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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Questions for Adams chat 11-2-11 :)


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The Operational rates of exchange listed herein are intended only for the internal record-keeping of the United Nations. No warranty of accuracy can be given and the United Nations shall not assume any responsibility in connection with the present publication of these rates. Generally, the rates are updated monthly, based on market conditions. Adjustments are also made following official government devaluations or revaluations.

I'm not Adam but I hope this helps


Thanks Bodeen, looks like they can do whatever whenever they want. Nice!

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Thanks Adam for all you do....

Probably a dumb question, but I was curious if you knew of any other country not occupied by the US that is using the US dollar as their currency of choice? I read that most Iraqis prefer the Dollar to the Dinar because of it's buying power. It seems to me if our troops are gone from Iraq the GOI would want it's people to use the Dinar instead of the Dollar, IMO.


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With Parliament out of session for another few weeks, can anything really be finalized until they are back to vote on things? Also, I have to ask, are we still on target for Thanksgiving due to all of the holidays taking place as well as the removal of the troops still a work in progress (until the end of December or so)??

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Hey Adam,, Just wanted to say Thank you for providing us this site. I do have a question .. Could you please tell us what needs to get done before this thing can RV ? And what are the thoughts of you and your people about this thing Rving with in November..

Oh ya, I have to do it I am a die hard Vikings fan.. ( Go Vikes )

Thank you,

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