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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Chapter Seven and Sanctions


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Please note that this is not a NEWS article, it is a PRESS RELEASE from a PRIVATE banking firm that is actually advertising services. This is NOT legitimate news, sorry to disappoint. :(

WOW! what a great avatar, IchDien.....Reminds me of a trip I took in the late 60's....well, never mind, I won't get into describing that trip!

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This is a press release from TBI - which means the intention was to attract attention for the bank, and it is not a legitimate news source.

TBI is also one of the banks that periodically slanders Warka, making up stories about their solvency and stability.

I will personally never do business with that bank.

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If I read this right... it does NOT say chapter 7 has been lifted. It says measures have been taken... (to aid foreign investment) to lift chapter 7.

In other words, they are taking measures to have chapter 7 lifted so it does aid foreign investments. That isn't new.

They have been actively petitioning to get out from under chapter 7 for quite some time now. What I want to read (IN THE GAZETTE)

is "Iraq's Chapter 7 has been removed." Then I'll be dancing!!!! lol

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