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More GURU's and BLOGS with Each Hour Passing

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It's not enough that all the Guru's want their own attention. . .now new BLOG SITES are appearing faster than ways to tax people.

Seems like every hour all the Mods from all the existing GURU sites opens their OWN Blog sites by the SCORE. . .and JUST like they did as Mods on their previous sites: they just "MAKE IT UP" as they go!

It seems they just "reproduce" like cockroaches! Now there are DOZENS of "OKIE's" out there! EACH of them squeezing festering ooze into their new blog sites with absolutely no justifiable evidence to support or justify their heady prognostications.

Just "WAVE YOUR ARMS" and make it up as you go!

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Very telling isn't it? It seems to be the Guru's that don't believe the actual words they spout, if they did, there wouldn't be any need, or reason to start up yet another blog. It seems that the word credibility is not understood by most of these "gurus".

The motive must be profit, because increasing the size of the echo chamber is certainly not going to lead to more clarity and better information, only more confusion coming from even more sources.

I'll take one Good source vs. 50 that are daisy-chained together doing the Dinar circle jerk... JMHO.

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