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  1. The source of the rule of law: Hamid al-Mutlaq and Jamal Karbouli candidates for the post of Deputy Prime Minister Haider Ali Jawad - 01/02/2012 PM - 1:17 p.m. | Hits: 181 A source in state law that coalition leaders in the / coalition in Iraq / Hamid al-Mutlaq and Jamal Karbouli candidates for the post of Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq of Bdlan. The source told the National Iraqi News / Nina /, "said Saleh al-Mutlaq, would not return to his position, and there are two options to fill the position, either Hamid al-Mutlaq Karbouli or beauty." Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki made ​​a request to the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq, on the background described in an interview with the network / CNN / American dictator-Maliki accused of exclusivity and power
  2. Maliki calls for more coordination between local governments and the military and security services Wednesday, 01 شباط / فبراير 2012 12:17 | BAGHDAD / With: Prime Minister called on the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki, Wednesday, more coordination and cooperation between local governments and the military and security agencies. A statement by Maliki's office that he was part of a plan by Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces to meet the security situation in a comprehensive manner, Ras al-Maliki today an expanded meeting of senior security leaders and some conservative leaders and the difference in the presence of Minister of Defense and Agency Saadoun al-Dulaimi. He added that the meeting which included governors and officials of the provinces of Kirkuk, Dhi Qar and Salahuddin, Maysan, and Nineveh, Muthanna, discussed the "security situation in these provinces, and procedures to adjust the security situation and close all potential gaps that terrorists are trying to access through which to commit their crimes. "and stressed that" the cooperation of citizens with the security men who took increasing in recent times, the sponsor will be the elimination of terrorists and criminal plans, "according to the statement. (finished).
  3. Political analyst: the use of American spy planes violating the sovereignty of Iraq Wednesday, 01 شباط / فبراير 2012 12:15 BAGHDAD / However warned political analyst and managing editor of Voice of Iraq, Mahmoud Hashemi, Wednesday, serious implications on the security issues common linking Iraq to neighboring countries after the recognition of U.S. President Obama, the flight of spy planes to the United States in the skies of Iraq; stressing that this is a violation of U.S. of Iraqi sovereignty. He described al-Hashemi in an interview to the correspondent of news agency the future, "recognition of the U.S. President Obama, the flight of U.S. drones in the skies of Iraq as an override heavily on Iraqi sovereignty and the will of Iraq, especially that known for such aircraft as spy planes," pointing out that "if there new extensions on the security agreement in this regard must be through the parliament, "and noted that" in a few days before this case Iraqi troops raided one of the foreign security companies and found that these companies have files and agreements with Israel or the United States, and is concerned with assassinations in the Iraqi street " and criticized the "excesses of America, calling it has made ​​the Iraqi people vulnerable to these planes, where their existence no longer have any rule or secrets in this country." urging "the government to put these dangerous files and others on the House of Representatives, while all parliamentarians in the Iraq may be surprised by Obama's remarks in this case, "U.S. President Obama has revealed in the time of the use of State for drones to protect the headquarters and officials of the U.S. Mission in Iraq, said:" The fact that we do not use those planes to launch attacks in the Iraq, but for the purposes of monitoring and ensuring the availability of the necessary protection of our embassy compound in Baghdad, "he said. (finished) Ahmed al-Rubaie
  4. Najafi confirmed the importance of the success of the next Arab summit in Baghdad [/url] PUKmedia Baghdad 01/02/2012 16:29:40 Search Osama Najafi, Chairman of the House of Representatives, today Wednesday, 02/01/2012, with Ahmed Ben Helli, assistant secretary-general of the League of Arab States and the delegation accompanying him Iraq's preparations to host the next Arab summit in Baghdad and the latest developments in the Arab region. Najafi said during the meeting the importance of the Arab role with the support Iraq and to assign the democratic experience and enhance cooperation with all Arab countries, stressing the desire of the House of Representatives to provide all the atmosphere of support for holding the Arab summit in Baghdad. The Chairman of the Council that Iraq is in the process of transformation, especially that in the midst of political experience tends to shape the final form of the democratic structure in line with the wishes of the Iraqi people. Najafi and stressed during the meeting the importance of the success of the Arab summit conference held by the due date, or through broad participation by Arab leaders to restore normal relations and the promotion and development. The head of the House of Representatives on the need to discuss the Arab summit conference of all important files and especially the strengthening of ties between Iraq and the Arab states and resolve the debt file and activate the security cooperation between the Arab countries as well as the Syrian crisis, pointing to the remoteness of Iraq's policy of axes in the Arab region, noting that the play on the paper sectarianism threatens the unity of the Arab countries and civil peace in the communities. For his part, praised Ahmed Ben Helli, assistant secretary-general of the League of Arab States on the preparations and preparations to host the Arab summit in Baghdad, adding that Baghdad to host the next Arab summit will be the restoration of Iraq's historic leadership role in the joint Arab action and solve Arab issues. He said Assistant Secretary General of the League of Arab States: that holding the summit in Iraq will launch a new phase of joint Arab action and coordination to resolve important issues in the political, economic, security, and expressed his hope that the upcoming Arab summit in Baghdad, a milestone in the march of Arab cooperation, noting that all the Arab countries will attend the summit meetings of Baghdad without interruption.
