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Something different on

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I got on XE.COM just like I do every morning. Now someone straighten me out because this is the first time I noticed it. If it has been on there before just ignore this post. It says in red "Warning: IQD will be redenominated by the end of 2010" . Is this something new ? Thanks..

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what about this part ?

"It should be noted that the actual value of the dinar will remain unchanged. That means that 1,000 IQD (pre-redenomination) and 1 dinar (post-redenomination) will both be worth the same amount in US Dollars. As stated by the Central Bank of Iraq, their mandate is to "ensure domestic price stability and foster a stable competitive market based financial system."

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think about it, how can 1000 dinar and 1 dinar equal the same, then they collect all the 000 notes. So if nothing else changes,

you will have to have 1000-1 dinar notes to buy a can of soda. No body is going to carry all those dinars around to shop.

An RV will have to take place, at least to make a 1 dinar note worth a 1000 dinar note. So it will take 1 dinar to buy a can of Soda.

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Also interesting about is the way they've chosen to weigh in on the IDQ at this time and not before. Yes, like everyone else, they definitely know something is about to happen with the Dinar and they want to be in the thick of it. They are letting us know that they're paying attention. They want us to watch them starting now. They are telling us we are on the threshold of something positive. If it were not positive, IMO they wouldn't be giving the topic any attention as it wouldn't be to their benefit.

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Nevertheless this more or less some vindication of what we have been hearing. Another peice of the puzzle falls in place...


Sorry markst this is nothing against you, I'm just tired of reading that.

The only thing puzzling are the Speculators chat logs, trying to decipher there garbage.

This is fairly simple economics, we have a country who's economic, and infrastructure

has been devastated by war,

They are recovering at a phenomenal rate (thanks to our help),

and the true puzzle is going to be trying to figure out if they can

withstand a democratic society without falling into a civil war.

End Rant Here;)

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the post is new... the article itself is from 2/11/10. If you click on the link provided, it will take you to the actual article previously posted on Reuters. if you remember correctly, a few days after this article came out, another article came out saying they had no intention of doing this. in other words, don't let one statement get you on a tizzy. personally I think it irresponsible of to post one and not the other. but I do agree it is very interesting that they would post anything at all!

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