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Glenn Beck hints at Dinar RV!!!

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I'm sorry to hear that.

I think people are seeing the R/V in everything now. R/Vs in your morning fruitloops!

If Beck ends up talking about a dinar rv on nationwide radio that is the last thing we need. Telling the masses it is cheap to invest in and could make them money would certainly cause a run on dinars. It would only be good for the dealers. More dilution would ensure this doesn't happen. jmho

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Yeah, I think you did miss something. Why don't you listen to it again.

No doubt!!! People thats some crazy stuff! No doubt what he was eluding to!

Nahhh on second thought....he was probably referring to the DONG!!! lol

We are so frickin close DV members!!!

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So I guess we tune in on Monday and lets see what Beck says...

Maybe an RV before that???

I hope so.

Quad B)

I hope not. I was too tired this week to get my Warka opened, and I was counting on them waiting until the troops are out to do it. :unsure: I needed a little more time in case this thing comes out at only a dime.

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Ok. I'm the first to say I'd love for some confirmation from someone as sound as Glenn Beck. But he didn't say enough for me to think he certainly means the IQD. He could have been talking about any number of things. I listened to it twice since I know I'm not too sharp, and probably missed it.


I'm still gonna buy some more if there's time. :)

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