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  1. Still available. $825
  2. Still have them. Any takers?
  3. Drop to $825. Willing to ship as well.
  4. Dropped to $900. Email me at seanholva@gmail.com
  5. Looking to get rid of some of my IQD. Have 1mill in 25k uncirculated in Ventura, CA. Looking for $950 obo. Message me on here.
  6. Think I read Adam saying one time that we shouldn't look for it to show immediately on CBI. Don't quote me on that one.
  7. Don't see an email listed on your profile. Hit me up at seanholva@gmail.com
  8. No reply, still for sale.
  9. Emails sent out, still no responses. Still up for sale unless someone else emails me back.
  10. Email sent. If I still have them next week, I'll be glad to give you a line as well.
  11. I work in good ole Nashville.