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  2. The Interior Inspectorate retrieves 60 billion dinars Sunday 26 May 2019 Baghdad / conscious The Ministry of Interior Inspectorate has managed to recover 60 billion dinars to the State Treasury since the beginning of this year and until now. "The Inspector General's offices in the Ministry of the Interior have been retrieved from the date of 1/1/2019 and so far (60) billion dinars to the state treasury," Inspector General of the Ministry Jamal Tahir al-Asadi told the Iraqi News Agency. He added that "the recovered money was mostly files and cases of corruption in addition to suspicious transactions have been stopped and investigated," adding that "the referral of those involved in these cases to the judiciary." He pointed out that "the work of the offices of public inspectors according to the law is to investigate the contracts and files and investigate them and stop them in the event of any suspicion of corruption in them." link
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    Meanwhile A Barely Coherent Davis Is Celebrating With Beers And Bears While Completely Bare Chested !
  4. Geography of Iraq and the benefits of politics Monday May 27, 29 Dr. Mustafa Jassim Al-Bahadli I might not be exaggerating if I say that geography has an effect that outweighs other factors influencing politics, especially political decision makers, and because of the extent of their mutual influence, there is a specialized science that deals with the impact of geography on an influencer, politics, known as geopolitics. Geography dictates to the decision maker the benefits required to take them and obey them are often in the form of political decisions take their dimensions in application at the internal and external levels. As far as Iraq is concerned, its geographic presence among the countries around it makes it the middle of the six countries surrounding it. Therefore, it is forced by geography to adopt a moderate and moderate political thinking in which it can conduct its foreign policy, away from extremism and exaggeration, in the interests of Iraq. The departure from the policy of regional axes is a geographical entitlement before it is political and self-denial of the involvement of hostile projects against Iran's neighboring countries, as specifically sought by the United States of America, the researcher in these days in the region for another clash opens fire against the Islamic Republic of Iran .. all conditions dictated by geography Middle Iraq among the countries of the region, the centrality of Iraqi political behavior is the product of the geography of Iraq first and last. In the sense that not taking into account the benefits of geography by the Iraqi political decision maker make it inclined to direction without another and this is one of the biggest mistakes in the field of foreign policy because this would lose the support of others and away from the role of pivotal and central between the conflicting parties can benefit from each Its contradictions to the interests of Iraq first and last and this could not be achieved only through a policy of moderate and enjoy the confidence of all and the respect of everyone and us in the Sultanate of Oman as an example to follow when followed a moderate and moderate approach gained the confidence of regional countries as well as the international community, And was not one day part of the aggressive projects in the region and not in the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war and not part of the embargo on Iraq nor part of the hostility towards the Islamic Republic of Iran despite all the pressures that were and are still being exposed by the group Gulf for its peaceful and moderate position ....... Iraq's geographic location between the countries of the region requires and requires the production of decision-maker responds to the concerns and concerns and requirements of geography, which requires him to build friendly relations taking into account the interest of Iraq, which lies in the contribution and play a diplomatic role in solving the problems surrounding Iraq and many are not the latest American hostility to Iran ... .. Such a central role that would transform Iraq from a state party to a central state effective in the regional system, especially in light of the Egyptian internal preoccupation and clear bias to the American project and the Syrian recovery escalating and interested in restoring itself and the exit of Algeria, Libya and Sudan from the equation Thir regional as well as the deterioration of relations Gulf Gulf by the Qatari crisis and involvement in the war of aggression against poor Yemen. All of this would help Iraq play an intermediate role dictated by the requirements of geography before the compressors of politics. The advantage of geography is to turn the limits and barriers of politics into opportunities.
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    Kramer’s Ready For A Beer And A Smoke To Wash Down Those Pretzels !