  5. Parliamentary commission calls for expelling foreign security companies 2/1/2012 5:04 PM BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Iraqi Parliamentary Security and Defense Commission called to expel foreign security companies working in Iraq and replace them with Iraqi companies, describing the presence of US planes in Iraqi skies as violation of the withdrawal agreement. Ahrar bloc MP Jawad Shuhaili, in a statement by the Commission received by Aswat al-Iraq, said that the presence of foreign security companies is not abiding by Iraqi conditions, so "they should be expelled". He pointed out that the number of these companies reached to 500, including 150 big companies, and 350 of a medium size. Kurdish Alliance MP Shwan Mohammed Taha called to "replace them with Iraqi companies". National Alliance MP Hassan al-Sari regarded the presence of US planes in Iraqi skies as a "dangerous indication and avowed violation to withdrawal agreement signed with USA". He called on the Iraqi government to expose the identity of the Americans who were recently arrested, and declaring the number of workers in the US embassy and the nature of their missions and duties. "Not announcing such information will lead to a trust crisis", he confirmed. http://en.aswatalira...e&id=146740&l=1
  6. Zebari: waiting for an official position of the al-Maliki and a file critical to the port of Mubarak WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2012 09:53 HITS: 279 Twilight News / called to the Foreign Relations Committee, Wednesday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to declare an official position and clear about the File Port Mubarak of Kuwait, stressing the non-receipt of the latest report prepared by the advisers in the Office of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The technical committee composed of experts under the chairmanship of the advisers in the Office of the Prime Minister Thamer Ghadban ended her recent visit to Kuwait in August last, as discussed with officials of Kuwaiti cause of building the port of Mubarak and the Prime Minister met with the Technical Committee for the impact of port construction Mubarak, whether or not the Iraqi ports. A member of the Foreign Relations Committee staff Arshad Zebari said in an interview with"Twilight News" "The House of Representatives is expected from the prime minister to resolve this through the official position is clear and unified vision to enable the House to take a stand against this file," and expressed hope that "the visit Maliki's upcoming State of Kuwait to resolve all outstanding issues, including a port of Mubarak. " Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki received a phone call, the end of last year, the Prime Minister of Kuwait, Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah asking them to visit Kuwait, but that morning, told him to postpone his visit because of the preoccupation with the elections in Kuwait. Zebari said that "the Foreign Relations Committee has not received the latest report prepared by the Committee Advisor, Office of the Prime Minister peshmerga Thamer Ghadban," noting that "the file at the port of Mubarak, Kuwait took their ups and wide through the statements of some officials from both sides and bred Altoar in the relations between two countries. " Zebari said that "Relations Committee fears of the continuing divergence of opinions and different views on file at the port of Mubarak will impact negatively on dealing with this issue within the government and the House of Representatives," stressing the need to declare that the government and in its view this file in order to have a shared vision and unified strengthens Iraqi position. " The Iraqi government formally asked the Kuwaiti counterpart to postpone construction of a port to be established Mubarak, Kuwait's Boubyan Island, overlooking the waterway shared with Iraq, while making sure not to impact on the rights of Iraq in common water, in the last rejected that request him usually illegal. He said Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, in a speech before the United Nations on 21 September last, that the Iraqi experts who visited Kuwait on the crisis in the port of Mubarak raised their report to the Council of Ministers, noting that the report dispelled fears of Iraq "not true" from the port, with the exception of Ambassador Kuwait in Iraq to the insured that Zebari's remarks on the port indicates its interest in the interest of Kuwait and Iraq at the same time, stressing that Zebari, a leading man with a center draw Iraq's foreign policy official. The Minister of Transport of Iraq, in October of last year, that the technical report on port Mubarak says he will hurt "a lot" ports of Iraq and suffocating, calling on Kuwait to build it in another location, with the exception of some Iraqi officials defended Kuwait at the expense of the interests of their country. The experts and Iraqi researchers had promised the purpose of the Port Mubarak is to capture and steal stocks Saybah gas field, one of the largest gas fields in the region as it extends to the geographical area on which the Port Mubarak.
