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BoA being dropped from the DOW

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Not sure who this fella is and what his credentials are. I am not even prepared to have a serious discussion about the "pending" economic collapse.


However, the dropping of BOA from the DJIA would have nothing to do with that........If fact, one of the other "culprits" that the videographer states, Goldman Sachs Group, is the company replacing BOA?? So if you are removing BOA because of the pending financial collapse, why would you replace them with another financial based company that would also be in imminent danger of collapse....?? His rationale is tenuous at best.


In addition, BOA has only been listed in the DJIA for the past 5 years anyway, not a long tenure at all. Especially compared to Alcoa (AA) which has been on the Dow for 54 years.


There been many changes within the Dow since its inception.


I am not making any judegment calls here, just trying to relay that the dropping of BOA is most likely NOT a sign of pending economic doom.


Here is an article regarding the changes taking place on 9/23/13:

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