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  1. Still available. $825
  2. Still have them. Any takers?
  3. Drop to $825. Willing to ship as well.
  4. Dropped to $900. Email me at
  5. Looking to get rid of some of my IQD. Have 1mill in 25k uncirculated in Ventura, CA. Looking for $950 obo. Message me on here.
  6. Think I read Adam saying one time that we shouldn't look for it to show immediately on CBI. Don't quote me on that one.
  7. 1 mill 25k uncirculated in TN

    Don't see an email listed on your profile. Hit me up at
  8. 1 mill 25k uncirculated in TN

    No reply, still for sale.
  9. 1 mill 25k uncirculated in TN

    Emails sent out, still no responses. Still up for sale unless someone else emails me back.
  10. 1 mill 25k uncirculated in TN

    Email sent. If I still have them next week, I'll be glad to give you a line as well.
  11. 1 mill 25k uncirculated in TN

    I work in good ole Nashville.

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