  7. Dabbagh: Maliki's visit to Kuwait is still in place to resolve the differences WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2012 13:14 HITS: 72 Twilight News / said the Iraqi government, Wednesday, that the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait still exists, stressing the keenness of the al-Maliki to visit Kuwait and end all outstanding issues between the two countries without any problems. He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told a news briefing seen by "Twilight News" that "the visit to be undertaken by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki still in place." Al-Dabbagh said that the "date-Maliki's visit to Kuwait will be after the end of the parliamentary elections and the completion of all measures to form a government there." Dabbagh said that "al-Maliki to meet with senior officials of the State of Kuwait is very important as it will focus on how to resolving the outstanding issues between the two countries, including the issue of compensation and the demarcation of the border as well as other files of interest to both countries." He added that "Iraq is keen to strengthen its external relations with the brethren, especially the State of Kuwait." The relations between Iraq and Kuwait tense continuous for several reasons, including the issue of border demarcation between the two countries and the insistence of Kuwait to keep Iraq under the table, the seventh item and not to waive its debt to Iraq, as well as continue to build a port Mubarak, despite Iraq's call to stop or change the location of its establishment because of its impact heavily on the navigation on the Iraqi territory.
  8. President of the businessmen Iraq: comprehensive economic policy of the State while claiming the opposite On: Wed, 01/02/2012 14:18 Baghdad (news) .. The president of the International Federation of Iraqi businessmen Hamid punitive economic policy of the state because they are moving toward totalitarian economy, not a free market economy as a result of the dominance of the public sector at the expense of the private, as he put it. He said the punitive (for the Agency news) on Wednesday: that the Iraqi state and the federal government claims to the public as heading towards a free market economy but in fact its still working towards totalitarian economy. He explained: that the concept of a free market economy means give active role to the private sector to build the national economy. He pointed to: that the Iraqi private sector what it is "lame" as a result of successive wars and terrorist attacks and capital flight, leading to deterioration and failure. He added the federal government should provide all the requirements of the private sector and supported financially and morally in order to activate or clarify the state's economic policy that is called a free market economy. He said: that the private sector suffers from the absence of legislation and laws that serve and make it active in the development of the country's economy as a result of the absence of economic visions evident in Iraq, stressing the importance of passing a law regulating the work of the private sector and supported to take its role in promoting the country's economy. And was a member of the Economic Commission parliamentary MP / National Alliance / Abdul Hussein Resan said in an earlier statement (the news) that Iraq lacks the financial policy of good and clear no one knows what is fiscal policy, unlike most countries in the world of actual policies, short-term and far-reaching and serving people. / Finished / 8. d. o /
  9. Member of the parliamentary economic: Do not expect the adoption of the budget in the near future because of significant failures in the initial draft of Wednesday, February 1, 2012 18:41 [baghdad - where] Member of the Committee ruled out the economic and investment parliamentary Qusay Gomaa said the next few days are witnessing the ratification of the budget for the current year. Juma said in a statement to the Agency all of Iraq [where] on Wednesday that "it is not possible to see the next few days approve the budget for the current year," noting that "the presence of failures of large initial draft of the budget last of the ratification process." "The financial allocations for the Ministry of Youth and Sports, exceeded the size of allocations for a number of service ministries and this is what we consider a big mistake," stressing that "the more the Ministry carried out [37]% of the total work during the past year." And Fri "It has been demanding a discount 20% from the current budget and 20% from the previous year's budget to be distributed in the form of sums of money on the citizens to move the economy at home, which is happening globally," stressing that "there are plants and factories have been frozen in 1991 did not