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Identity Politics, Progressive Hobbyhorses and Marginalized Terrorist - ‘The March for Science’

"March for Science" - Earth Day - Washington DC - April 22, 2017

"Ah, science. If you're even loosely engaged in the wild and dark art that is politics these days, you know by now that 'science,' as a word, has taken on an almost mystical meaning. 'Science,' in many of its modern incantations, now serves as a form of code, as vague and fuzzy as a Wiccan chant. For a growing number of political activists, the meaning is simple: Science, you see, is a lively mix of standard progressive hobbyhorses, tossed wild-eyed and cranky into one cantankerous bag."
"Witness the upcoming March for Science, scheduled for Saturday, April 22. This also happens to be Earth Day, which is nice enough -- and hey, who could object to a good old-fashioned rah-rah session for science? I, for one, always welcome a refresher on that long, troubling episode in our planet's history when a few impertinent continents apparently traipsed all the way over to the other side of the globe and no one was there to panic about it."
"Alas, this March for Science does not appear to be largely about science, or about people who know a great deal about science, or even about people who want to know a great deal about science. (It would be kind of fun, in fact, to quiz earnest potential attendees on whether Johannes Kepler should finally win that well-deserved Oscar.) Keeping up with today's hottest trends, the March for Science has wrapped itself in identity politics, cranked up the oven to 'scorch,' and potentially set things on track to unceremoniously collapse into one giant intersectional souffle." - Heather Wilhelm, National Review

The “March for Science” is being organized by activist scientists and radical environmentalists opposed to Donald Trump's policies and proposed cuts to federal agencies. The organization behind the “March for Science” tweeted the Trump administration's bombing Islamic ISIS fighters in Afghanistan is “an example of how science is weaponized against marginalized people.

The march’s Twitter account also sent out a ridiculous re-tweet lamenting the bombing by radical activist Zellie Imani of the Black Liberation Collective,  a group of students dedicated "to bringing about freedom and liberation for all Black people"   It has since been deleted. March organizers have been racked by infighting over how much the event should emphasize diversity and gender issues. (??)  Some march leaders have resigned over disagreements.

The “March for Science” gained attention earlier the year, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes on Facebook. The usual suspects Major activist groups have backed the march, but Earth Day marches are planned in other cities Looks like just another Goofy Leftist Sideshow for the Media's consumption.

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Ahhhh... The March for Consensus Science.  Kumbaya!  As long as the Left can push the "majority consensus" of scientists as their proof of scientific evidence for their agendas... they will continue to make fools of themselves and their ill-informed collective!  Heck... they'll turn a 51% majority into solid scientific data, when the rest of the rational world understands that it needs to be 100%.  Real scientists don't use consensus as their evidence... :rolleyes:

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Scientists In Need Of Some Ideas

April 20, 2017 Dr. Tar


April 22nd this year isn’t just Earth Day, its also when our betters are going to have their March for Science. The army of eggheads who are set to descend upon Washington this weekend need our help to come up with some catchy phrases for their protest signs. What they’ve come up with on their own really seem lame.

The whole point of the exercise is to protect the continued funding of questionable research designed to promote the left’s political agenda.

The Washington Times has a nice column on the corrosive effect this grubbing for government dollars has had on the quality of inquiry being produced by academia today Here


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Self Loathing Lefties Eat Their Own: Earth Day Is Just Too White

An in article by Emily Atkin, published yesterday in the lefty rag New Republic titled, “Earth Day Is Too White and Out of Touch With Reality,” she argues that Earth Day is a hollow celebration that doesn't properly address the concerns of minorities. Seems Earth Day focuses too much on making white people feel good about recycling and driving Pruises,” rather than, “helping those suffering from injustice.

The bizarre article refers to indigenous peoples as the “original guardians of the earth.” There was also a concern about the “white supremacist roots” of the environmental movement, such as the involvement of “anti-immigration” groups like Federation for American Immigration Reform and NumbersUSA. 

"The first Earth Day marked the environmental movement’s break from its white supremacist roots. Last month, on the occasion of the Sierra Club’s 125th anniversary, Mair wrote, “Few Sierrans realize that race, population eugenics, and ‘natural order’ were critical features and values of our founders and naturalist societies of the late 19th and 20th centuries, which largely blamed environmental degradation on developing and non-European populations. "Owning that history is a critical piece of changing history.”  
"But echoes remain of the environmental movement’s ugly history. Anti-immigration groups Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and NumbersUSA, for example, have played a “major role” at Earth Day events. Their argument is that strict immigration policies prevent overpopulation, and thus reduce stress on the environment. The next step: increasing diversity among event organizers, which is no small feat given that the membership and leadership of the major environmental groups is disproportionately white and middle class."

So, you white devils, you need to stop hogging this sacred day as a feel-good exercise for well-off liberals.  Frankly I don't see much interest in Oakland, Chicago or Baltimore, nor by immigrants, legal or illegal, in your damn tree hugging. They have a few other things to worry about.  But I do suggest, in the spirit of Earth Day, you guys dig yourself a hole, jump in and beat yourself into organic compost. But before you do, be sure and hug tree, and an oppressed minority.

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