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Okie said... TK said... and the janitor at my bank said...

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Ok now that I have your attention, let me say this "PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE" I have been sitting and watching the chaos in the forum and in chat. People are falling by the wayside everytime we turn around, complaining that the emotional rollercoaster is to much. just because there is a dinar site doesn't mean you should join everysite. Each site has its purpose we may not know what it is, but they wouldn't be there if people didn't want to hear it.

I was on site awhile back, it was sad in away the things they were discussing we had gone over it here on DV 3 weeks before, yet they didn't want to hear it. So no matter what the purpose of the site is we are wanting the same thing. Some hide their heads in the sand, some live in another world, while others only want to deal with the news.

SO sit back and relax know this: the dinar WILL RV/RI when ? rate? but it will happen. If its getting to you its time to turn off your computer, go to your significant other and cuddle for awhile. In other words relax and breath.

In the immortal words of Dr. Sidney Freedman "Take my advice, drop your pants and slide on the ice" (for those wonedering he isn't a real Dr)

Not pushing anything but I rememeber whenAdam put his book out, alot of people from other sites were on his case, but I believe he said it best "if nothing else you will learn alot about iraq" (if i miss quoted Adam sorry)

i know I have learned alot about the gov, and their finances.


Another quote from a man i respect alot Grandmaster HU Lee "today impossible, tomorrow possible" this saying aplies to everyday living even the dinar

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I think the problem lies with the times. Ya people read the guru stuff, but I think people are just needing it more as time goes on. Unemployment running out or having to take cuts in pay, whatever. There's a hundred reasons why this behavior is being seen, and I believe your right it will happen. Problem is as time goes on troubles increase here at home. Now people don't care about rate as much as when. It sucks, cause even if you stick to the the news, like I do for the most part, it tells you one thing one day and then another the next day. Your going to see a lot more of this going on in the days, weeks, and hope not but months to come. It's sad we're in this bind, but we are. Try to stay positive people. Not to many can be worse off then me, but I do stay positive. Good luck :)

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Chill out ......RV is coming.!

By looking at your avatar pic Laid Back... if you get any more "chilled out" we are gonna have to revive you when it RV's!!! wink.giflaugh.gif

To DK... ya don't say they said what we said that he said once it was said.... umm, now I'm confused!blink.gifwink.gif

Just kidding... good advice!

Hey Liad Back... ya got any more open hammocks available, that looks inviting, and a good way to spend the time waiting! rolleyes.gif

GO RV Already Baby!!!cool.gif

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