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  1. SWFG,

    You telling me that I should wait by computer and cancel my date..? :)/> just in case kinda :)/> I go crazy and start dancing on the table ;)/>

    I can't speak for him, but i would say continue living life....besides he just might like that side of you. he or she sorry. i just assumed... :lol:

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  2. O.K. fastarnie... let me put this in perspective for you... a 2" cockroach won't eat you (btw.. they are "Bigger" in Texas )... but if you go to Alaska... there are plenty of things that could eat you... the term "mauled by a Grizzly Bear" comes to mind!!! Posted Image

    I had a dear friend was finally able to take his life long dream trip to go RVing in Alaska. He had two very close calls. One.. when a Grizzly and it's cub came up stream catching their lunch while the fisherman where catching their's. This happens all the time apparently.. usually the fisherman just cast around the bear and the bear ignores the fisherman. This time however one of the fisherman brought his little yapper dog with him... and the dog wouldn't stop barking at the bear. No problem so far... the bear ignored the dog. The fisherman however got nervous... and yelled at the dog to stop barking... the bear motherly instincts kicked in however and it did not ignore the fisherman's yelling... he rushed the fisherman and ripped his face off. Posted Image True story. I've never seen a cockroach rip anybody's face off... don't think I ever will. Just saying!!!

    I hear ya, but I can sleep knowing the bears are there. I can't sleep knowing the roaches are

    I been night fishing for steelhead plenty of times by myself, and let me tell ya, that can be scary. Every noise turns into a big cat, and when your fishing the Olympic National Park there is lots of different kinds of big cat. I still like the north. I can walk through those woods without nylons. From what I understand that's the best fight against chiggers.

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  3. I'd rather live in the north then the south. Reason being too many and too big of bugs. I had to stay in a motel in Jackson, Miss. one time, and when I went to get a soda out of the machine I saw 2 " roaches, or something that looked like roaches. This place wasn't a dump, but it wasn't the Ritz either. People talk about how mosquitoes in the north are big enough to carry a small child, well in Morgan City, La they don't need size, cause they have numbers. Up north can hear them comin in for a landing. Down south if you hear'em you already been bit. Just one of the reasons I like the north.

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  4. Let's get somethin straight. The cold may stop my government, but it will never stop me. I've been so many places, and have always worn shorts in the winter time. I'll name a few, Of course Washington where I'm from, Kalispell,Mt, Cheyenne Wy, North Slope Alaska, Waukegan, Il, Kenosha, Wi, Deluth, Mn, and parts of North and South Dakota. I still to this day will not wear pants. Absolutely hate being confined by jeans. Of coarse, I have to at work do to government stipulations, but there was a time when I had rebar cuts all over my

    Just rubs me wrong when people think that they live in the coldest or hottest place when they do not. One thing about me is this. You will never hear me complain about the weather. I work outdoors for a livin, and I feel if your gonna complain about it go back inside. Let the men handle it. When I open my mouth like that, I usually end up alone in the I myself think of Siberia or Antarctica, or for heat Africa or Australia, Iraq for that matter.

    Anyway I'm sure it's pretty where your at, but you don't have Steelhead or Salmon in your rivers. Therefore IMO my state is better than Cause that is all I care about. Alaska is the next stop, but for now I'll fish along rivers that are in some pretty country also. Like someone I know once said " I'd rather be fishing and thinking about God, then be in church thinking about fishing."

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  5. What a post. You started me out with a smile and ended me off with wet eyes.

    My Mother lives with me now and hopefully she still has many happy years left. She's not much of a baseball fan but loves the beach so we go as often as my schedule allows it. Don't know what I'll do when she's gone. Thanks for sharing your story.


    The D'backs puzzle me. Why are they so hesitant to trade Justin Upton when they clearly don't want him? Sheesh..... I say that because for the last two years they have been trying to deal him but still haven't pulled the trigger. It's baffling.

    Anyway, I have to say thank you for Jerry DiPoto, he's great (came from the D'backs front office). And our fabulous owner, Arte Moreno, used to own part of the D'backs but left to become the sole owner of the Angel's. So thanks for that, too.

    The NL West could be tough this year so good luck to you guys. Please try to beat the Doyers (Dodgers) as much as possible.

    Toronto and Washington seems to be a popular pick for the World Series this year. I can definitely see it happening.


    Thanks for stopping by, fa. Your input is valued.

    I love going to games with friends and family. I have many great memories and, as you said, that's really what it's all about.

    Good luck to your underdogs this year!biggrin.gif


    Yeeaaaa....Luck I'm afraid won't help...Cubs and Mariners need I say

    I was born in Wa, but lived in Illinois. for 4 years as a kid. When it was time to move back my friend jeered me about having to be a Mariners fan. Like the Cubs were any better, but still. That was in 1982. Since then the Mariners have done great things, but I'll never forget the Cubs.

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  6. Baseball is bitter sweet for me. My Mom was the sport fan, not my Dad. She was a New York Yankees fan, born and raised there. As a rebellous teenager, I of course had to pick Boston Red Sox. When the 2 teams played each other she wouldnt make me dinner, it was a great rivalry. Years later I moved to AZ. She followed me here and the next year we got the Diamonbacks. I would take her to the games. She has been gone 8 years now, she saw our Diamondbacks win the series, but she missed my beloved Red Sox winning. I rarely go to a game now, miss her.

    And that to me is what it's all about....Enjoying time with loved ones. Taking that stab in the ribs once in awhile, and being able to give it back later. Sorry to hear Moms gone....God Bless ;)/>

    Myself, well let's just say I like the :P

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  7. I agree fastarnie... this whole "15 Minutes of Fame" thing that the media affords these kooks has to stop. Instead... cover the hero's the ones who stopped the tragedy, make that the focus... not the sicko's. This to me is just another ploy for sympathy to sway folks opinions about how tragic something is so they can indoctrinate them into believing it's a good thing to take away all the guns. The truth that we know however is that the criminals will never give up their guns.... leaving civilians virtually defenseless. dry.gif

    Rod, the media is helping in the show. Magic show. See the ptb are the ones that want our guns not the government. Puppets and magic. Gun control in my mind clears the path for the nwo. Not the last step before nwo, but definitely a major barricade. You can't rule the world when the most powerful countries citizens own guns. They've already broken the country piggy bank with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Same way they did Russia in the '80s. Soon they'll link Canada, U.S.A., and South America with a new money, and Americans will beg for it.

    I don't like talking about this stuff, cause I'm not sure I can believe it all, but a lot of it is in plain sight if you look for it.

    That video should have been the start of a new thread. You hijacked your own thread. You can't have one discussion without the other.

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  8. We aren't kids, if we can't figure it out, IMO somethings wrong. Rules are all there in black and white, with some blue. Oh and some gray.

    Why ask why? I think the mods here do a great job, and I been here for a little while.

    And I believe I'll keep the rest of my opinion to myself, so that I don't break the rules. :)/>

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