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Joe Jackson - Big World (1986)

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Recorded live at the Roundabout Theatre, New York City on January 22-25, 1986.

On his previous couple of albums, Jackson had tried on various styles, inhabiting one or two for the length of a record, or at least for a few songs. On BIG WORLD, he brings all his influences together for a constantly shifting amalgam of textures and styles. After the relative excess of BODY AND SOUL, the band on BIG WORLD was scaled down to bass-guitar-drums and Joe, just like the old days. To underline the excitement generated by small-band interaction the album was recorded live to two-track.

BIG WORLD was initially released as a three-sided double LP, and the tracks touch on everything from Ennio Morricone spaghetti Western motifs ("Wild West") and tango ("Tango Atlantico") to Steely Dan-ish jazzy pop ("Soul Kiss") and dewy piano balladry ("Shanghai Sky"). Ultimately though, the emphasis is on the energetic, hooky pop/rock that is Jackson's strong suit. BIG WORLD also marks a return to the biting sarcasm and social commentary of his early albums, making it an appealing return to (lyrical) form.

Originally released in 1986, It contains all 15 tracks from the 60 minute release. A top 40 album in the U.S., it includes 'Right And Wrong', 'Wild West', 'Soul Kiss' and '(It's A) Big World'. Universal. 1989.

This is a live, direct to 2-track digital recording.

Personnel: Joe Jackson (vocals, piano, recorder, accordion, melodica); Rick Ford (acoustic guitar, bass, background vocals); Vinnie Zummo (guitar, vocals); Gary Burke (drums); Joy Askew, Nikki Gregoroff, Peter Hewlett, Curtis King, Jr. (background vocals).

Composer: Joe Jackson.

Personnel: Joe Jackson (vocals, harmonica, accordion, melodica, recorder, piano, keyboards); Vinnie Zummo (vocals, guitar); Rick Ford (vocals, acoustic guitar); Curtis Rance King, Jr., Joy Askew, Nikki Gregoroff, Pete Hewlett (vocals, background vocals); Ted Leonard (guitar); Jim Skiathethis, Gary Burke (drums).

Recording information: Roundabout Theatre, New York, NY (01/22/1986-01/25/1986).

Photographer: Gary Green.

Arranger: Joe Jackson.CMJ (1/5/04, p.18) - Ranked #20 in CMJ's "Top 20 Most-Played Albums of 1986"

1 Wild West

2 Right And Wrong

3 (It's A) Big World

4 Precious Time

5 Tonight And Forever

6 Shanghai Sky

7 Fifty Dollar Love Affair

8 We Can't Live Together

9 Forty Years

10 Survival

11 Soul Kiss

12 Jet Set

13 Tango Atlantico

14 Home Town

15 Man in the Street

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