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  1. I don't know if you want it... back when I first started this wild world of dinar it use to be a bad thing to be called a "Guru" we called a guy named Okie a Guru all the time and it was a sign that he was nut job wanting some attention. Maybe things have changed since I have been gone but being called a Guru was always Taboo LOL... best of luck in your endeavors where ever they may lead you smile.gif

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  2. Look I have been in the Military long enough to know that when you move millions of $$$$ worth of toys... you plan on staying a while to play. I really don't want to spend any more time in the middle east but these guys are actually a threat not like Iraq and Afghanistan these guys have stuff and aren't afraid to use it... just an old soldier's two cents sorry guys.

    Hey cheer up it is almost the weekend LOL

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  3. You are gonna get bashed pretty hard for this one buddy but stay in there and pray we win this election... I mean since they have blamed Bush this long if they loose they will probably blame Bush for that too... That is after they go on a very long vacation on the taxpayer's money again... or play golf...

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  4. Ok phonenix, hold on let me go get my tin foil hat I will be back in a few to see what else you have to say... btw I think your grandma was calling you from up stairs during that broadcast telling you that your PB&J was ready with the crust cut off... man are we really going to take anything this guy says as factual... I mean if I posted "news" via my horoscope every day I would be laughed off of here like this fruit loop has every time he has posted... I am not a hater I just call BS when I see it... I would suggest that everyone save the watches around this guy cause the boots are already gone.dry.gif

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  5. People vote with their feet.

    People do not vote with their feet they vote with their wallet and how much they have in it... I have not seen anything but taxes on many things go up... I have also seen Health Care go down and the rates go up... so my wallet is telling me to vote for someone completely different someone who will put money into it and not take it out of there.

    I work my butt off every day and put my life on the line when called to so I understand the life of a public servant been doing it for years... guess what the government has done for me.... TAKE MORE MONEY... and give me nothing in return except the knowledge that people who do not want to get a job or people who are too fat to work don't have to they can get free checks from the Government along with free health care the rest of their lives and lay on their backs having more welfare babies... sorry guys we need to drastically reform welfare and food stamps and social security checks... this country is spending itself into a hole it can't get out of...

    But hey if that is the legacy you wanna leave behind with no pride and no dignity then by all means keep doing what you are doing and I will see you on the evening news begging for help when the country tanks... guess who is gonna help you then... not this guy

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  6. I have said it before... been bashed for it, but have said it before and will say it again. Look this is a different animal the likes of which we have not seen... a RV may happen or it may not but rest assured it can't stay "Toilet Paper Money" forever.

    I believe that this RV will happen over time so if you are in this for a short and quick buck then please cash in your chips at the front desk and kindly leave, this is a marathon not a sprint. Do yourself a favor and stop listening to all of the pumpers and "GURUs" out there because they know about the same as you do right now about this investment. Most of them are just pimple faced nerds sitting in their mother/ grandmother's basement trying to get someone to listen to them for the first time in their lives. They have no real job, hobbies, and if they have a family it is their pet and grandma.

    Please again, don't listen to these guys they are just trying to get you to believe their nonsense and get your heart rate up every Friday and Sunday trust me just hop off the site and message boards and go fishing or what ever you like to do... we will still be at 0.00085 when you get back no need to watch this every day.

    Thanks Jim and Mr Rich for bringing this topic to the forefront and Jim great researchth_smiley_two_thumbs_up.gif

    Every one have a great weekendemot-wave.gif I am going on leave to be with my family and it is a Military 4day weekend so see you all on Tuesday... if I am not fishingbiggrin.gif

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  7. It's about time we let someone help "US" out!!!!!!

    Do you not remember when nations where sending us money, food, and other things when 9/11 happened even countries with very little money where sending it to us... before this freaking guy in the early years of Bush and before that the world liked us... then we made stupid decisions and we are here now with nobody to count on and our president is bowing to rulers over seas like he is their subordinate

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  8. Hold on let me be the crazy one for just one second here....blink.gif... Barrack Obama II is his alias I mean we all know that his real name is Berry Santoro or something like that it his last name is spelled several ways on the net and he even admits his last name isn't Obama just like "Bill" isn't William Clinton's name... you can have an alias as president I just wonder why it is on his certificate of live birth biggrin.gif

    Ok I am done with that here is the reality.... this guy sucks Vote LTC Allen Westbiggrin.gif

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  9. Hi folks. I am just an outsider, looking at your great country from Australia...but here goes my 10 IQD's worth....Obama is a problem...but more so, the people BEHIND Obama...these guys are the war-mongering Zionist elite that are whispering the words into Obama's ears.

    For Obama to serve their purpose, he had to have a very shadowy seems that no one is really sure where Obummer came from....we do know that he climbed the ladder of politics in your most corrupt city, Chicago....and from what I have read...the ONLY way to make it big in Chicago, is to be corrupt or corruptible.

    It is the 3 main forces behing Obama that are the REAL problem: Bresinski; Kissinger and the likes of Geithner, Bernanke and Greenspan.

    Once those guys are no longer involved...whoever is President will then have half a chance of doing your country some good. And PLEASE protect your constitution!!

    Go RV!!!!