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    Now I know Adam has thought .10 to RV....I really don't want to butt heads with the Master but in my opinion that would make no sense should Iiraq want to get away from using the USD. If they want to drop the USD even 1-1 isn't that great for people of Iraq. offer them a little blue sky at $1.12-1.25 so the Dinar is indeed worth something. This would get the USD off the streets in Iraq plus draw in a huge amount of IQD floating around in your closet and mine. As the USD is used less and the value of the IQD slowly goes up.....That many many of us will be exchanging that IQD we hold when it goes to $2.00. Odds are if anything moves at all many will jump ship and be done with this ride. say .10-.80 cent should it start that low. Say $1.12-1.25 would be a huge payday (I myself will turn in XX amount) and there are others that will go all in with what ever they have. Iraq need to get the notes off the street that you and I hold......The FML doesn't really get them out of covering the noted....More so it protect Iraq from over paying say 100,000 worth of dept and now there money is worth 300,000 so they want to pay out accordingly. Okay, I confused myself and now it is time for another beer and a shot of tequila. Karsten
  7. About the Iraqi mediation between Iran and the United States Monday May 27, 32 Ibrahim Abadi Since the announcement of the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, sending delegations to Washington and Tehran to calm the escalating tension between them, Baghdad is witnessing secret and public trips include the region and beyond, all revolve in the same thing that the Prime Minister talked about, Iraq is concerned about the possibility of military escalation seeks what he could seek This is a bad scenario that Iraq understands with conviction. It also knows that the outbreak of war means that it will be comprehensive and Iraq will be the most volatile region. From this vision, Iraq is forced to exert every diplomatic effort. Or The American feeling that they lost Iraq in favor of Iran after the 2018 elections and the rise of forces hostile to Washington to the pyramid of power in Iraq, and confirmed by the cynicism of one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Guards, saying (we won the United States in Iraq 3-0). But what are the chances of success of Iraqi mediation, how to make it succeed and make Iraqi efforts effective and valuable and peace-making Really?. Before the talk in the answer to the questions it must be noted that some media quoted secret sources as saying that the Iraqi delegation, which nominates for mediation includes the Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Security Adviser and the head of the intelligence service, and this combination that correct, may actually be eligible to transfer messages between the Iranian and American adversaries, But can it influence and persuade Tehran in the light of the principle of non-war and the negotiations initiated by the Iranian guide Mr. Khamenei? One of the conditions of the successful mediator is that he must have the confidence and personal appreciation, support and backing of his government, in addition to the presence and respect in the public circles, and those who know the views and dealings of the Iranians, realize that they do not give the mediators great opportunities unless they are convinced the strongest conviction that this mediator has been Perhaps this was the significance of the reference of former Prime Minister Dr. Abbadi to the fact that Iraqi mediation is not possible, because (neither the Iranians nor the Americans listen to us), and these Iraq. On this basis, the Iraqi mediation seems to be an attempt to bridge a form of communication between Tehran and Washington, although the Sultanate of Oman is still playing this role. But the historic role of Oman needs an Iraqi supporter this time because the Iranian-American dialogue is taking place between the two sides in the arena. Iraq, if Tehran and Washington accept the Iraqi role, it means that Baghdad must be firm and determined and strict with those who move outside the framework of the Iraqi state according to the international ideological perspective and not according to Iraqi interests, while America will have to retreat from its position on the Iraqi government by giving away In order to test this Iraqi package through a set of conditions on the ground, which are transported every day by the American Embassy and its enthusiastic staff, or through the visits of American delegations and the open telephone used by Minister Pompeo very much, the Iraqi mediation needs to be effective then, through credibility, Falling in The Trump administration seeks to seize the fruits of the escalation urgently, to record a tactical victory, which the Iranians seek to prevent by various means, between these sharp intersections, who can convince Iranian leadership to abandon the principle of non-peace and non-peace and search for another horizon for the approach of the intractable crisis? Certainly, no one in Iran will be able to do so. The decision of war, peace and foreign relations by the guide, and the Americans are convinced that they are facing a wall of repulsion, hiding behind a great conviction of mistrust and deep suspicion and a long political legacy of mutual hatred. A gap in the wall, they can listen to Tehran's point of view in detail, and this is what Trump's impassioned crew and his reckless national security adviser are not prepared for. Trump may need the experience of foreign officials who worked with Minister John Kerry and participated in the marathon of negotiations, which reached the nuclear agreement in 2015, there is a need to hear Tehran by listening to him as is the need of Washington, and the party can not be overcome and the only capable to break the deadlock is the reference Najaf Supreme and the wisdom of (absent) Currently, who will be forced to attend the rescue mission later if the implication is confirmed, Mr. Khamenei will certainly listen to and listen to Mr. Sistani, when it reaches the stage of calculating the costs and risks, which are related to the "egg of Islam", which prompts the auditor to intervene and show the necessary position. They have to They have been enriched by the world's greatest Shiite spiritual leadership to listen to them if they really want to prevent the most dangerous armed clash. But the current problem is that the supreme authority is too careful, and may not want to enter into such thorny, Iraqi mediation is effective and successful if consulted The heart of the world.
