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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

epicmotors Re your practical r/v.....

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.....understand your theory, hope it is wrong. However I think the return you are suggesting would be two times your investment instead of three. It's about three times the amount, but the profit would be about 200%.

A good return, by normal standards, but hey.....we want the brass ring here!!!! Take care. FT

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this is my oginal post for others to follow:

A practical thought on the rv

I've posted this in a few spots,

Ok folks, I feel like this a great post but keep in mind that the total amount of dinar in circulation 1990 was 25 billion that was worth approximate 70 75 billion us dollars. Now, there is 25 trillion dollars in circulation. TRILLION!! that is a huge huge # 25,000,000,000,000.00 compared to 25,000,000,000.00 that is 1000 times more notes than it was originally. Maybe they purposely printed 1000 times more currency knowing that they would redenominate in the future where both bills would carry the same value, how ever not the value stated on the note itself!!!!!! which is a lop by redenomination. which will bring the total # of bills in circulation to the same number as before (1990), so in the end no gain no loss same # of bills which is easier to bank with less handling as they stated. I beleive the reval will be for the redenominated currency. Example 25,000. exchange for 25 then at some point and time either at the same time or later after the redenomination takes place the reval will take place for the new currecny only, for instance lets say it revals to three us dollars keeping it simple for demonstration purposes then the 25 dinar would then be worth 75 us dollar, which would make things the way they were before (1990) or at least close to it. What does that mean for us, well forget the million dollar dream, but instead a more conceivable realistic return on your investment then the proposed gains of 1000 times or more. three times is still a good ROI better then most I would say. I came into this with high hopes to be indepently wealthy as did most and now it is very clear if you open your eyes to the reality that it is just not possible to revalue 25 trillion dollars more then all the worlds money incirculation combined. I just wanted to shed some light on my my perspective which is only my oppinion, I respect the oppinion of others as well and hope the best for this investment for the betterment of all people. So dont go quiting your day job. ty. aka epicmotors

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