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Wolf Blitzer interview with Donald Trump


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On Saturday, December 10, I happened to catch an interview on CNN "the Situation Room" in which, Donald Trump, among many other comments, bashes the Obama regime for not taking more control of all the Iraqi Oil before US troop withdrawal. He also makes similar accusation on the handling of Libya.

When I entered into the Iraqi dinar investment last spring, one of the chief rumors (to get my interest no doubt) was that Trump was heavily invested in the IQD. It seems interesting that he paints a picture of doom and gloom that the US (and others) would leave all that money on the table. Even if Trump did not have an investment in Iraqi currency, is it even plausible to think that the US left Iraq to reap their own rewards without any investment for future returns, or compensation for war expenses? One of the major objections to the Bush regime for entering Iraq in the first place was the loose ties **** Cheney had to Halliburton, and the seeming profits they were getting in Iraq (and Kuwait prior).

I know the media and the bipartisan politicians spin news (just like Iraq bulletins LOL!) to further their agenda, but can one honestly believe that the US was so inept, or generous, to leave fortunes behind with no strings attached? I sure do not, so my question is what do others more enlightened than myself feel about the input of America and of US corporations and investors with respect to Iraqi wealth and reserves, and the potential future earnings? Those who have dabbled in the ISX, do you see a lot of US corporate involvement and investment that was purported to be on the increase? Does anyone think this interview had any dotted lines to the dinar (even smoke and mirrors)?

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