allocate have any money, and activation of these plants will create jobs for the unemployed and boost the country's economic need and filling the local market, "adding that" the amounts allocated to the Ministry of Industry is not sufficient to meet the needs of one plant to restart it. " The government had approved in early December last budget in 2012 amounted to a total value of [100] billion dollars, the largest budget in the history of Iraq. And distributed the financial budget for Iraq for the next year by [68] percent of the operational projects, with gold [32] to balance the investment. The House of Representatives has completed in its sixteenth Tuesday to read the draft general budget of the country in 2012. Finished 2
  10. Maliki heads an expanded meeting of senior security chiefs to discuss the latest developments in the security situation in the country Wednesday, February 1, 2012 16:39 [baghdad - where] Met Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, with some governors and leaders of the difference in the presence of the Minister of Defense and the Agency to discuss the latest developments in the security situation in the country. A statement by the Prime Minister received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday that "the meeting, which included al-Maliki and senior security leaders and governors and officials of the provinces [of Kirkuk, Dhi Qar, Salahuddin, Maysan, Nineveh, and Muthanna] discussed the security situation in these provinces and the ways to ensure the stability of the bridge all the gaps that potential terrorists trying to enter through which to commit their crimes. " Maliki, according to the statement "more coordination and cooperation between local governments and security agencies," stressing that "the cooperation of citizens with the security men who took the more recent the sponsor will be the elimination of terrorists and their plans of crime". Iraq has been volatile in the security situation of car bombings and improvised explosive devices, assassinations of Government officials in light of the differences between the various political blocs and exchange of accusations between the Iraqi List, and a coalition of state law, particularly with regard to the nomination of candidates for the security ministries, and the formation of the Council's strategic policies of the upper and balance the various state institutions . finished
  11. Khbayractsada: The more sanctions on Iran has increased the damage the Iraqi economy On: Wed, 01/02/2012 13:00 America voted Thursday to the law of new sanctions on Iran Baghdad _ Fares Sharifi At the time indicated by the U.S. reports that the Senate will vote on Thursday on the new law includes more sanctions on Iran, an economic expert said that Iraq will be one of those affected by the sanctions that it has become the largest outlet of the Iranian economy. The economist said Imad Aboudi told (the citizen) that "America when more sanctions on Iran, Iraq also will be affected, especially the economic aspect of the fact that the Iraqi market has become the biggest outlet for Iranian goods and the exchange of hard currency." He added that "recently witnessed the rise of a sudden the dollar against the dinar, the Iraqi and the reason that the Iranians have turned to the Iraqi market for the purpose of providing hard currency With the increase in U.S. economic sanctions will increase the Iranian approach to the Iraqi market, which will impact negatively on our economy," and added that "the government should think of solutions to those problem, including the monitoring of financial transactions and the black market to buy the currency and the formation of a committee to manage the crisis, working according to studies prepared by the relevant experts aim to pull the country than any economic crisis was " The heads of the Senate Banking Committee announced that the U.S. is expected to vote on the second Thursday of February, a law that further sanctions against Iran. He did not announce the details of the law, saying he will announce details this week. A statement by Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson, who chairs the committee and Republican Richard Shelby, a senior member of the law with the support of both Republican and Democrat. Among the items that House aides said he was being debated in the Senate some of the items that may lead to the imposition of U.S. sanctions against the company, the National Iranian Oil Tanker Company and National Iranian Oil. Speeding up the procedures are being proposed for the implementation of the latest round of sanctions against Iran, which was approved by Congress late last year. The sanctions were imposed on foreign banks that deal with the transfers related to sales of Iranian oil, U.S. law in December 31 last, but not gone yet.
