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Enorrste Chat 02/18/2010 PM

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Too Much Chit Chat going on The Mods can not moderate the chat for Enorrste so I just copied what Enorrste Said.

Limited to 10,000 characters per post -- It would have taked 5 to 6 posts to post the entire chat session.

9:21 PM [Enorrste] Hey all; sorry I was gone so longQ!

9:21 PM [Enorrste] !

9:22 PM [Enorrste] OK, first person who mentions L O P is getting kicked in the shins; is that fair enough?

9:22 PM [Enorrste] *

9:23 PM [Enorrste] So, I prove conclusively today from Shabbibi, Sahil, and the head of the Ministry of Finance that the

value of the IQD will rise, right?

9:23 PM [Enorrste] and you want more??????

9:24 PM [Enorrste] outback7 , you first, then desimo

9:24 PM [Enorrste] the "action plan" is in resolution 1905 from the UN; the resolution is in response to Maliki's letter

(also included in the resolution)

9:25 PM [Enorrste] Maliki specifically says that he intends to bring Iraq into the "financial international community" (read

raise the IQD here)

9:25 PM [Enorrste] so the UN says, "fine, show us your 'action plan' to make this done"

9:25 PM [Enorrste] and this was 12/13/2009

9:27 PM [Enorrste] sorry, I got bumped

9:27 PM [Enorrste] what was my last sentence; I'm almost done with the question

9:28 PM [Enorrste] anyone, please copy and paste my last line

9:28 PM [Enorrste] ok, got it

9:28 PM [Enorrste] and then one month later the CBI presents a "plan" to raise the value of the IQD

9:28 PM [Enorrste] as they were asked to do.

9:29 PM [Enorrste] That is the answer to the question: how do we know the RV is the "action plan"

9:29 PM [Enorrste] next

9:29 PM [Enorrste] desimo; next

9:29 PM [aratron] Larry's advice and shut up

9:29 PM [bio-Toner] here is a new article that I found. came out 2 hours ago..

9:30 PM [Enorrste] Bio-Toner , give us the "cliff notes" please

9:30 PM [Enorrste] desimo , the IMF meeting; do we know what has happened there yet?

9:30 PM [Enorrste] Bio-Toner , I know how to do that; "cliff notes" means, summarize briefly

9:31 PM [Enorrste] susanc1058 , that is positive

9:31 PM [Enorrste] in fact, very positive, IMO

9:32 PM [Enorrste] because Iraq is concerned that it has enough reserves to back the RV

9:32 PM [Enorrste] and the more reserves, the higher they will go with the RV, IMO

9:32 PM [Enorrste] BINGO!

9:32 PM [Enorrste] monique13 , nope; read my "banned" post from yesterday put up by 98knight

9:33 PM [Enorrste] RV is a precondition to release from 7, not the other way around

9:33 PM [Enorrste] rab42 , go

9:33 PM [Enorrste] RAB42 , yes, or before

9:34 PM [Enorrste] Mesha , thanks

9:34 PM [Enorrste] irvman , pessimist!

9:34 PM [Enorrste] sammiePJ , fence rider!

9:35 PM [Enorrste] desimo , the meeting does NOT negate the possibility of this weekend; in fact it may end up being a "one

week into the RV" checkup!

9:36 PM [Enorrste] lacoquiPR , the RV is in Chapter 7 as a precondition; it is the "action plan" requested from the UN itself

to pay the debts and ensure that Iraq will be able to get out of DFI by the end of the year

9:37 PM [Enorrste] Scooter , hi

9:37 PM [Enorrste] irvman , I have not been wrong; I have separated fact from analysis from speculation at every step. If you

say my speculation was wrong you are right; the rest, you are wrong

9:38 PM [Enorrste] stnkng1 , rate I've discussed; leaning above $3; yes it can and probably will RV before the 24th; remember

COFE has to audit the RV and report back to the UN on April 1

9:39 PM [Enorrste] irvman , I resent you calling my posts lies; please apologize and realize that I am doing an analysis with

opinions; how can you call that lies?

9:40 PM [Enorrste] LazySusan , no but I am working on a chapter on that; please let me know what he said

9:41 PM [Enorrste] babysnake , if they have a civil war all bets are off on the RV; I do not think they will have a civil war


9:41 PM [Enorrste] winstonz , yes, very good

9:42 PM [Enorrste] RAB42 , the audit is the lynch-pin for the RV; they are locked in now (Iraq)

9:42 PM [Enorrste] LazySusan , I heard something about that but haven't found anything yet

9:43 PM [Enorrste] Bio-Toner , you have a right to your opinion. I will not chat with you again.

