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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

"Post Apocalyptic Event" Preparedness... You know, comets, general "End of times" mayhem, nuclear exchange... Those pesky zombies...


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Alright then, now that I have your attention...

How are you stacked or want to be stacked to survive a "PAE?"

Home armory... whats in it?

Food, whatchu eatin?

Digs? where you gonna stay?

Transpo? How you gonna overcome EMP son? LOL

Don't forget, you'll be protecting you and your's and in this scenario, it'll be survival of the fittest and luckiest depending on your method of PAE. Remember lack of planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on mine, or yours, or yours... that is unless you are in the "circle of trust" LOL or unless we cross each others paths and are like... "OH, YA, so and so from DV... Ahhhh..., how ya been man?! Zombies gettin ya down...? Psshhhh, not me I got the hook up"

So I'm going with the "wake up to zombies" PAE... 4 people in my immediate family, about 10/20 that I will feel the need find and get in the "circle!" Okay, lets get started with the wake up... waking... OH DANG...ZOMBIES... !! ($H!T PANTS) GET TO THA CHOPPA!!!

Home Armory... 4 three day packs, 4 pistols, M&P 9, (I have one, I love it) & 4 rifles, AR or AK types & enough ammo to make it to the next meal...

Food... Certainly I have some Ramen, grab a few of those... no need for boiling water, I'll chew it like it's a Saltine... Starch is good!

Digs... I'm not staying anywhere for any amount of time, just long enough to recharge the batteries, count heads do a LACE/ACE report and be on the move again... ! Zombies don't rest, neither can we... Food on the move is hard food to catch LOL!

Transpo... Ford F350 Super Crew... I'm in generally good health so my feet will be doing most of the Transporting, untill I run accross a "Zombie owned" buy here pay here lot! Then I'm on wheels

Alright, I think you get the drift. Have fun with this... Comedy is a must!!!

Let's have it......

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LMAO!!! that was so funny!!! I love your quirkiness!! damn those zombies always get in the way!! looks like you know what your doin!

OM Gosh!! LOL I knew you'd be first to comment...! Thats why your in the "Circle" kiddo, got MY BACK!! LOL. We do have plenty of Ramen yes? LOL!!! If we run outta ammo, we can always chuck ramen bricks like hockey pucks!!

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Do NOT forget cardio, The Double Tap and the need for Tweenkies. LOL

"Zombieland" Awesome movie Greg...! One of my recent favorites. Double tap without question...! Twinkies...?...for sure! Hi calorie delight and a must have item in any 3 day pack.

Thanks for your input Greg... Whats your "goto" weapon for the Zombie Apocalypse?

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