  8. World markets point to higher oil prices Saturday 25 May Capitals / agencies Oil prices rose more than 1 percent ahead of a long weekend in the United States and Britain, but posted their biggest weekly drop this year as they came under pressure from rising US crude stocks and concerns about the global economy. Brent ended the session up 93 cents, or 1.37 percent, to settle at $ 68.69 a barrel, but global benchmark crude ended the week down about 5 percent. West Texas US benchmark WTI crude rose 72 cents, or 1.24 percent, to settle at $ 58.63 a barrel, but ended the week with a loss of more than 6 percent, the biggest since December. US oil inventories are at their highest level since July 2017, and crude prices are also under pressure from the escalating US-China trade conflict. Markets in Britain and the United States will be closed on Monday for a public holiday in both countries. The largest producer High oil production puts pressure on crude prices, and a spate of rocky oil helped make the United States the biggest oil producer of the year, pushing ahead Saudi Arabia and Russia. Oil production in the United States is expected to reach 13 million bpd in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Oil prices continue to be supported by supply cuts, some of which are voluntary and others result from US sanctions. Some analysts expect the market to recover. European Stocks European shares rose yesterday after US President Donald Trump predicted a swift end to the trade war with China, which has hurt the world's two largest economies. The market appeared unaffected by the resignation of British Prime Minister Teresa Mae of the ruling Conservative Party after failing in a last-ditch attempt to win parliamentary support for her agreement to the UK's divorce from the European Union. The Stoxx 600 European session ended the session up 0.56 percent but ended the week on a loss and remains on track to record the first monthly decline since a sharp sales wave at the end of last year. The benchmark index was boosted by gains in various sectors, notably the utilities sector, which rose 1.3 percent to its best performance in more than two months. Followed by mining and insurance, while semiconductor companies, which focus on China, pushed the European technology sector up 0.36 percent. Italy's main index was the top gainer in Europe, climbing 1.2 percent to recover from some of its losses in Thursday's session of 2 percent. The German DAX index, which is sensitive to trade, closed 0.5 percent higher. On the London Stock Exchange, the FTSE closed 0.6 percent higher after retaining its gains after May's resignation, a widely anticipated decision. Wide. link
  9. Al-Hakim: Iraq's role is central to reducing tension in the region Monday May 27, 48 Baghdad / Al-Sabah Iraq, through the legislative and executive authorities, affirmed its position to spare the region any repercussions that threaten its stability and stand away from the policy of axes. While Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammad Halabousi and Foreign Minister Mohammad Ali al-Hakim, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif, who is currently visiting Baghdad, Iraq will play a pivotal role to reduce the escalation and tension between Tehran and Washington, Zarif said that his country does not want any military escalation. This comes at a time when the Foreign Relations Committee revealed that Zarif holds new proposals from the Iranian leadership to the Americans to pass through Baghdad. "Iraq is keen to maintain its relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran and all the countries of the region," he said, referring to the danger of escalation in the region and the need for dialogue and peaceful initiatives to build trust between all sides. "Iraq will play a pivotal role, to reduce the escalation between Tehran and Washington, and will not be in any axis," he said, expressing his concern for the safety of his neighbors and work at all levels to avoid the risks of escalation in the region. For his part, welcomed the Iranian Foreign Minister to "the role of Iraq in bringing the views closer, and not limited to Tehran to resolve all the problems with countries in the region," pointing out that "his country does not want any military escalation, and is ready to receive any initiative to help reduce the escalation and composition Constructive relations with all neighboring countries. " "Iraq will play the role of mediator between America and Iran to resolve the current crisis," Foreign Minister Mohammad Ali al-Hakim told a joint news conference with his Iranian counterpart in Baghdad. "We seek to stand with neighbor Iran in any way because the economic blockade is not useful." "We have discussed many things, including the industrial cities and the entry of traders from Iraq to Iran and vice versa," he said. "We are saying explicitly that we are against US sanctions against Tehran and stand by Iran." In turn, Zarif stressed that "our discussion is positive with Iraqi politicians and that the agreements concluded previously with the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President