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Dinares Gurus Report

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DINARES GURUS REPORT Posting at DinaresGurus



Hi folks,

Here's some very positive news and report of our rv.

Click below for report

Two questions: 1. Did TexasGranny remove the report that is mentioned above?

2. Is this the same Phoenix who has reported on the dinar for a long

time and who we are familiar with?

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Let's stop bringing the smack over from the Guru sites. Most of us that have been in this currency speculation venture are far beyond believing the silly words that we read in the forums. Please, let's stick with relevant information, if available.

No one truly knows when the RV/RI will occur. The event will occur when we least expect it, in my opinion.

Take care!

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Answer: Yes I removed the link to the other site as that is a violation of the TOS at DV.


Thanks for letting me know, Sweet Lady. At first, I thought it was an ommission by the poster that the report was missing, but then I saw your name and thought it may have required Mod action. I appreciate you letting me know so quickly. Happy New Year, TG!!

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