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  • Tony's Intel
    Tony's Intel

    Which TNT Tony fan downvoted this?

  • Black Coral
    Black Coral

    Rayzur, RV dive trip sounds better than Vegas....

  • What the heck?
    What the heck?

    Hopefully the kids recognize these as brooms from The Sorcerer's Apprentice, but what idiot approved this idea? What a d**k head.

  • 54 Plymouth
    54 Plymouth

    That's a coincidence because my first car was a 1954 Plymouth Belvedere.  I blew it up on the NYS Thruway just outside of Kingston. That was in 1965.  Thanks for the memory.  

  • stud muffin
    stud muffin

    hey stud_muffin, that is a flood of a pearl necklace you have accumulated there ;o)

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