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Washington, looking about 3 foreigners held in the Green Zone


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Washington, looking about 3 foreigners held in the Green Zone

31.12.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad / term U.S. official said Friday that the United States are looking at the arrest of three foreigners by Iraqi forces inside the Green Zone, while expressed astonishment at the behavior of the Iraqi forces, said that this incident warning of "danger." quoted by the Guardian of the President of the Committee on Home Land Security Republican Peter you saying that the "three security contractors, including two Americans, were released by the Iraqi army after the arrest of more than two weeks." He added that "the three were working for security company On their arrest on the ninth of December, "noting that" the Iraqi Defense Ministry refused to recognize the papers they were carrying from the Ministry of Interior and detained without any charge. " "I was released after efforts by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense and the U.S. Embassy and the White House . " He explained that "the U.S. side requested clarification from the Iraqi side and also from the U.S. Embassy in Iraq for the incident and also looking for answers on how to hold the men after having their identities." and "we will have thousands of contractors in Iraq and a lot of Americans Is it possible that are treated this way, is withdrawn from the street and arrested, this dangerous precedent that we must look at the details. " However, "We are looking for the possibility of a better coordination between all parties to ensure that there is something similar, it is possible that this (incident) alarm bell about whether the situation began to deteriorate in Iraq." The surprising "is supposed to be Iraq, an ally of us liberated Iraq and in return they detained the men for 18 days, it's something unforgivable to be treated this way on the one hand is supposed to be our ally. " He explained that "the person is feared that the military the U.S. has not been pinpointed by the embassy in Baghdad regarding the arrest of these has not visited by representatives Embassy them during their detention. "

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