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  1. At least Maliki has more leadership skills than this despicable incompetent idiot in the whitehouse.




    Are you saying he's the better liar?


    We will never have an honest politician. As soon as they figured out they could vote in bills to line their pockets this country was done. I hate to think it, but it's true.


    Someone said in another post that we need to go back 10 yrs to snip laws that went against our constitution. I'd say a lot further.

    Done rambling.

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  2. My dream job would have to be Professional fishing buddy. Not a guide, but someone who would go fishing anywhere. Fish for any species, and have the best fishing stories. I just want to fish, and work keeps saying you can't, cause you got to work. Well, along with the stack of bills that come every month....

  3. Oh, it's getting interesting again. If this is fact, I hope the next guy can get stuff in fully seated GOI and can share power with Allawi or whoever takes the spot for the Fed. Council or whatever it's called. I forget, it's been so long since I even thought about all that stuff.

  4.     No, but once was. Here's how I see it. Things are either going to get done, or inflation will come to overtake any progress. There is already articles warning of this.

        They need to get busy with the Erbil Agreement. That alone would be huge. The HCL is another big one. Some say HCL alone is enough, but I think (and this is my own opinion) the government needs to be fully put together, and seated. Meaning the council Allawi was supposed to head up, and I believe there's still a ministry seat not filled if not two, but not sure.


        And if someones laughing at us, well I guess they haven't looked in Iraqs direction. They're the clowns with no shoes, cause they took them off to throw at someone.

  5. This one time at band camp......J/K..........I had a dream one time when I was 7-8 years old. I woke up screaming, because I was in the jaws of a T-rex. That's not dying, but close as I wanna get in a dream.

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  6. Saweet!!!! biggrin.gif

    Now... something to make us realize there are a whole lot

    of stupid people out there... but this lady must top the list!!!! blink.gif


    Senator Feinstein actually said this... Just a couple days ago on the manhunt for the manhunt of a former LAPD officer... http://www.palookavi...atewide-manhunt

    It just amazes me how some of these people even get in office. I mean I've been hearing this kind of stupid coming out of the mouths of our politicians for years. Frickin unbelievable.

    Ya, now that the gunman knows he has the upper hand he'll just give up, Riiiight. This lady has no knowledge of the reason people use guns in the first place to commit crimes. :huh:/> :blink:/>

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  7. I think they are doing this so they can get the goods on Maliki. Wasn't it Maliki that got rid of Shabbibi with warrants, and wasn't it Maliki that was doing the arms deal with Russia. To me it seems as though they are trying to put 2 and 2 together. Looks like Maliki did a good job pulling the wool over their eyes so to speak.

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