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  1. ADAM HELP!!!

    I got so dang excited today! my renewal wasn't due yet but when I clicked your link and typed disount for lifetime I got too excited!!! So right before putting my card info in I texted my wife to let her know what I was doing and why... she says well how much it this one and that one... so I clicked the back button to go see the prices to answer her... so when I go back it starts me over... well I typed discount again but this time it wouldn't give it to me... I guess it thought I had already purchased it... any ways you can help??? we are limited on money but I want to be a good steward and not too late either so I want to use your "discount" to become a lifer... please anwer soon. Thanks!


    I went to renew my membership after seeing you news today and wanted to use the "discount" and it showed up. But I was texting my wife about my decision and when she asked me about the different types of purchases and prices available I hit the back button to answer her questions. When I hit back, it emptied my checkout. so I restarted it and typed discount again, but it would not give it to me... I haven't made my purchase yet. please help me. Thanks

    Russell M

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  3. I hope I am doing this right...been a while. Adam, 2 questions: First, is our current president's actions and intentions going to help the dinar RV....part B: did he buy any dinar that anyone knows of?

    SECOND: Help me understand why the Iraqi would RV when they know so many of us possess their money? Or does it not work like that? And thank you so much for helping us!!! :)


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  4. Adam, two questions plz : 1-some years ago wasn't our Country's finances put under observation. ByIMF? somewhere around the time of major debt and CREDIT Ratings dropping?

    Second- There is murmers of our money value being "reset" possibly... Can you enlighten Us on how and if this would affect our investment AND if you have knowledge Of such info. Thanks

  5. He did nothing of his own, but obeyed The Fathers voice. He did not oppose them, rather they forgot that they were serving the same Father. Therefore He chastised them...funny, HE never treated the ones "not in spiritual authority over HIS sheep" like that; because to whom much is given, much is required...Keep it simple, keep it Christ and it will lead to everlasting Peace. But remember what Jesus said... if youre not with me, youre against me... Peace be yours.

    Philosophy and enlightenment lead to self-destruction.

    Author: ME

  6. Jesus was neither an opinion nor a Perspective. His Virgin Birth, Death without Sin and Ressurection (highly witnessed) was not so we could argue about Greed or Forcfully rule the Planet while we lied and told everyone it was Peaceful or right or Pure. And very soon He will Return... not to denounce His Birth Death or Ressurection, but to take with Him all those whose mind and hearts STAYED on HIM... As it is Written, So Shall it Be. Amen.

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  7. My understanding is IRAQ controls the RV, and they want a release from Chapter VII now, want a meeting with Kuwait before Summit ( which is in March) so yes it could be done before June. And dont forget about the HCL law. Remember, these guy are CRAZY, Not Stupid..... they have meticulously been laying every detail out for 2 years now, way beyond what we could see. When they make their move it will be solid with ALL BASES COVERED. And if you haven't recieved an invite to the secret party, heehee you're not going... GO RV!!!

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