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  1. NAHOKU88

    where to buy Dinar in Vegas

    LOL after the DINAR RV's I'll hit ALL the seafood buffets for DINNER, for sure...starting at the RIO... wait for it.... wait for it....
  2. NAHOKU88

    where to buy Dinar in Vegas

    thats where i purchase mines @. i deal directly with John. simple process.
  3. raise the value of the Iraqi dinar after deletion of zeros from the currency. at least ill make just a bit more then i invested. as for retirement well perhaps not. still worth it though.
  4. NAHOKU88

    Cashing in in Hawaii

    sorry cuz its sista..i know, its delarue. i was just poking fun. been on this ride since '04
  5. NAHOKU88

    Cashing in in Hawaii

    small kine nuts... if you sell it then you ought to know the authenticity of it since you already have it at hand. sending it to the mainland? must be by canoe and not by air if its gonna take several weeks. IMO
  6. NAHOKU88

    Cashing in in Hawaii

    obviously you been away too long to have a response like that, wheres the aloha? IMO
  7. NAHOKU88

    Meds Post from another site

    didnt they say they're dropping ZERO's off the currency? this so called hurricane is actually a minor tropical storm...perhaps
  8. i thought i was confused then even more confused NOW!!! a rollercoaster ride is an understatement... but none the less im still hanging on for dear life..
  9. my 250,000 iqd will then be worth only $250.00 us. so i guess perhaps we are basically just breaking even after the rollercoaster ride?
  10. NAHOKU88


    i stepped into the LOP section....yikes... blew me right back out. bit confussing, must go back and try again later.. thanks
  11. NAHOKU88


    sooo basically we're just gonna break even??
  12. NAHOKU88


  13. NAHOKU88


    for those who would like to know.. it is available. anti or not. right next to your car where all the other circus clowns came out of. thought i saw something suspecious going on
  14. NAHOKU88


    my point is ..aside of sarcasm.....if anyone wants know a bit of info outside of the U.S., ALJAZEERA is available being it is from middle east themselves.
  15. NAHOKU88


    AL JAZEERA is the middle eastern news. google it

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