entered into force." "We have had good discussions regarding the current crisis in the region and we seek good relations with all," Zarif said. "We have made many proposals, including non-aggression against the Gulf. Zarif stressed that "we will confront strongly any party trying to encroach on the Iranian people, and what Tehran did not violate the agreement of the nuclear program, but within Article 36 of the Convention itself," and thanked the "Iraqi government and the Iraqi people for their support and stand with Tehran." In the same context, the head of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, discussed with the Iranian Foreign Minister developments of escalation between America and Iran. In a brief statement from the head of the Coalition for Reform and Reconstruction, Al-Sabah said that Hakim had discussed ways of boosting bilateral relations, developments in the political situation in the region and developments in the escalation between the United States and Iran. "The visit of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Zarif to Baghdad before Iraqi delegations go to Tehran, America and Saudi Arabia is proof that Tehran does not want war with Washington," said Foreign Affairs Committee member Amer al-Fayez. Al-Fayez added that "Zarif has several proposals with him to prevent the war between his country and the United States and that Baghdad is the station that Tehran trusts to deliver the message of the government in the Islamic Republic of Iran," stressing that "any sane today does not want war between Washington and Tehran because the region is of interest to the world Whole ".
  10. National market-based industries Friday 24 May 2019 Baghdad The consultant in industrial development and investment Amer Jawahery produced refrigerators and freezers by the light industry as a good step to be calculated for the company, stressing the need for the new production to be conducted accurately, in addition to organizing a publicity campaign to define its new destination. Light Industry Co., one of the companies in the mixed industrial sector, presented its products of refrigerators and freezers (Ishtar) with various types and models of modern and different sizes, domestic and casual. This came after the signing of an investment contract with a private sector companies after granting a license and investment license from the Baghdad Investment Authority and raising the production capacity to (1000) products per day to meet the need of the market. Payment facilities Explained Jeweler in an interview for "morning" the importance of "accompanying the production and publicity facilities payment for wholesalers and single," noting that "the market means after-sales services, can the company to provide a guarantee for two years actually? Does it have a technical possibility? " He pointed out that "the marketing process must be flexible and active and rely on the system of payment in particular for senior importers or conversion," calling for "to be prices and quality competition for the quality and prices of refrigerators and freezers, and the company to train delegates to promote these products," stressing that "Marketing science means price, specification and persuasion." Product parts "The goods are in the industry," he said. "It is a good thing for most of the similar industries in the countries. There are several specialized countries that manufacture these electrical parts for the effort, time and cost. Always imported, facilitating and increasing production, and manufacturing at the beginning is always dependent on assembly. " Al-Jawahiri expressed his wish to the manufacturer to succeed in returning the industry, which enjoys a great place, to our local markets. Positive step Citizens welcomed the move and promised it a positive step to stop the importation of refrigerators and freezers from unscrupulous origins, as well as the frequent visits of the importer who is not subject to inspection through standardization and quality control. The retired teacher Amal Abdel Karim says she does not forget "the refrigerator that was in the house of her family type (Ishtar) and the durability of its developer and bear all the problems of power outages." As for the need, Hisham said that "one of the finest products of the Ministry of Industry previously was frozen and Ishtar refrigerator, which was rarely disrupted other than the importer and that the prices did not exceed 200 thousand dinars," as you remember. Lack of ports One of the owners of refrigerators in the area (Karrada outside) said that "the distribution outlets are still scarce, and if the company wants production, it has to demand the government to increase the means of production, especially electricity and fuel," explaining that "the production of refrigerators requires a marketing plan and the allocation of a number of agents And that the price is appropriate for the family. " He praised the quality of the refrigerators and the majority of Almtbqin ask for them, despite the disappearance from the market for several years. "The current production in the best case does not cover 2 percent of the demand," he said. "The housewives prefer a cheap item while the head of the family is looking for a product of high durability and quality." the prices Another vendor called on the company to "increase production in order to eliminate the unemployment suffered by most of the youth in our country, and production will stimulate local industry and reduce reliance on imports from unknown sources away from the eyes of control and standardization and quality control." link