  12. Parliament votedThursday to five laws, including the establishment of foreign andnon-proliferation of weapons of mass Editor: GS | SZ Tuesday 31 as 2 2012 15:12 GMT Alsumaria News / Baghdad Parliamentary source, on Tuesday, the House ofRepresentatives will vote at its meeting of 17, which will be held on Thursday,the five bills the most important legal residence of foreigners and to preventthe proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The source said in an interview for "AlsumariaNews", "the agenda of the meeting of the Council of Representativesof 17 of the second legislative term of years of legislative II, which will beheld on Thursday, including a vote on the draft law on Iraq's accession to theProtocol on the privileges of the International Seabed Authority and immunity,and the draft Act exemption for capital reserves, the mixed sector companiesfrom income tax. " The source, who requested anonymity, that "the agendaof the parliament session also includes a vote on the draft law of the IraqiNational Monitoring to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction, andvote on the draft law to combat smoking, as well as voting on the draft law ofthe residence of foreigners." The Presidency of the Council of Representatives, filed onTuesday (January 31, 2012), the parliament session 16 of the second legislativeterm of the year the second legislative to the day after tomorrow, Thursday,with parliamentary source that the meeting witnessed a complete discussion ofthe second reading of the budget bill and end the second reading of the twoprojects, and the postponement of discuss the six bills.
  13. Parliament held itsmeeting under the chairmanship of the 16 Najafi, and the presence of 239deputies Editor: SS | GS Tuesday 31 as 2 2012 08:13 GMT Alsumaria News / Baghdad The Council of Representatives, Tuesday, 16 of its secondlegislative term of the second legislative year, headed by Osama Najafi, andthe presence of 239 deputies, with a parliamentary source said that the meetingwill see the first and second readings of the nine bills, including the budget of2012 and the lending staff. The source said in an interview for "AlsumariaNews", "House of Representatives held this morning, its the 16 of thesecond legislative term of the year the second legislative, headed by SpeakerOsama Najafi, and the presence of 239 deputies," noting that "themeeting will see the first reading of the draft Labour Code and the secondreading the draft law to the federal budget for fiscal year 2012. " The source, who requested anonymity, that "the meetingwill see the second reading of bills, ratification by the Republic of Iraq, theConvention on the economic and trade cooperation and technical cooperation withthe Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, andthe integration of Bank of the Socialist Rafidain Bank, and the training centerthe monetary and banking system," noting that "The parliament sessionalso includes a second reading of draft laws, modern agricultural villages,Provident Fund and customs, and treaties, as well as discuss the lendingstaff." A parliamentary source, said earlier on Tuesday (January 31,2012), that the House of Representatives for its the 16 half-hour to lack ofquorum. The Presidency of the Council of Representatives, filed in(January 23, 2012), the parliamentary session of the 15th legislative term ofthe second year the second legislative to Tuesday (January 31, 2012), after thevote on the eight draft laws, as well as the resumption of debate on the draftlaw of the financial budget for the year the current.
  14. Tuesday January 31, 2012 CBI: Commencement of the examination to provide legislation to legalize the process of removing zeros from the currency Baghdad - and babysit - The Central Bank of Iraq had begun to study the need of the project to delete the zeros to submit a bill to the House of Representatives for the purpose of legislation setting out the mechanisms and controls the process of removing three zeroes from the local currency, stressing that its law gives him the powers of a change in their local currency. This comes at a time confirmed the Parliamentary Finance Committee, the central bank lingered in the provision of a bill to delete the zeros from the currency to the Committee for the purpose of his study, confirming the same time the law was passed that would give Iraq an opportunity to address inflation. And inflation is the excessive rise in the general level of prices and higher cash income as well as high costs and create excessive cash balances. It is expected to increase inflation in the budget in 2012 due to continued attention to the operational aspects at the expense of the investment part of the budget. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that "the CBI submitted a working paper for the project to delete the zeros of the local currency to the Council of Ministers for the involvement of ministries and agencies in the process of deleting the requirements of the zeros to prevent harm from the process." Saleh added that "the central bank is considering sending a bill to the House or not because the law gives the Central Bank of implied powers to delete the zeros of the local currency." He continued that "the proposed deletion of zeros from the currency needed to raise the awareness of national popularity and status of the regulations limiting the phenomenon of currency manipulation during the replacement period" ... P / i
  15. Tuesday January 31, 2012 Economy and investment representative: the allocation of 17 trillion dinars for infrastructure projects Baghdad - and babysit - A commission of economy and investment in the House of Representatives for the allocation of the government $ 17 trillion dinars (15 billion dollars) for infrastructure projects (payment on credit) within the budget of 2012, indicating that the budget rose to 134 trillion dinars instead of 117 trillion dinars. Said committee member Abdul-Hussein Abtan "The government included within the budget of 2012 $ 17 trillion dinars, or approximately $ 15 billion under the heading of infrastructure projects in a payment on credit." Abtan said that "the amount the government considered part of the current year budget," noting that "the balance of 2012 will be 134 trillion dinars instead of 117 trillion dinars."