9:44 PM [Enorrste] crndog10 , I did not mention the 24th; apparently the IMF is meeting then; whether that is important or

not is up in the air until we see the agenda

9:46 PM [Enorrste] Mesha , yes, thanks

9:47 PM [Enorrste] LazySusan ok, basil II accord; I can research that later

9:47 PM [Enorrste] wrebiejo , I realize that and am not "flumuxed" by people who argue without a single fact to back


9:48 PM [Enorrste] winstonz , good question; it seems to me that 3 weeks is pretty short and maybe too short to get an

effective "read" on the RV; but 5 weeks makes some sense.

9:49 PM [Enorrste] In any case, we have a deadline for the report and if COFE shows up empty handed to the UN it will NOT

look good for Iraq. I think that says a lot.

9:50 PM [Enorrste] LazySusan , I'll work on it tonight and hopefully have something tomorrow

9:50 PM [Enorrste] BAMA69 , been there already; slow

9:50 PM [Enorrste] antfuzz , thanks!

9:49 PM [Enorrste] In any case, we have a deadline for the report and if COFE shows up empty handed to the UN it will NOT

look good for Iraq. I think that says a lot.

9:50 PM [Enorrste] LazySusan , I'll work on it tonight and hopefully have something tomorrow

9:50 PM [Enorrste] BAMA69 , been there already; slow

9:50 PM [Enorrste] antfuzz , thanks!

9:51 PM [Enorrste] chickadee , who is the "he" you are referring to?

9:52 PM [Enorrste] rocksherlock , I agree with you; at first I nearly left and then I said, "I'm bigger than these naysayers"

so I stuck it out.

9:53 PM [Enorrste] dboner , OK, email check

9:54 PM [Enorrste] gwright , yes, it is part of the "action plan" required of the UN

9:55 PM [Enorrste] ok, caught up; I'm going to read that email

9:55 PM [Enorrste] chachon , you will see it on CBI and, among other places

9:57 PM [Enorrste] Dee1031 , the rate will change from 1170

9:59 PM [Enorrste] wrebiejo , I believe it is close to our year, but can't remember the date

10:00 PM [Enorrste] oh, never mind; the question is answered in the article itself; large denoms will go away by 12/31/2010

10:01 PM [Enorrste] yothor , yes; resolution 1905 of the UN 12/13/2009 requires COFE to report back on Iraq's "action plan"

by 4/1/2010.

10:02 PM [Enorrste] jduncan , yep, as in "right now", IMO

10:03 PM [Enorrste] stnkng1 , there is always a small chance, but if they didn't RV we'd have to ask what else is the "Action

Plan" that will allow them to pay their debts to Kuwait and also assure the UN that they will no longer need the DFI by the

end of the year.

10:04 PM [Enorrste] The answer to that question is this: there is NO OTHER PLAN

10:05 PM [Enorrste] therefore, we know that the RV is the "action plan" and we can have confidence that when Sahil announced

the CBI intentions to raise the value of the IQD and withdraw all large denoms by 12/31/2010 he was referring to the terminus

date that the UN had also stipulated.

10:05 PM [Enorrste] rocksherlock , I like the Ebay lady

10:06 PM [Enorrste] yv4ty0 , it goes by too fast; tell them to read my posts

10:07 PM [Enorrste] hiltonhead05 , oil contracts have nothing to do with this; the requirements of the plan are clear: how

are you going to pay back Kuwait and get out of DFI?

10:07 PM [Enorrste] oil revenue is currently controlled by the UN; therefore they could have used it without and "action

plan", right? So oil is not a part of this.

10:08 PM [Enorrste] errivas , me too; I wake up daily saying, "what, not yet?"

10:09 PM [Enorrste] hiltonhead05 , you do not need to see the contracts; oil revenue is controlled by the DFI; so how could

oil revenue get Iraq out of the DFI? Get it?

10:10 PM [Enorrste] I need to watch some Olympics folks. Have a great nite and please, don't blame me if I'm wrong; I'm doing

the best I can here!

10:10 PM [Enorrste] Drstain , ok, I'll look for it

0:12 PM [Enorrste] you are all sweet to tolerate an old man as you do; hopefully Bio will come around and just be nice soon;

take care all!

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Thanks, for the info. I've been involved with the dinars for over 7 years and I myself have spent many hours of research, and have come up with a lot of the same facts similar to your findings.

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Ernoste you explain things well but none of it has come are doing nothing more than speculating like the rest...At least you research and make valid points but again...IT"S ALL SPECULATION....Appreciate your input

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Ennorste! THAN YOU!! I can't imagine how adrift we would be w/out your insightful analysis. You have never claimed to be God, just calling them how you see them after deep contemplation, you are the shelter in our storm, God Bless Ennorste LOL

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people there is no reason to give such high praise. you have all done it in the thirty other chat logs by him, which have all not panned out. I agree he does alot of research. I give him that. The rest is speculation. You can go to the same documents, same articles as he does and come up with your own opinions. Myself, I read the same "action plan" and see no mention of rv. No need to follow.

These are the websites

lets see what everyone can come up with.

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