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  1. Awesome!!! Thanks blue I still would like to know what exactly is going on with the renaming of their currency. Guess time will tell.
  2. When are these articles about the rate floating, I know they have been saying that (along with other things) just hope these are recent (very recent talk)
  3. Hey pp, just curious if u have heard anything else from ur friend over there? It's been awhile so I was wondering if (s)he figured whats going on yet with the rename and them talking about the zero(s). I think we get the best info from ppl on the ground. That's y I like that Adam has contacts over there. Hoping ur friend can find some news or figure out what all this means.
  4. Hey PP does ur friend know anything else/make any sense of what's going on?? oror is easy still lost
  5. I'm so confused and lost. are they just changing the name and the value ? do we have trade ours in new notes ?????
  6. I just don't like them saying the "L" word and saying it's not a revaluation . .... sounds like everything is going to stay same
  7. I don't like that they said l o p 1 zero off. and then saying it's not a revaluation either.
  8. I got a question....if or when iran and/or Iraq RVs . ... let's say 1:1 wouldn't it make their people instant millionaires as well ??
  9. What i think climber is saying is in the article it talks about turkey removing 6 0s that it worked for them. .... thinking if they l o p off the rial it will have the same affect.
  10. That's what it will be if they follow through with removing 3 or 4 zeros off their currency. 1 rial = 0.0000314481 USD So remove 3 or 4 zeros 1 rial = 0.0314481 or 0.314481 1,000,000 rials x .0314481 = $31,488 OR 1,000,000 rials x .314481 = $314,481
  11. I said that backwards 1 rials = 0.000031 is what I ment
  12. Right now 1 US dollar = 0.000031 (and some more numbers) Rials. So just remove 3 or 4 zeros off the rial like they say they want to.... now 1 US dollar = 0.031 or 0.31
  13. so if they remove 3 or 4 zeros......... 1,000,000 rials = $30,000 (3 zeros removed) 1,000,000 rials = $300,000 (4 zeros removed)
  14. Thanks poker, I don't understand why it is a big deal if there is proof that it is going live Sunday? Don't all banks already have swift codes ? It's not like this is a new country starting up, they were just placed under sanctions. They already should have a swift code ?!?!
  15. Could you show us a link showing this....also what the heck is the "swift codes'?
  16. I took it as instead of the dual rates it will be just one, not 1:1 right now there is a street rate and a cbi rate. I can't see them going to 1:1 even after they rv, I'm hoping for around 10 cents. I still think we have some time yet before this pops....hopefully not too much longer though lol.
  17. Wow, I'd say so. You said "700 billion in untapped resources" is that 700 billion dollars ????? This is getting fun and interesting!!! Seeing all these other countries having meetings. I just wish it would RV already though lol.
  18. Thanks, might pick some up this weekend....gonna look into this more before I buy some though.
  19. Just curious if anyone holds any of their currency? Are they suppose to RV as well ?? I read an article saying they were. Wondering if I should grab some of these as well ???
  20. Well as long time ago when I use to play a Playstation game called Socom, a buddy of mine made a clan name to play online and we were all frogs....he was PhatFrog and I ride a gsxr (Suzuki motorcycle) aka gixxer.... so I came up with the username of gixxerfrog.
  21. The India rupiah is 13,130 to 1 ..... the rial is 32,xxx to 1 I dont think that's too far off to not post it, but who knows maybe. I would think no matter what the rate is it should be posted. You don't go into a store and see something without a tag because it's a lot of money to buy. I'm curious if it just recently went blank or how long it's been blank ?
  22. Thanks PP. I would of thought 2 forms of ID (1 being photo) would have been enough, guess I'll need a 3rd ID ready. I believe it's 2 IDs for a passport here.
  23. Why receipts ? I don't have any and don't see a reason to have them. When I go to Canada and exchange my USD into Canada money they don't ask for a receipt..... and when I come back they don't ask either. All they (the bank) is going to do is run them thru the De La Rue machine and ur go. The HSBC does sound like a good route....seems like we have some good options, might want to start looking now so when this thing pops we have a plan (maybe a backup plan as well).
  24. i think we should be ok because i believe SOME sanctions are removed, they just aren't fully removed (i could be wrong?!) but either way, i am curious if it would effect us in anyway even if there was sanctions were in place (fully). I think the sanctions being in place is that the US wont do any trading with Iran, as for you and I owning and exchanging Iran Rials to USD or visa versa i dont think that would matter ?!?! (again i could be wrong) what would happen if we went to Iran to visit etc. and had to change our currency to Rials.... so we cant change them back? If not i might be paying a canadian to cash in for me (Rials to Euros)... lol
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