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Dinadave on the 3S’s with a bank story 12/04/11

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Thank you for the post. I personally only deal in reality and facts, nothing more nothing less. Maybe I come across as negative, but that's just how I am. Different strokes for different folks. I envy anyone who can stay positive in this investment with so many lies being spread for so many years. smile.gif

Thanks, I like to stick to facts also. The problem we all have is discerning the facts from fiction. There is precious little facts to go around.

To me this is not about absolute proof, we'll have that when this is done. It's more about getting some sense of timing and assurance that it's imminent, and soon.

I don't mean to offend or imply anything personal, I know a lot of people have totally opposite views about things.

Most of us are a bit weary from the lies and misinformation too. We all get moody at times about this...

I think this issue rubs me the wrong way because it's really a byproduct of the banks general treatment of information and the overall lack of transparency.

They purposely create an invironment that allows them plausable deniability, they play both sides and you just have to know and understand that.

This confusion is precisely what they need for now. It's the best protection they could have from the public. If they thought they could trust us with the information, they might tell us something.

But, it's a feeding frenzy when even a nugget of fact is put forth, or ayone with authority. It would be the shot heard around the world if they put forth facts, and they just can't do that for the sake of the entire transaction (RV or RI).

For me, I just step back and try to keep my expectation in check. I don't know if this bank story is true, but for now I will withhold judgment and see how things play out.

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