  16. Iraq: Policy Council will unite discourse and contribute to the success of the Arab Summit 10:22:14 2012-01-31 PUKmedia Coalition in Iraq confirmed that the formation of the policy will contribute to the unification of political visions and the national political discourse after Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a few days ago to the need to unify the Iraqi discourse-oriented outside. The adviser said the Coalition Hani Ashur in a press statement, PUKmedia received a copy of it, .. The Policy Council is due to the coalition in Iraq according to the agreement of Arbil, which referred its law the Prime Minister to the House of Representatives and has had its first reading, will promote the concept of national partnership and contribute to building stability and accelerate the formation will be key to the success of the Arab summit after the emergence of the speech Iraqi uniform and representative of the National Partnership. He explained Ashour said the formation of the policies and naming ministers security will contribute to bridge the gap between the political blocs and help to complete the form of state and government, and the National Conference next called by President Jalal Talabani and calls the blocks of the national dialogue and initiated by the Sadrists and the Islamic Supreme Council and Mr. Massoud Barzani will be enhanced through the National Congress for Iraq and give a unified voice in a difficult regional circumstances.
  17. VP Hashimy charges Maliki with violating Constitution 1/31/2012 1:04 PM BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraq's Vice-President, Tariq al-Hasimy, now in Sulaimaniya after charges were levied against him of having been involved in terrorist acts, has charged Prime Minister Nouri al-Malilki with having "violated" the Iraqi Constitution and the current laws, demanding President Jalal Talabani to interfere to put an end for such acts, that he described with "having cause dishonor for Iraq." A statement, issued on Tuesday by the Temporary Media Office of Hashimy, stressed that "at a time when we condemn the cheap practices by the Prime Minister, which he carries out in a feverish means against his political opponent, through theexpansion of the accusation circle and the chasing of innocent members of Hashimy's bodyguards and office employees, we call on President Jalal Talabani for immediate interference to put an end to the Prime Minister's acts and violations of the Constitution and the laws". "His continued violations against human rights, have caused dishonor for Iraq and forced Amnesty International to issue its statement from 2 days ago regarding the 2 female employees in Hashimy's office, Rasha and Bassima," the statement added. Noteworthy is that the semi-official al-Iraqiya TV Satellite Channel had carried out an urgent report on Sunday, reporting that 16 members of Tariq Hashimy's bodyguards were charged with having been involved in terrorist acts, a report that was condemned, because it did not represent anything new in the series of charges against Hashimy and his bodyguards and office elements.
  18. Vice criticizing the government's silence towards the excesses of the Iraqi embassy in the last American Tuesday, December 31, 2 / January 2012 12:06 | BAGHDAD / With: Member of Parliament criticized the mass of the citizen Hamid vegetative silence the Iraqi government toward the recent excesses of the U.S. embassy. The vegetation of the reporter and the news agency said Tuesday that future: "The government should take an official position towards the abuses taking place by the U.S. embassy in Baghdad and the latest of which was flying helicopters in the skies of Baghdad, belonging to the embassy without the knowledge or coordination with the Iraqi authorities." He added: "We demand the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives and the government to maintain the sovereignty of Iraq and take the right towards the U.S. abuses in Iraq." The news agency published a story about the future landing aircraft for the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, without coordination with the Iraqi authorities responsible for foreign missions. (Finished)
