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Oil is a major cause for the U.S. invasion of Iraq


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Global Report: Oil is a major cause for the U.S. invasion of Iraq

1.12.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad / term oil sources specialized marketing affairs for Iraq to reduce prices of crude oil for February next, while the report said that global oil important reason for the invasion of Iraq, the U.S. world of early 2003. The Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), they reduced the price of crude oil shipments for the month of February for each of the exports of Basrah Light and Kirkuk. The company said in a statement that Iraq cut shipments of February of Basra Light crude to U.S. buyers 20 cents to a level below $ 1.70 a barrel Index Argus also cut prices for importers Europeans and Asians. " the company said according to the statement that determine the sale price of Basra crude to European buyers a discount of 4.35 dollars for the spot price of crude North Sea standard compared with the discount was only $ 2.50 in the previous month. " and continued the company Iraq cut as well as the official selling price for shipments of February of Kirkuk crude to U.S. refiners to a bonus of five cents above the index of Argus compared with a premium of 15 cents in the previous month. " It is noted that Asian importers are buying Basra Light crude at a premium of $ 1.10 above the average price of crude Oman and Dubai. to that considered an expert on U.S. foreign policy, Paul Mather "The report, prepared by journalist Jamil Tahir for energy companies in Iraq reminds us of one of the most important reasons why the United States to invade Iraq, where the oil is the main driver of the neo-conservatives." In a report published by the Institute, "Foreign Policy Fox," American Research, pointed Mater that "oil was part of the debate on sanctions against the former regime, where some felt that the latter will be funded terrorist organizations from oil revenues, which will inevitably move the Iraqi economy." He stressed that the promotion of these reasons, began long ago through ambiguous statements in the corridors of multinational corporations, and think tanks and public opinion. He explained that the reserves of Iraq are the main assets that add significant capabilities to the world oil markets also increase the kind of competition in the oil trade, and this policy will add to the former regime of victory in the face of the United States. " He said that the U.S. government and oil companies in the United States has moved into Iraq to secure a greater share of Iraqi oil before the advent of other countries, so the United States is pressing the U.S. to approve the projects to allow privatization and participation in the production. " He pointed out that wishes of the U.S. after the regime change in Iraq were not hidden on one despite the attempt by U.S. Vice President **** Cheney to maintain the meetings were taking place under wraps. " He added that U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill accused Cheney instigated the United States to invade Iraq even before the terrorist attacks in September 11, revealing the national document emphasizes early planning of this work, a document strictly confidential written by the National Security Council urged the staff to provide full cooperation and presentation of operational policies towards rogue states such as Iraq to take new measures to allow the seizure of sources of oil and gas fields. " The "The Clinton administration has dealt with Afghanistan in a manner similar political Although Afghanistan is a transit country to the sources of oil and is not an essential source." He said: We've dealt with the countries of East Asia that takes the oil, just as we dealt with the policy of Iran from Eisenhower to Carter, and let Do not forget the plan the rush to Libya and that means that the United States confront dental European to make additional concessions. " He added it was ironic after years of occupation that China is the country that lie ahead in Iraq, as we seem to have opened the market to find ourselves outside the circle of competition. " In the meantime, announced, "Genel Energy" Turkish they are expanding the means of production of oil in the Kurdistan region, saying it will produce 100 thousand barrels of oil per day in the field of "Tawke" Bzakhu, by the end of 2012 the current. The company was founded, "Genel Energy" Turkish in 2011, was the former Managing Director of BP British, Tony Howard, bought in the same year, and estimated value of the company by more than four billion dollars. and Ttfael the company about its ability to raise the proportion of production in the field "Tawke" in the future, especially after it emerged that field contains 78% of oil reserves more than he expected, a 509 million barrels. oversees the two companies "DNO" Norwegian and "Genel" is a common field "Tawke" oil. and began KRG to export oil from its territory for the first time in its history in June / June of 2009, from the fields of "Taq" and "Tawke" rate of about 100 thousand barrels per day, but it stopped the export in October / October of the same year because of their differences with Baghdad on the disbursement of dues to companies operating in the oil fields. and resumed the region export oil since February last, and according to the latest figures issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Government of the Territory, the 200 thousand barrels pumped from fields in the region to Iraqi export pipeline from Kirkuk to the Turkish port of Ceyhan in the Mediterranean. to the said economic researcher Hussein star The oil sector going through challenges and obstacles most notably the difficulty of technology transfer, international oil and political problems. The star (of the Agency news): Iraq has oil wealth and can play a major role in the global market, especially with the expectations of exploring new oil fields and distinct in all governorates of the country, particularly in Basra. He added that the oil sector is going through obstacles and difficulties in the process of technological innovation for the oil sector owned by the state as a result of the inability of the oil policy on the transfer of global technology, making it the average production. He said that political problems have a significant impact on the oil sector as impeding the work of international companies investing in this sector , making it is keen to work in Iraq and the other is considering to withdraw from it. It is noteworthy that the IMF report on oil and gas have pointed out that Iraq possessed of oil amounted to 143 billion barrels of reserves have been identified (200) million barrels, etc., that Iraq will be at the forefront of oil affecting the global markets.

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No. It was so we could study the reproductive rituals of the Camel Spider. Come on, everyone knows that. What oil?

Are those creatures harmful??? The temperature in Iraq is extremely hot, so I hear they like it better in the shade.

Your shadow is enough shade for them to get comfy. Well, when you move, it moves with you so then you think their chasing you. The faster you go the faster it goes...Scary to me.

Getting off track sorry about that, back to the post... yes its all about oil.

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Funny....I could have sworn it was because Saddam declared that he would not accept dollars for his oil...(only Euros)

you know....kinda like Gaddafi ..who said he would not accept dollars for his oil..(only the "new Gold Dinar")

you know....kinda like Ahmadinejah in Iran...who just said a couple of days ago that he would not accept dollars for his oil..(only Rials or Rubles)

Won't be long now boys.......

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