    You couldn't be more spot on my friend... their is a big awakening happening here in America and we don't like what it is that has been going on since we took a nap so people are getting angrier and angrier by the day here but we know that a bloodless revolution is the only to have creditability and accomplish our goals in this current problem we are facing.... hope you are well down there and I will be visiting soon... hopefully biggrin.gif

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  10. Jesse Ventura for president........ B)

    I agree he would be a good one... I don't know why someone gave you a -1 for that but I will give you a +1 for thatbiggrin.gif

    All I hope is Trump doesnt keep shooting his mouth off about Iraq and irrate them into turning against us.

    btw buddy... Iran already hates us

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  11. People you need to understand a few things about this whole situation...

    1. We are putting the Muslim brotherhood in control of more than one nation over there... look at egypt and us backing them to boot out the current administration

    2. Who are the rebel forces in Lybia that we are arming.... Muslim Brotherhood... didn't look at that did ya

    3. When we leave Iraq they can't fight a war yet especially with Iran... so guess who is going to come and take it... you guessed it... the Iranian led Muslim Brotherhood

    Then What Happens?

    Well if you look at a map of the middle east you will find that these nations are all within striking distance of who...? Israel now our "friends" over there are stuck in the middle of every nation around them wanting them wiped off the face of the planet.... Guess who is going to help them out.... Not us everyone's Messiah Barack Hussein Obama already has made that point very clear that he wants nothing to do with helping out our long time friends in the middle east...

    Can anyone tell me what historical document predicted this inevitability? If you said the Holy Bible you where correct... more importantly the book of Revelations

    Now what to do about this.... well your guess is as good as mine but I have two solutions

    1. Pray

    2. Don't vote for Obama again and don't vote for Trump ever!!!!

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  12. The Trump.... man where do I start... he is the biggest fraud on the planet I hope he runs and looses his butt before the primary he would single handedly ruin this country even worse than Obama is doing... he talks about " Calling out the Chinese" bad idea Donster.... He loves social medicine that is why he backed Obama Care so whole heartedly then he his the reverse button thinking all of us don't remember.... REALLY DonnieBoy? he is a Democrat with a Republican tie that is all he is... If you want a real candidate that you can believe in just check out Allen West now this guy has a set on him made of iron...

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  13. I still think telling the government to shove their taxes up their butts is the best way to go... because for me their is no capital gains on most of my dinar I have had only a little of it for over a year... and part of that is what I am going to use to buy a plain ticket and pay my way out of the army...

    Why Switzerland? the next poster was right... Asset Protection... That is what field I worked in before I came into the army and the one I know the most about... but I did it for other people.... now I do it for mebiggrin.gif

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  14. AAAARRRRRGGGG!!! I need my fix man......Im freakin wiggin out over here....I dont know what to do with myself!!! Im gonna have to start making up intel or something just to keep busy!!! Bet I could write up better stories then PD and PTR combined!!! laugh.gif

    garuntee you could man... just as long as you are better than okie at making up stories... most of those crappy websites out there would love you LOL

  15. You've been smok'in to much of that Afghany stuff!

    I have 2 PS3's. They work great. They game flawlessly, play blu-rays perfectly, work as my music and photo server, play SACD's and work as a web browser on my 60" plasma. Add NetFlicks and Xbox doesn't come close!

    Why on earth would you want to give more cash to Bill Gates. Come On!! :)

    First of all I use to play PS3 religiously then I bought an Xbox from a friend for $60... my wife asked the other day why I don't play ps3 any more... I looked at her and said... we still have a PS3... huh... I sold it Secondly, Blue Ray is over rated and I get to store all my music on my xbox too so I still don't see an up side to the ps3 over the xbox my NetFlix works well too

    Half a million people playing Black Ops daily tells me otherwise... biggrin.gif

    Read more:

    Double that and that is how manny people are playing BO on the xbox all around the world... at any given time through out the day... next

  16. Trump 2012!!!!

    no way man please do your research on this guy and see who is really backing him he.... he is horrible on military issues but he does talk a good game... that is .... until you check his recent past, his comments on the war and his stance on health care just a year or so ago... please you all don't fall for this smoke and mirrors... heck just check out what the conservative "god" of the radio Glenn Beck has to say about this guy... I don't promote Glenn because we don't agree on a lot of stuff but he has it right on Trump

    Please guys look into Allen West... he is a man who truly "GETS IT"

  17. of course they fear it because Iran is going to move in and take over look who "we" i mean our president is supporting... can you say muslim brotherhood leaders... this guy is in the tank for all of them... and when they are finished with iraq they are all going to side against Israel... man it is coming to the end of the world as we know it my friends... sure hope someone with brains gets elected in 2011... you all might wanna check out the Congressman LTC Allen West for president this is a man with a brain not a suit with a hand up his @$$ playing puppet to all the special interest groups....biggrin.gif

  18. Wait... Wait... Wait... a minute did something change while I have been gone I seem to have missed how the LOP of 000's is in any shape an RV.... use to the removal of 3 0's was a bad thing for investors but now it is a good thing??? or are we speaking of the front 3 zeros that would move it from 0.00085 to just 0.85 Man have I been out of the loop for a while... I blame facebook LOL biggrin.gif

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