  11. Economic Highlights Saturday 25 May Baghdad / Shukran al-Fatlawi Dr. Bassem Abdul Hadi Hassan, the character of the press articles in a simplified and understandable language in the author of his book "economic lightings" without prejudice to scientific constants; In order to clarify the economic concepts and presentation in a soft language understood by the general reader away from the use of dry terms and equations, to deliver economic information in a manner Palatable. The author wondered at the beginning of the book about the possibility of establishing a sovereign fund, saying when will be the creation of a sovereign wealth fund in Iraq? He explained that international experience shows that the creation of a sovereign wealth fund in the country can contribute to the strengthening of the public budget in the face of failures in annual revenues and face unexpected deviations between revenues and public expenditures, And the average balance is determined from the budget surplus constantly and invested financially as a sovereign investment portfolio, In the sense that a certain percentage of revenue is deducted annually to be placed in the Fund, and then managed in accordance with a special law to ensure transparency Waiting The key role that the Sovereign Fund can play in Iraq is to isolate the general and macroeconomic balance from the external shocks that occasionally occur in world oil prices, Thus leading to a state of stability, as well as working to preserve the rights of future generations, As well as being an important platform for initiating economic and social priority projects on the road to success in the Economic development process . "The partnership with the private sector is optimal," he said, pointing out that the EU countries have held about 1400 partnership agreements over the past two decades, as well as the establishment of an international center for partnership contracts, that. The author also explained the concept of "investment areas" within the concepts addressed by the book, explaining that it is a modern concepts in the framework of attracting foreign investment, which may be compatible with some of the terms nearby free zones, industrial cities, Because of the common denominator between them, Is to focus economic activities in a specific place in order to create a state of integration between them and provide the elements of activities in the said but the convergence does not express the same content of those names, noting the importance of establishing these areas to determine the uses and nature of projects that can be held with The need for the State to commit itself to linking its services with services The President. The writer concluded the way to address unemployment, wondering: what China has done on a basis to reach the private sector to what it is Today? Pointing out that the answer is simply that it has worked on the development of infrastructure, which is one of the main keys to the process of economic growth and investment movement, According to the latest international reports. China's total government spending in the field of infrastructure in recent years amounted to nearly eight trillion Dollars. The book also contains several articles in different names, notably education and reform, Banking density , The relationship between theory and reality and the tourism industry and other topics that review economic problems and methods Processed. The author was born in Baghdad 1971 and holds a doctorate in economics, Is currently the spokesman for the Iraqi Central Bank and lecturer at many universities and study centers has four books published in the economy and many articles And research. link
  12. Majid al-Saadi: The advancement of the Iraqi economy is not impossible Saturday 25 May Baghdad / Al-Sabah The expatriate economic expert d. Majid al-Saadi said that "addressing the challenges of economic advancement is not impossible." I find that the situation in Iraq is better. We have a sound economic vision and the official and the citizen feel that they have reached the stage of no return. He said in an interview for "morning": "The process of promoting the Iraqi economy, requires addressing several challenges, the most important corruption, and the intersection of legislation issued under a comprehensive system, not appropriate to the stage of transition towards an open market economy, Infrastructure to attract investment. " National economy Al-Saadi added that "the transition phase experienced by the economy requires work towards building an integrated legal system commensurate with the new trends of the local market, and