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  1. If this was the same old same old then why did it take them 7 years to post it on there website....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  2. Now this should shut people up about the 25000 note being a 25 dinar coin c'mon please that is ridiculous
  3. My understanding is it will be drop the zero's from the currency and rate..because it said it will maintain value that means we have to turn in the high notes at the time of a revalue. They will take them out of circulation thats all. It's a good thing. because it said while maintaining the value for trade. This is good news anyone else read it that way.
  4. Reports سياسة نقدية لحذف الأصفار من العملة العراقية Monetary policy to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency 02.02.2010 02/02/2010 محمد كريم Mohammad Karim يعمل البنك المركزي العراقي على ستراتيجية حذف الاصفار من العملة العراقية وتصغير قيمتها الاسمية مع الاحتفاظ بقيمها النقدية والشرائية. Iraqi Central Bank is working on a strategy to delete the zeroes of the Iraqi currency in and out of their face value while maintaining the values of cash and purchasing power. مستشار البنك المركزي العراقي مظهر محمد صالح قال ان العام الحالي سيشهد إنطلاق تلك الاستراتيجية، مؤكدا ان البنك انجز 50% من استعداداته التي يعمل عليها منذ العام 2005. Central Bank of Iraq adviser to the appearance of Mohammed Salih said that this year will witness the launch of this strategy, stressing that the bank has completed 50% of the preparations that are working on since 2005. صالح أوضح ان الاستراتيجية تقوم على مبدأ استبدال تدريجي للعملة العراقية باخرى اقل منها في القيمة الاسمية، وأشار الى ان ايجابيات هذه الستراتيجية تتمثل بأنها ستكون اقل كلفة وأكثر سهولة في التداول. Salih said the strategy was based on the principle of gradual substitution of the Iraqi currency with another is lower than in the nominal value, and pointed out that the positives of this strategy is that it will be less expensive and easier to trade. من جهته يرى الخبير الاقتصادي الدكتور هلال الطحان ان تطبيق مثل هذه الاستراتيجية لن يسبب اضطرابات اقتصادية، او اضرار في السوق المحلية في الوقت الحاضر، فيما يجد المحلل الاقتصادي راغب رضا بليبل ان توقيت اطلاق هذه الاستراتيجية غير ملائم حالياً، مبيناً ان اقتصاد البلاد يجب ان يكون في موقع من القوة قبل تطبيق مثل هذه التغييرات. For his part, sees Dr. Hilal Al-Tahan, that the application of such a strategy will not cause economic turmoil, or damage to the local market at the present time, while the economic analyst is willing to find satisfaction بليبل that the timing of the launch of this strategy is not appropriate, noting that the country's economy must be in a position of strength before the application of such changes. أطبع Print بريد ألكتروني E-Mail
  5. Iraq is anticipating the International Security Council in mid-February aimed to assess Iraq
  6. ola...................................we need a rv this week.............................
  7. CONTINGENCY OPERATING LOCATION BASRA, Iraq – United States currency may soon become difficult to find in Iraq as part of an effort to protect Soldiers and increase the value of the Iraqi dinar. Sgt. Brittany A. Raimer, a dispersing manager with the 368th Finance Management Company, out of Wichita, Kan., 36th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), said eliminating the use of U.S. currency on the battlefield will help to stimulate the economy of Iraq. "One of the main focuses of finance is to ultimately eliminate U.S. currency from the battlefield," said Raimer, a Lake Charles, La., native. "Our government is implementing the use of the Iraqi dinar, to both undermine the dependency the Iraqi nationals have on American currency and to back the Dinar, greatly increasing its weight on the market." The use of electronic fund transfers to pay vendors and contractors, and urging service members to rely on the Eagle Cash Card, rather than cash, are two major changes that have been implemented in Iraq to eliminate the use of cash, said Raimer. "The Eagle Cash Card enables personnel to have a direct link to the bank account without the hassle of hard cash," said Raimer. "The stored value card has been instrumental in effectively moving toward a cashless battlefield." Sgt. Toni M. Guillery, a dispersing agent with the 368th FM Company and a Lake Charles, La., native, said the Eagle Cash Card is designed to help prevent service members from losing money or being robbed while in country. "Carrying a single card is better than carrying a wad of money in your pocket, but one concern that I do have is ... on the kiosks, you have to use a pin number in order to access the money, but when you go to vendors, you do not," said Guillery. "If you [fill the card] up to the max, and you lose that card, and somebody picks it up and finds it and they are a dishonest person, they can go and spend that money." Guillery said the unit only disburses U.S. cash to service members who are about to go on mid-tour leave or re-deploy. Guillery said the unit disburses less than $10,000 in U.S. cash per month, but disburses more than ع.د351,000,000 (IQD), the equivalent of roughly $300,000, per month. The current exchange rate is ع.د1,170 to $1, said Guillery. Raimer said the transition away from the U.S. dollar has aided the progression of the banking industry in Iraq. Raimer said, "The progression [away from U.S. currency] has greatly supported the modernization of the banking system, thus improving and instilling trust in the local economy." 1/30/2010
  8. Cabinet approves free-trade zone with Jordan January 29, 2010 - 01:02:45 BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Iraqi government decided to approve the bill of the free-trade zone agreement with Jordan and to sent it to the parliament for the final approval, according to the government
  9. Hi , Hope your day is going well. I noticed this article on the internet and I am not sure if this is really coming from CBI can you tell me if this is true and is now info being released to the public. Thanks for your help as always. Sincerely, Kenny Dear Kenny,Yes This is an old wine in a new bottle.However, such announces have been released few months ago by I, but not today?Any how it is OK highlighted at this moment again. Best regards, SO MAYBE IT COULD HAPPEN BUT FOR NOW THIS IS DEBUNKED AND IS OLD NEWS......
  10. You are wrong a lop would hurt all the other countries that invested in iraq.........It makes more since to Rv it and then give time frame to cash all big bills in.
  11. Cash 1324 give info for those businesses(neveda, canada etc..) so we can contact them and do the same...
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