LIKE THE .......UAE DID

    so there you go your apology I told you if i ever (found OUT they wouldn't ) back last year or was it the year before last ...hahahaha its been so long can't remember

    So are you saying that you don't think people holding dinar outside Iraq won't be able to cash in our big notes ?

  3. In 2003 i signed a contract(for IRAQ) and was issued a passport for ten years it expires in 2013 many of you contractors out there got a ten year passport from Halliburton that expires 2013 there should be 256 of y'all out there

    also the US military back last summer told the troops to cash in all your dinar or lose it before september every body passed this off as they just did not want the troops to become rich .......hahahaha ARE YOU SURE THAT WAS THE REASON

    I like you randalln...but sometimes, you confuse the crap out of me.

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  4. I wonder how that audit went?

    After listening to Delta, he stated that after audits were completed, the CBI realized there is still more dinar on the streets then they want. So my guess is the next few days we should see record setting auctions to pull in more dinar. Whats your take on this EAsy ?

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  5. Med's chat today mentioned this. Med said that his friend who is working at the Iraq embassy had said that the Iraqi people have been honking they're car horns all day. But, he said it was because it wa announced today to the people that Iraq is now sovereign and has it's own military.

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  6. Thanks for all you do Adam, the big question....where do you think we stand in this investment, good bad or ugly ? Also, how do you feel about the auctions lately. Is this a last minute attempt by he CBI to suck in as much dinar as possible so they can RV, or is it something else? Thanks again and Happy New Year

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  7. I understand your frustration. I think everyone was hoping for an RV before Christmas, and I'm not saying it can't happen. I am still optomistic we can see this happen at anytime. Just remember, anyone can beleive and have faith when the news is good, and when things are looking up, but I have found that the biggest break through has happened in my life when God has tested my faith. I beleive with my whole heart this investment will yeild great gains and it will be a financial blessing to many of us, but we need to hold fast and beleive. I wish you the best my brother, just hold on, and build on your faith, it will happen in HIS time, I promise you that.

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  8. I just wanted to comment on what Adam has said about his .10 cent rate prediction. Now, I understand that Iraq needs to pull in the higher value notes as soon as possible. I believe that most of us who hold currency outside of the country would cash in right away, but this RV isn't about us. It is about the Iraqi citizens and giving them a better life. So heres what I'm thinking....supposedly the lower denoms are modeled after our currency here in the states, the 1,5,10,20,50,100. From what we understand these notes are at the banks ready to be distributed to the Iraqi people in the beginning of 2012. Now, if they were to RV at .10 , then those lower denoms still would not have much value to the Iraqi citizens, and they wouldn't be motivated to turn in there higher notes. I strongly believe that they will RV at or close to the dollar, and the new rate will correspond with the new notes. This is just something I have been thinking about. Please chime in and share your thoughts.

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