must be away from the national economy of the case of duplication of the identity of the economy," calling for "to benefit from the experiences of the successful state and expertise of Iraq's expatriate owner of experience and heads Funds in the reform of administrative systems and planning for the stage of construction and reconstruction required by all regions of the country. Development of services He pointed out that "corruption is a tool of terror facing all investments, and the Prime Minister's directives to form an anti-corruption council represents an important step on the road to assess the reality of work," calling for "work is to define corruption and there is legislation on this side, To raise awareness is aimed at everyone, everyone must understand that the lack of corruption means progress in services and transfer to a better stage progress to society, the private sector must have a major role in the development of Services". Investment Customizations He pointed out that "the country has more than five million employees and there is a new employment and this needs to be reviewed, because it affects investment allocations," not to "privatization is one of the most important treatments for disguised unemployment in many institutions, where it is necessary to adopt this trend with Take advantage of global experiences in this Turning. " Al-Saadi said that "an international experiment adopted in a personal way in this field was to lead the private sector to the investment of one of the international factories losing, which was managed by 4 thousand employees, which Investment period Called for the adoption of several measures, the most important of which is the development of a plan to reduce the number of workers to 1500, through the adoption of a mechanism of demobilization, does not affect negatively on the social reality of workers by paying salaries of 12 years for each employee, and this prompted the majority to submit requests to include this plan, Employees and then go to the concerned departments to provide the necessary facilities for investment success, where the contract was contracted with public institutions to buy production for two years and extend the investment period from 10 to 20 years, as well as bringing a technical partner and another financier and these procedures worked on the success of this project, "Many of those who have left have turned to L The establishment of small businesses and provided jobs and eased the burden on the State budget ". Saadi stressed that "the advancement of all aspects of life within the country in dire need to develop the type of education, and that there are training programs aimed at educational competencies at all stages, and must include the curriculum (courses) in administrative structures," and that education is the basis for the correct construction of all joints Performance within Life ". Feasibility He explained that "the investment side in the world necessitates securing 20 percent of the costs of the project by the investor, and the remainder is considered bank loans provided by the banking system after the confirmation of the economic feasibility of the project, but in Iraq, the device for my private bank was busy during the past years without this trend until recently , But now most banks have started looking for products, including financing. Saadi stressed that "education and teacher are the basis of the correct construction of the country, and there are difficult tasks for the concerned bodies to promote the type of education and deal with a number of ideas that prevailed in the community, which requires that there are ongoing training programs targeting this category, "He said. Economic blocks And the development of the reality of work and its market in Iraq Saadi said "the importance of orientation towards the identification of new areas of work attract investors and investments of all kinds, and here must be these sites equipped with infrastructure by the state, and when the lack of necessary allocations there is the possibility to move towards economic blocs able to implement, Where it can be the implementation of an international highway and on both sides of the road are the establishment of these areas, which have all the elements of business success, and here must be aware that all solutions to the problems of the national economy lies in the extent of the possibility of activation Investment ". He stressed "the importance of benefiting from the Iraqi expatriate talents, which exceed 5 million expatriates and have enormous financial potential, and can be a cornerstone in the construction and reconstruction, especially as they have experienced important international experiences, and are able to support the national economy." link