  19. Iraq: Parties in the National Alliance does not wish to hold national conference Tuesday, December 31, 2 / January 2012 11:31 | BAGHDAD / As said an MP for the Iraqi Nahida Daini that some parties in the National Alliance does not want to hold the upcoming National Conference. The Daini to the reporter and the news agency the future on Tuesday: "There are some political parties in the National Alliance to not want to hold the National Conference that the Conference will open multiple files and there are special demands of the Alliance of Kurdistan and the Iraqi List," as well as on the implementation of the remaining of the Convention on the Erbil. " The President Jalal Talabani earlier called for a national conference a year in an attempt to end the current political crisis. (Finished) Zia Sharifi
  20. Parliamentary power is the absence of oil and gas law in multiples of its supervisory role TUESDAY, 31 DECEMBER / 2 JANUARY 2012 14:41 HITS: 64 Twilight News / confirmed to the Commission on oil and energy in the House of Representatives, Tuesday, that the lack of legislation, the law of oil and gas to the now weakened its supervisory role on the performance of the Oil Ministry, indicating that the latter responded to the requests of the Committee and promised to send details of contracts concluded within the licensing rounds with foreign companies. The decision of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Mchkta Qasim's "Twilight News"that "the delay and failure to approve oil and gas law to the day affect the work of our committee and makes the performance of weak oversight of the Oil Ministry." And I went back to the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary earlier, that the licensing rounds that are made with foreign companies is unconstitutional and a violation of Iraqi laws, accusing the Ministry of Oil exclusivity management of oil resources. Mchkta explained that "the Commission on oil and energy will be discussed at its meeting on Wednesday a number of issues, including contracts concluded by the Ministry of Oil in the licensing rounds and trying to urge the House to expedite the enactment of the oil and gas." And that "The oil ministry has responded to our Committee requested to send details of the contracts concluded by the licensing rounds with foreign companies." And confirms a number of experts and concerned with the oil that the oil licensing rounds concluded by the Federal Ministry of Oil started to reap the fruit, and led to an increase in the rates of production and export, while others have questioned the legality of the contracts within the last three rounds. The oil and wanted to about 95 per cent of the country's financial budget, and Iraq needs billions of dollars for the reconstruction of its infrastructure crumbling.
  21. Shell, Mitsubishi, Gas Production to Start This Year Posted on 31 January 2012 Dow Jones reports that the gas capture project with Shelland Mitsubishi in Southern Iraq is expected to start production this year. The head of the South Gas Company, Ali Hussein Khudhier, told the news agency that they expect to produce 50 Mcfd of gas this year. He added that the floating LNG plant and terminal to be built off the Basra coast is expected to cost around $3 billion, and should be operational in 2017 or 2018. The project would export 600 MMcfd of gas in the form of LNG. The consortium will soon invite international companies to tender to build the LNG facility. Before this deal, Iraq was producing around 450 million cubic feet a day of gas from Rumaila, West Qurna Phase 1 and Zubair, but within two years Khudhier expects to also be capturing the 1.1 billion cfd that are currently flared. Under the agreement, Iraq has to supply the Basra Gas Company with at least 2 Bcfd of raw gas even if it has to bring it from other fields, but it is expected that gas output from these three fields will exceed 2 billion cubic feet a day at full production.
  22. UK Companies to Build Water Purification Plants in Iraq Posted on 31 January 2012. The Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works has announced that 12 British companies have agreed to build water purification plants in five Iraqi provinces, according to AKnews. Jassim Mohammed, media adviser at the Ministry, told the news agency that the new plants will be in the provinces of Anbar, Diyala, Najaf, Dhi Qar and Basra. He added that the Ministry is working to streamline the procedures for foreign companies working on service projects in the country. Iraq experienced widespread protests throughout 2011 as people vented their anger at the poor provision of services such as drinking water.