  13. Private sector and economic performance Saturday 25 May Yasser Al Metwally In an article last Sunday, we talked about the size of the private sector and its value as complete in terms of number, weight and content, and we said that the talk is the rest. In an article today, I will address another important topic of relevance by answering the question: What is the size of the impact of the private sector in economicperformance? Perhaps one of the drawbacks to the Iraqi private sector is that its counterparts in a number of brotherly and friendly countries are an intermediary sector that is not effective due to the behavior of the hooligans on the sector, and it is known that any imbalance leading to the tangle of the sector creates this emergency. The prestigious private sector in some developed countries when it wants to invest is looking for a strategic partner who has the ability to achieve the success of investment and be a guarantor in that country, while surprised by the low offers by this exile is a pledge to mediate them by facilitating their work on the pretext of their relations with officials and their impact by providing all their requirements and All of them without bothering for a commission on the pretext of their knowledge of the Minister or influential influential bodies, which reduces the value of the private sector, even if some companies and certainly companies failed failed to scale required and inefficient to this bad offer. I refer to this negative phenomenon transparently, but you agree with me that such behavior weakens confidence in the private sector as a partner and contributes to the dissemination of the phenomenon and considered a title "prevalent". Therefore, there is no implication for the private sector in economic performance, especially in attracting international investments to rebuild the country and develop its economy. This emergency phenomenon should not discourage the real private sector from trying to erase this blurry image and improve its image in front of its private sector. But how? It is time for the institutions of economic affairs to heal, both organizational and scientific, to establish a higher council for a real private sector that represents Iraq at the best representation at all foreign and local levels, and is able to play a prominent role in the extent of its impact on economic performance. Prior to this Council, there must be accurate and decisive procedures to review many of these institutions and structure, which allows the selection of efficient elements in the representation of their sectors and have the ability and expertise to play this developmental role. A task that is not easy but achievable, and a return in a third and final article next Sunday, which will present the most important challenges facing the private sector and impede the performance of its developmental role to develop the economy of the country. As I am aware that one of my most important interest in economic affairs, as an observer, is to correct the performance of the private sector and support its orientations. link
  14. Minister of Labor announces the launch of the Eid al-Fitr grant of 100 thousand dinars 21:15 - 26/05/2019 Information / Baghdad Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Bassem Abdul-Zaman announced on Sunday the launch of the Eid al-Fitr gift for 100,000 cardholders. "The Minister of Labor Basem Abdul-Zaman announced the launch of a grant (Eidiyah) of 100 thousand dinars for beneficiaries of social protection benefit for the categories of women and men in Baghdad and the provinces," the ministry said in a statement received by the ministry. He pointed out that "the amount of Eidiyah will be completed down to the smart cards (Card Card) of Almmlmlin Midnight." He pointed out that "the receipt will be through the outlets (ironing card) nearby on the places of residence." End 25 n
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  16. Tomorrow .. Important decision of the Ministry of Finance on salaries Release date: 2019/5/26 22:29 • 13,309 times scheduled (Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Ministry of Finance will decide on Monday, the decision to pay the salaries of employees for the month of May before the holiday of Eid al-Fitr. "There are permits here and there about the distribution of salaries, and this is just a bidding," said Ahmed Safar, a member of the parliamentary finance committee. "He has contacted the Finance Ministry and the ministry says it is going to see whether liquidity is enough for salaries or not," he said. "The Ministry of Finance will inform us tomorrow whether salaries will be distributed before Eid al-Fitr or not and will be clarified tomorrow," he said. He also said that "there is no impediment to send salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region, and at any time send Baghdad salaries of provincial employees will also send salaries of the province." In a related development, a source in the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government, said that "the request for the payroll of employees from the ministries, and at any time send Baghdad salaries will be distributed to employees before Eid al-Fitr."
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    I can live with .33 - .39, but from there I feel it will jump up as the demand for dinar takes the place of the dollar. As for my time line, we are 20 years late.
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