  23. Attorney Najiba Najib: We will confront firmly to any targeted financial situation of Iraq On: Tue 01/31/2012 15:18 Baghdad (news) .. Denied a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee / Kurdistan Alliance / Najiba Najib enter any fake currency to the Iraqi market by Iran. The prodigal (of the Agency news Allanaba) on Tuesday: The Iraqi government and the National Council would deter any party or country is trying to damage the financial situation of Iraq, although there was evidence on the entry of counterfeit currency by the Iranian side, it requires quick and decisive action by the government and the House of Representatives, as guardian the Iraqi funds. She added: In the case of proven fraud we will serve as the control of a parliamentary address a letter to the Central Bank to find out the details of this issue is very important to keep the Iraqi currency. The events experienced by the country after 2003, provided an opportunity for many of the critics of the economy to achieve a quick profit at the expense of the public interest. / End / 22. D. O /
  24. House of Representatives to raise its next Thursday Tuesday, 31 December / 2 January 2012 16:16 [baghdad - where] Lifting of the House of Representatives its sixteenth held today, chaired by Osama Najafi to next Thursday. A parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] said Tuesday that "House Speaker Osama al adjournment of Parliament for the day to day after tomorrow, Thursday after the first reading and a second for a number of bills on the agenda of the Council, including the second reading of the bill that the financial budget of the State for the year 2012. " The House of Representatives held its sixteenth regular, headed by Speaker Osama Najafi, and attended by more than [230] deputies, including deputies of the Iraqi List, who returned to the meetings of the Council after a month-long boycott and a half month. Finished 2. http://www.alliraqne...27-21&Itemid=86
  25. 200 billion dinars allocated by the Government to disarm the armed groups and militias On: Tue 01/31/2012 18:18 Baghdad: Citizen: Private A government source revealed that the Iraqi government allocated within the budget year 2012 more than 200 billion Iraqi dinars for the disarmament and integration of the militias with government departments. The source, who preferred anonymity for (Citizen News) that the allocations of the security services for this year can be considered the largest in order to enhance the security file, especially after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, and here must work all the actors and the support of parliament to strengthen all the joints of the security services without an exception. " He said the government and within the project of reconciliation and disarmament are full of armed groups and militias loyal to, the development of a Directorate under the direct supervision Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces, and allocated it $ 239 billion and 399 million enlightened, is distributed in several joints, including the salaries of the staff of the Directorate and by 200 billion and 11 one billion for other services, goods and six billion private expense disarmament. The security and defense allotting a $ 171 billion and the National Security Council 11 billion and the Office of the Commander in Chief 60 billion and 223 billion and intelligence Oldvaa 5.3 trillion and 1.7 trillion dinars armament and internal 9.5 trillion. Adviser to the Prime Minister on national reconciliation, Dr. Amer Khuzaie confirmed during a meeting with the leader's Liberation Army and salvation, chairman of the tribal central province of Salah al-Din Sheikh Saadoun Al Qasimi, last week, "" The Army of Liberation and salvation, and the forces rallying under the leadership of Sheikh Al Qasimi, they declare they join the national reconciliation project and come of these efforts after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, and the inclusion of most of the factions to the draft reconciliation, "revealing the coming of the characters and factions between today and the other to declare their desire to join the reconciliation project, comes this belief in the project and the political process under the tent Iraq one. On the subject of the Sons of Iraq (the Awakening), stressed Khuzaie to accelerate the closure of a Sons of Iraq, calling the decision a positive because it ensures their rights and to accelerate their integration into the institutions on the Iraqi government, to take their rights, and Aabakoa stuck, reward for the sacrifices they made for their country. The Ministry of State for National Reconciliation said, on the ninth of June, that the roof of reconciliation is raised for all Iraqis only excluded himself or exempted by the Constitution, and showed that many members of the armed factions have joined the reconciliation project, revealed that the Justice and Accountability Law "does not exclude from Baathists little. " Khuzaie said in a speech during the first annual festival for national reconciliation, which was held in Baghdad to national reconciliation excludes the base and the Baath Party who have stained their hands with the blood of the Iraqi people, noting that many of the armed factions realized that the political process continues normally. Khuzai said that "Al Qaeda atone does not understand the language of reconciliation and the Baath Party was attended by the Iraqi Constitution in Article VII," noting that "many of the armed factions realized that the political process under way naturally." He Khuzaie that "those factions that dropped the weapon and joined the national reconciliation is the majority of the Islamic Army and the Mujahideen Army and Ansar al-Sunna Sharia and battalions revolted, as well as the League of the Righteous and political forces outside of Iraq," noting that "all the dialogues were serious with those factions ". The Khuzaie that "reconciliation with the factions is through written undertaking from each associated with an armed faction, commitment to the Iraqi constitution and the laws and to join the national reconciliation project, renounce violence and to cooperate with the security services to eradicate terrorism." Also confirmed, on the Fourth of July, during a press conference, said that the armed factions, which engaged in the process of national reconciliation it can in future participation in the political process, and form parties, according to the law, in the absence of a memorandum of their right of the Iraqi judiciary, noting that those factions laid down their arms and is ready to contribute in the fight against terrorism. The Iraqi government announced in July 2006, the launch of an initiative for national reconciliation include a general amnesty for prisoners who were not involved in the killings of civilians, to halt human rights abuses from all sides, and to review the de-Baathification law, compensation for military personnel and civilians who have been dismissed from their posts in Following the fall of the former regime
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